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Sunday, May 8

Criminal Damage in progress

9th and Rhode Island- 6 or 7 "college boys" are trying to tear down  constuction sign.

Domestic Disturbance

1900 block of heatherwood drive-caller is trying to leave-can hear female in the background then the dude hung up

burglary in progress

1632 tennessee- someone broke into residence and is possibly still there, caller can hear glass breaking.


1045 tennesse- drunk asshole trying to start a fight.

crazy drunk call

Mccollum Hall- possible alcohol poisoning, possible psych patient. medics en route.

Saturday, May 7

leaving the scene of an accident

some douchebag in a black cadalliac got into a wreck on county road 400 and left the scene. sounds like a bad wreck, too. possible extrication.

Saturday, April 30

car fire

6th and Kentucky

car chase

13th and Tennessee- car refused to stop- police terminated chase due to speeds over 70 mph.

Medical call- taser deployment

I-70. medics en route to deal with some jackass who got tasered. oh, and cocaine and alcohol use too.

Thursday, April 28

Noise complaint

Cedarwoods Apartments- people outside drinking and being loud

Wednesday, April 27


Shadow Ridge- didn't quite catch all of this one, but it sounds like there was an alarm that the door was open & some guy is on the property that doesn't have a good password.

Drunk driver

N Elm St- vehicle almost hit the bridge and is weaving all over the road. DON'T DRIVE DRUNK PEOPLE!

Noise complaint

West 26th- more loud music...

Noise complaint

Arkansas- loud music

Possible burglary

Walnut St- owner came home and saw a flashlight in their house with a blue glow...supernatural??

Just turned the scanner on- there is a LOT going on. 

Monday, April 25

gaslight village

threats of suicide read on facebook.

CPR in progress

on the 400 block of Illinois. Medics on scene.

Sunday, April 24

Attempt to Locate

red ford truck on K-10, swerving all over the road. Caller is behind the truck. headed right into lawrence.

Fuel Spill

At 6th and Wakarusa, Kwik Shop.

Criminal threat

Criminal threat at the Gaslight Village.
It's the Gaslight Village mating call. Plan on a baby shower to follow.....

7th and Mass

Hispanic male is very, very drunk.

Another on redbud

Check Welfare on Redbud Lane. Or throw a molotov. either way.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud lane

Noise Complaint on "The Bud"

Noise Complaint. Loud Music and People.
Better turn that crap down before your neighbor shanks ya.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane

Domestic Disturbance

 Langford Drive- female half is on phone, saying male half is drunk. she is trying to leave, but he wont give her the keys. Male is 50 year old wearing scrub pants.

Trespassing at The Oread

Oread Hotel- white male refusing to leave, possibly drunk.

Request to speak to an officer

regarding child custody issues. Really? At 4-fucking-30a.m. on a Saturday night (easter morning no less) you have "questions" about child custody????? Gimme a fucking break, go hit that crackpipe or, better yet, GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3719 Elizabeth Court- drunk subject knocking on the back door.

Drunken Naked Tresspassing.

951 Arkansas- drunk white male in hallway taking off his clothes. caller would like the subject removed.


4413 Adam Avenue. dispatcher said "female needs to be removed".
that's a polite way of saying "BITCH GET OUT!!!!"

Domestic Disturbance

 west 4th street-caller has walked to LMH ER. fortunately he is still at the apartment so the cops can go pick this asshole woman-beater up and put him where he belongs.


At Hy-vee. two cars in the parking lot yelling at each other (or, rather, their occupants) one car is blocking the other in. The red car has "Happy 18th birthday" written in the back window.
Happy Birthday- you are now old enough to go to jail!

Check welfare on a drunk.

4th and Macdonald. 6ft tall, bald man, dressed in black is walking in the traffic.

disturbance of unknown nature

1145 Louisiana Street. loud screaming coming from the parking lot.

Domestic Disturbance

2148 west 26th street. male and female fighting. weird, at this hour????

"Large Fight"

Officer called in a "Large fight in the parking lot next to family dollar". I am pretty sure that is in the mall on 23rd and Louisiana.

burglary in progress

2214 Pennsylvania Street. caller witnessed someone break out a window. Subject is by back door, caller is in the living room.

another possible alcohol poisoning

Alpha Epsilon Phi-"very drunk male passed out on the balcony".

possible Alcohol Poisoning

At The Eagle's Lodge on 6th Street.
Man, they really know how to party.

Disturbance, no weapons

1107 Indiana, 3 white males having a verbal argument. last seen walking toward stadium.

Criminal Damage

900 block of Ohio. Didn't hear any details, but I don't doubt that someone is breaking something.

Theft in Progress

1420 west 22nd terrace. some asshole is refusing to pay for cab fare.

Attempt to Locate

bald headed dude on a bicycle. if located stop and hold. don't know why, but I'm sure it's nothing good.

Check welfare on a drunk.

Dude is very drunk, was at the Taco Bell asking for money and the manager asked him to leave, now he is at the RACO car wash on 6th.

child out of control

Rhode Island. 14 year old is throwing and breaking stuff.

Saturday, April 23

911 Hang-up

at The EZ_shop on 6th. 2nd 911 hang-up coming from a payphone.
I can't believe people still use pay phones?????

Fire Alarm with smell of Smoke

At the ol' Tuckaway Apartments...for some reason the fire department is requesting to police presence.

Suspicious Activity

Inverness and Wakarusa- caller heard female screaming, but never actually saw anything.
May have come from a duplex. Thanks, Sleuth.

Visible Smoke

On Schwartz Road- audible alarm and visible smoke.

code black

deceased body found on 1950 road. :(

check welfare

Jayhawk and Sunflower, silver honda has been sitting at a stopsign for several minutes.
He's probably waiting for it to turn green.
Caller is in the vehicle right behind him.