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Tuesday, December 14

maybe a subject ...under investigation...
17 weat 14th- burglary in progress...subject heard on the phone sayin' ..."if somone doesn't get home soon ima breaking in"
locust street- fire alarm....
someone getting thier dumb a** pulled over on 59 highway..
west 24th- gazebo apartments-can hear banging and yelling- "sounds like a domestic"...of course it is.
9th and emery- subjects throwing bottles at vehicles.....southside of the street...........totally not cool.
28th street- 2816 university- male called and said there was a problem, then female called and siad there wasn't a problem.............who do you believe???
2417 Ohio- domestic disturbance- behind checkers- subject banging on door and people yelling about it....white car associated with the whole deal....
1729 west 28th terrace- domestic disturbance- 20 year old son out-of-control and refusing to leave. Appently if he does try to leave it's gonna be on foot...jackwagon has no vehicle...
1621 west 20th- caller is being uncooperative- saying he cut himself with a knife, unclear if intentional or not.
1104 tennessee- female screaming to "stop", initial call from anonymous party, but now the victim is calling, a-hole was choking her. declining medics.
330 arkansas- fire call- nothing showing, out to investigate...
at least 3 trees fully engulfed on East 900 rd.
recall on the grass fire on 900E..3rd call I've heard tonight. grab some marshmallows and hang out all night, this fire is persistent.
baldwin 959 called in Fire.  605 Park Side Court, in Baldwin.  Engine and Quint in route......
1704 West 24th (NO WAY!!!) residential burglary....
Code Green on the suicidal,  Signal 4.

Shes fine.  She swollowed a handful of Ambien.......?
1605 E 22nd St.
 Pick up prisoner.


1146 E 2100 rd 10-23  on scene.

Signal 4

Clairify:  1146 E 2100 Rd.  I think i got it wrong a few min ago... 
Fire and Med staging some where.  The feed is getting choppy right now......
Signal 4  Suicidal Medical call.   911 was called and hung up on.  Daughter took pills? 

Medical in route.    1146 E 2100 Rd
It's really quiet right traffic.
Subject in front of Kwik Shop-not sure which one- passed out in vehicle. I'll let you know when I hear which Kwik Shop it is.
2c1- belated runaway from the trailer park on Harper Street.
911 hang-up at The Easy Living Trailer park. Number busy on call-back, no recent history at that location.
Did anyone else know that the hookers and thugs refer to the Redbud Lane area as "The Bud"?
2a2-audible alarm at 229 glenview drive- alarm going off for approximately 3 days, yes 3 days. obviously an ineffective alarm.
gay van on clinton parkway and kasold- possibly drunk- weaving in and out of traffic.
1704 west 24th- fire's always something over there, isn't it?  just let it burn....
west 3rd street- call for assistance in serving a restraining order. someone's been onrey...
2200 block of Iowa- southbound lane- minor injury accident
langford street-there's a party bus there blocking traffic..well folks, that's where the party's starting tonight!
6th and Iowa- non-injury accident
Burglary Alarm =2732 Wallflower (?) drive.
Grass Fire; East 900- again...caller says it's in the hedge and doesn't want to the next field to catch on fire.
non-injury accident at 6th and Lawrence ave. Avoid that area, for sure.
501 Ohio Street- theft, no further details....that area is pretty nice, not a lot of calls on that side of 9th.
2821 Langford drive- another carbon minoxide alarm
Attempt to locate possible drunk driver at 6th and Folks... a blue dodge truck.
2200 Rivera - Carbon Minoxide alarm, no symptons
2407 Yosemite drive- noise complaint-loud drums, ongoing problem....
Baldwin- Loose yellow lab on 6th Street.
Gaslight Village-animal welfare check- possum with a pipe stuck around it's neck. Really, that's what they said.
Resedential Burglar alarm- 1930 West 5th Street-...
westbond on 9th- gold saturn- almost ran caller off the road- they have the tags. possible drunk driver.
23rd and louisiana- non-injury accident, but thank god they moved the vehicled to the BP parking lot, otherwise that intersection would be a hot mess.
1101 W. 6th street, Taco John's: Cops in route over a theft.
2c2-1817 Illinois Street- parking violation
2200 Clinton Parkway- non-injury accident involving 3 cars.
926 Avalon Road, criminal damage- car damaged in parking lot.
North 1200 road- non-injury accident, vehicle-possibly unocuupied, in a ditch.
Loose dog- 230 Mount Hope court. And, it's a pit bull.
1901 Louisiana- non-injury accident
330 Johnson Ave- her proporty owner and another subject were at her residence picking up a SUV and someone peed on her fence. So she called the cops......whatever.
1600 Haskell- attempt to locate "things in the air"..seriously, that is the call. Curiously, I have heard a few calls in the past month- same report, same address.
500 Block of Mississippi- non-injury accident.
1330 massachuttes street- 911 hang-up, number was busy on call back. No recent history there.
212 Highway 40-Injury accident- rollover with one female stuck in car.
Day's Inn on Iowa- criminal damage- passerby called in a white truck with broken windows.
Kohl's- non-injury accident- white truck left the scene-they have the tag numbers and the driver is described as an elderly white male.
324 Stockade- trespassing-male subject refuses to leave
1455 lawrence Avenue- pediatric choking.....this has got to be scary...hurry, hurry, hurry.........
1009 New Hamphshire- medical call for back pain. EMS en route.
Bert Nash- caller is reporting his car got hit while in the parking lot while he was inside. something to talk about at therapy next week.....
Request to speak to an officer at Hy-Vee- regarding search warrant on Sagebrush...

