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Friday, December 24

"About 20 people" on vermont street. Physical fight, no weapons. I'd bet my momma's hair that there,s a weapon somewhere.
medical 1646 e 19th.....seizure...........edgelea rd
med transfer from lmh to ku med
1321 locust in eudora
11th and new jersey...
Female screaming for help on west 22nd terrace. The rest is unintelligable.
oh! they're changing channel at 23rd and iowa......earlier order to switch for dui calls. hohoho, someones goonna blow, blow, blow
emergency w 22nd from female in alley screaming for other info
hmmmmm....code 5!! stakeout
someone got followed and found sober enuf!!! :)
10-80??? (explosion)
someone stole a truck from their ex 4 months ago and the girl just now reports it?
copy call....1900 blk ohio...welfare check...subject laying in front of a house on ohio.... possibly 10-54=dead body
someone from franklin county w/a personilized tag......slow down!!!
4601 w. 6th...anon 10-81.....welfare check....not sure if real person...curled up by dumpster?
request car to car transmit???!!!?? wth?
standby on morningside....
2201 baleway residence back door....
10-77 to county line
report of reckless driver south of baldwin......officer en route
request welfare check..........6th & louisiana=got sum1 pulled over...........from folks rd to lmh=check mileage.....just run of the mill babble atm
copy call...dollar general............arkansas st and 6th and monterey......officers needed...
medical transport blah, blah blah
10-42 23rd and alabama... welfare check..
ok it's 7:31!!!....ok now it is it's 7:33..... i dont remember them calling off the minutes before
lifestar checking possibility of flight into lawrence....negative due too weather.....rescue 5 available........
600 folks rd....hmmm im not hip on these 10 codes yet 10-42 another unit10-37 19th and iowa medic to 600 folks, injury accident oh 15th and iowa.....hmmmm evry one talk at oonce theb!!
hatin when they give the "stand by" code.....
939 pine eudora....possible tresspassing
Suspicious activity. Subjects in RP's back yard, jumping over fence on 13th street. Subjects wearing grey hoodies. All the criminals are wearing hoodies these days.
Disturbance no weapons.  PD called in all available back up.  Something going down tonight....!
Male and female major domestic going on at 2434 24th street. I cant believe it.  Redbud Lane where are you tonight?  It been really quiet over there....

10-40 Fatal accident? Hwy 187?

This came in over the DG Co. Sheriff scanner:

Fatal accident, 10-40 South bound hwy 187.  The only hwy 187 I can find is out by Marysville, and it's the shortest hwy in Kansas.
wait... if you can imagine... 2523 W 24th St. Terrace..... child out of control, subjects were kicked out of the house.  They are now leaving the scene on foot.
Building check Allen Field House. Nice job keepin' an eye on things....
there was another disturbance call tonight.  Dispatches tone of voice was very careful, and emphasized that there were NO weapons reported.  Spoken in a kind of "sigh of relief", prob after the JC Pennys incident.  I haven't heard a peep about that yet.....stay tuned.
Lots of DUI's tonight.  Guy getting popped out by the "Male Lounge" right now..... never heard of the place, out on 31st street..?

The JC Penny's incident went to G-com.  I haven't heard anything yet......

JC Pennys parking lot, weapons involved....

subject is wearing Detriot Lions jacket and another wearing a grey hoodie.  JC Penny's parking lot.  Subject with gun confirmed.
3311 Iowa.  Confrontation, weapons involved.  With gun...
JC Penny's.  Subject with gun?

Geezz look out you late shoppers!!
Medical 2333 Ridge Court.  Male subject "passed out" in the parking lot.  Too much egg nog?  Too much Thunderbird?
medical: 24th and ridge, parking lot behind building. male subject passed out.
when they said "16 16" i thought of the house i grew up in...1616 e. 19th st. but they were just sayin the time...(4:16pm)

Santa held in custody by TSA, US Customs.

Officials took Santa into custody tonight on "suspicious activity".  Sources say he was carrying a large "unaccounted for" sled with suspicious packages aboard. Officers at the scene are checking for authorization from US customs, because technically any material from the North Pole is not from a domestic source.  All goods are subject to search, and taxation.  Santa will probably be water-boarded over the next few hours before being released, uncharged.
there's 13 people hearing a whole lot of nothing right now
10:35=timecheck...................theres a lot of 'em. i can relate. my brother's cats knocked my watch off the bathroom counter, and it fell, facefirst, onto the cold, hard, relentless tiles. now, the poor watch face is shattered. but i'm on the laptop(clock in the corner), and have cell phones(duh)....
2500 blk w 6th........en route to w fuel pumps....
parking lot behind st jhns
w. 24th at the farm for child exchange....see? u dont have to break in and take the kid hostage!
prisoner in custody... off to jail w/ya...merry xmas. :
1900 w 31st st. back injury.........
serious....parking lot behind johnny's....
1302 randall rd.........subject on reporting parties property trying to get into duplex. reporting party not home, en route.....
crestline circle..............think i need better speakers....19th and haskell to 2445 ousdahl rd, guy holding 8 mo old hostage
west 27th street- sexting is about to get someone in some BIG TROUBLE>
10-23 means standby....maybe if i type it i'll remember.......
copy a call......possible sex crime, explicit pics sent to 17 yr old daughter ..... w. 27th
officer coming back on duty
disturbance 2900 Crestline Drive- someone is asking about a car they had for sale, then started asking personal they are 2 doors down knocking on a door. Sounds VERY suspicious.....
30th & crestline dr, use lights and siren!! oh boy! code 3 black puffy jacket. 2 houses north of reporting party
civil standby for child exchange in Baldwin- really sad when it comes to that....
civil standby...........
shift change! ok...everybody do ur hit and runs and robberies now! jk DONT do that, for real!
do you have contact w/4th and michigan?............or do a welfare check?? something
non-injury accident 1500 block of Louisiana
I heard something about a unit en route to 26th and Redbud. Probably to drop of some Christmas cookies or something.
2500 blk of louisiana.....officer en route
one checkin on edgewood, one pullin sum1 over on 900 blk of sumwhere....keep ur eyes peeled ppl!!
check welfare at edgewood....bought transient lunch then he tried to sell rp tickets of sum sort
mass st dillons 14:05 for male in upstairs office.
192 10-7 1402 d101 10-8 2:02......that is 2 more officers getting on.
unfortunately...all im hearin is a bunch more cops comin on duty, or back from lunch.
w 24th....reference questions about sex offenders
3113 w. sumthin apt d-8 follow up 1336
1 adam 2 copy a call...forgery in progress... fast lane code 6 trying to pay w/fake check, blue sweatshirt, black hair....
equipment exchanges, and stand by's....yawn
attempt to locate blue ford taurus, driving recklessly, tryin to drive ppl off road. guy wearin blue shirt...
prisoner in custody....bummer. umm, dont ya know tomorrow's christmas?? and santa's prolly gonna hafta add ya to the nauughty list if ya go to the pokey christmas eve!!

Lawrence man reports theft of $3,700 worth of items

A 53-year-old Lawrence man reported to Lawrence police Saturday that $3,700 worth of items, including two 12-gauge shotguns, were taken from his residence in the 400 block of Pasadena Drive sometime between noon Dec. 9 and 5 p.m. Dec. 17.

About $400 worth of Peace silver dollars and a bank card were also reported stolen.

Santa being tracked by LJ World, TSA, and Homeland Security

After passing through the "nakedizer", having his beard combed through by TSA agents, passing a cavity search, background check, he is in route to all the good little boys and girls.
2523 sumthing is the dog of the rp's neighbor. my audio just did some weird garbling noises...hmmm. hope that isnt an ongoing thing
I just drove to the warned, the roads are getting slick!
black lincoln towncar, atchison and clinton pkwy, spinning out and fishtailing. several cars reported doing it this towncar(w/tinted windows and no hubcaps) is the only one described
check welfare...deerfield elem.
clinton pkwy and lawrence, attempt to locate dark gmc jimmy. erratic driving, suspected dui...
2226 whitmore dr. dog on leash no food or water. poor dog
civil standby at edgewood. subject waitin at qt. hey, can ya bring me a cherry/vanilla dr pepper?? :D
"Found check" at the Verizon Store on Iowa.

i'm here

ok. profile set, scanner on, code list handy....think i'm ready. :D
Welcome saraconnor to!
Burglary on 2500 block Cedarwood.
Loose german shepard on trail rd. Red collar.
Medical Dispatch

2930 Peterson Rd. Difficulty in breathing.
Kick'em when they are down? This guy is getting served on a warrant, while he's at the jail. Merry friggin Christmas.
We just heard a call in for "Marital Issues"?? Someone called the police for that? There isn't even a 10-code for "marital issues".
Subjects are getting shook down pretty hard on 1200 Rd. They got pulled over and tags were ran. Cops are searching the car now....
1400 Mass Burglary alarm. Hope thats just the janitor......
here we go! Room 25 at the Jayhawk motel, subject is shirtless in the parking lot and screaming for someone to cal 911. RP says there is someone banging on the walls.
2452 MO. Suspicious activity, subject looking into cars, and window of house. Wearing stocking hat.... It is pretty cold out.
Ok there is a call in right now on Engle Rd., about a garage door that was stolen off this guys house. Someone actually took his garage door off the house? Seriously?
Cops in route to Bagel & Bagel on 1023 Mass.... Some type of disturbance.
1805 W. 2nd Street. Meyers Liquor, Alarm.

Also drama ay 1801 MO. Harassment call.

Christmas Eve

So, while I was laying in bed this morning, thinking about waking up I heard lotsa action. A car burglary on west 25th. A suicide gesture at The Jayhawk motel. Gal called the police while her old man was out getting drugs. Vicious animal on 1400 rd. geez. it's only 9 am.