Crime Statistics in the Lawrence area

I found this on the Police Dept site:

This was quite an eye opener........
residental burglary- 2609 Bond (?) Place-

Dec. 5th shooting update...

On December 5, 2010 Lawrence Police were contacted at 2:37 a.m. in
reference to a victim being transported by private vehicle to Lawrence Memorial
Hospital with a possible gunshot wound. Officers responded to Lawrence
Memorial Hospital and made contact with the shooting victim

It was determined that a 23 year-old male Lawrence resident was shot in
the mid-section in the 2300 block of West 26th Street after an unknown type of
altercation. The victim was then transported to Lawrence Memorial Hospital by
an acquaintance and later transferred by air ambulance to a Topeka area
hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Officers and Detectives are currently working the crime scene and
attempting to contact potential witnesses to determine the events and
circumstances surrounding the incident. There are no suspect descriptions at
this time.

If you have information on this crime please call the Lawrence Police
Department at (785) 832-7650 or Douglas County Crime Stoppers at (785) 843-
TIPS (8477). Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to caller ID and all callers
remain anonymous. Tips to the Crime Stoppers hotline can lead to an award of
up to $1,000. Any further information or updates will be posted at
East 900 road- grass fire. en route

Police Statement on the stabbing at Liberty Hall

This is directly from the Lawrence Police Dept. website:

On December 5, 2010 at 1:40 a.m. a Lawrence Police Officer on patrol observed
a large fight in progress that had spilled out into the street in front of Liberty Hall, 644
Massachusetts Street. The Officer intervened while waiting for additional units to arrive
and the crowd dispersed in several directions.

It was determined that a 20 year-old male Kansas City, Kansas resident was
stabbed multiple times during the altercation and had left the scene. The victim was
transported by private vehicle to Lawrence Memorial Hospital where he was contacted
by Officers. The victim was later transported by ground ambulance to a Kansas City
area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Officers and Detectives are currently
investigating the incident and talking to witnesses in an attempt to determine the events
that led up to the altercation. There have been no suspects identified at this time.

If you have information on this crime please call the Lawrence Police Department
at (785) 832-7650 or Douglas County Crime Stoppers at (785) 843-TIPS (8477). Crime
Stoppers does not subscribe to caller ID and all callers remain anonymous. Tips to the
Crime Stoppers hotline can lead to an award of up to $1,000. There will be no further
information released at this time and further updates will be posted at

Wal Mart updates?

From the LJ World comment section:

I was in wal-mart while this happened, had just gotten to the check out registers when first police were running in the door. Crazy to think I could have tackled him and been a hero if I would have checked out five minutes earlier...haha NOT! - anyway....

Friendly wal-mart employee, informed me that every cash register has up to $5,000, and the money center has up to $10, 000 at one time, that's more than the cash limits at the bank I used to work at. I bet Wal-Mart is glad I wasn't planning a robbery or anything, considering the check out clerk told me everything I needed to know....

The police responded very quickly, but looked like ducks out of the pond in Wal-Mart, because they had no idea where to start.....
901 Delaware- theft- vehicle removed without owner's permission.
Lecompton Bridge; A deer got hit and is still alive. ;( what do they do about that??
there is some trespassing going on at the Easy Living Trailer Park.

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

OFFICER NEEDS ASSISTANCE: Corrected location is Clinton Parkway and Atchison Avenue in Lawrence. UNDER CONTROL. SUSPECT IN CUSTODY.

OFFICER NEEDS ASSISTANCE: 23rd and Kasold in Lawrence. Highway Patrol Trooper requesting EMERGENCY BACKUP. Suspect fighting with him.

These events occurred approximately 3a.m. this morning.
23rd and Mass- wreckless driver- silver toyota RAV 4- cutting driver off, erratic speeds, swerving
2916 Sagebrush drive- assistance with a search warrant.