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Friday, December 31

24th and redbud lane.. domestic dispute.. and the female half is gonna do it.
Suicidal 24th and Redbud Lane. Go Figure.....
Armed and Dangerous. Signal 1. Officers in route. Battery @ 1501 Harper.
1501 Harper. Medical.
oread hotel... some jackwagon has called 911 over 4 times because he got kicked out of the oread hotel. don't call 911- call the waaaaaaa-bulance..
Medical in route, lacerations to the head, Replay Lounge. Injured from a fall. He's okay, code green.
medical call at the replay lounge-unkown if they have fallen or not.
Poor gal fell down at 23rd and LA in parking lot. The guy that found her thought she was dead! He called in that he found a dead girl. She's okay now though, but has a gash above her eye. Officers on scene.....
2010 can suck it. stupid peice of crap year.
scanner is very quiet now......... nothing.
fireworks at goodell court- so some ahole called this in, and it's too bad the cops have to respond to it.
This is weird. Scanner is almost totally quiet......... Is everyone drinking and getting ready for the meltdown tonight?
Franklin Co. attempting to locate a subject here in Lawrence. Domestic battery charge.
23rd and Mass police chase ended.

Police Chase

South Bound Mass. Suspect is on the run in car!


the scanner is really slow tonight. I'm sure it will be hopping later. Meanwhile, here is an interesting shot of some naked "white- guy" going crazy in Asia. It looks like Thai Police to me.
Police scanner is really quiet......... Calm before the storm?

Satan Arrested Last Night.

According to reports, Satan was arrested last night. After almost 4000 years on the run, he was spotted by police and quickly apprehended.
car fire...on west 28th
tresspassing on randall road-
4200 west 26th terr- criminal damage report
business alarm....probably false on Legends drive
2900 bob billings parkway- complaint of road rage incident that happened earlier.
Child out of control on Brush Creek Drive...daughter is "not complying" with mother.
caller from E. 24th street called 911, for a TAXI! Said they were "extremely drunk"? Sorry buddy now they are sending the police.....

Jesus Christ. Who is this mutant?

I heard this classy guy was arrested while fighting with a badger over a crack rock.

The creature from the Black Lagoon?

Was this guy arrested while shoveling coal? WTF?

Interesting mug shots

When I got the kansas most wanted pics, I did a little searching for some interesting mug shots. Enjoy.

When I was with Sedgwick Co. EMS, a paramedic told me that all the "paint huffers" used Wal-Mart gold spray paint. He was right.

New Years Eve!!!

starting at 7pm, I will be blogging all night. For those of you who are out and about....send me a text if you see anything! 785-766-1640. Thanks, and we'll be back soon!

Possession of Hallucinogenic Drugs? Really?

Robin Buckley

Check out this space cadet from Kansas Most Wanted, wanted on Poss. of Hallucinogenic drugs. The picture says it all. Wow.
If you ever wondered what 1000 hits of acid looked like, here it is. Thanks Robin!

Wow. Check out this gal sent to me from Kansas Most Wanted.
Auhhh....Duhhhh huh?

Last seen in the Wichita area.

Raina J Islas is wanted by the Sedgwick County Sheriffs Office for Violating her Probation on Possession of Narcotics and Cocaine. She was last known to live in the Wichita, Kansas area.

Name: Raina J Islas | Age: 32 | Race/Sex: White/Female | Height: 4ft 11in | Weight: 135lbs | Hair/Eye: Brown/Brown | AKA: Blasi, Raina Jean; Harris, Katie J; Islas, Smooth | Scars/Marks/Tattoos: Tattoo shoulder; Tattoo left arm/”R”

Anyone with information on the location of this person or any other wanted person or about any crime is urged to contact the Sedgwick County Sheriffs Office at 1-800-874-6449 or Wichita-Sedgwick County Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111 or 911. You also could text CRIMES(274637) and enter TIP217 plus your message.

Read more:

Driving conditions;

I will be heading home from work here soon; has anyone out there driven yet today? Please post the road conditions for the rest of our readers. thanks..
injury accident, mile marker 11, on K-10
burglary alarm at 111 east 11th- evidence room.
Alvamar Dr. Medical call for a fall.
north 2050, east 100- black vehicle stuck in roadway.
1608 Harper Street- called because a dog is outside.....really.
274 Highway 40- tresspassing- people ringing the doorbell, with their van parked in the driveway and are now walking around the house.
2 units en route, that is, if they ever get done investigating all these stupid false burglary alarms.
1309 van-something- drive- burglary alarm.
534  Frontier road, "torta jalisco', burglary alarm.
200 north Iowa- burglary alarm. Army National Guard.
3425 Morningdove circle- fire alarm.
Raining pretty hard, even a little hail.
heard some warrants get served, and some chumps went to jail, but it's been really quiet. Yes, I said the "quiet" word. As a nurse, i can say that we think the word "quiet" has mystical powers; when said, all hell inevitably breaks loose-especially if it is atr the very end of your double-shift.
west 25th street- domestic argument....
1600 haskell- poor gal living there is seeing things again...the officer that said he'd call her is my new hero. He sounded like he'd be reassuring.
1908 East 19th- physical altercation- mom, son- sounds like a hot mess. Declining medics.
building checks on campus...hohum...
1346 Newhampshire- medical call-"sick person"
burglary alarm at 2329 Iowa- biggs bar-b-que
Quizno's on 6th street- burglary alarm
1016 Massachuttess- fight at Fatso's- no injuries. Suspect is a white male in jeans with long hair.
investigating subject 1400 block of Conneticut- white car with no tags.
possible drunk subject by the kiidie pool in South Park. Possible? I'd say Probable.
west 24th street- request to speak to an officer- someone's mom hasnt made it home yet. Well, it's just now last call.
Driver on K-10, mile marker 6, eastbound in the westbound lane. Like that highway isn't dangerous enough driving the right way!
just some traffic stops going on now....
The grayhound/conoco on West 6th- tresspassing- 4 people in a vehicle in the parking lot "that need to leave".
Nuisance complaint at a Kwik Shop- sorry, no more info given...but are you suprised that there are shenanigans at ANY kwik shop.
503 Colorado Street- woman calling because there might be a racoon in her attic. I think you call the exterminater for that, cop really can't give the racoon a citation....
An officer is called to Colorado St. for "racoon" in attic call. Thats not an emergency.
420 North Street Trailer Park- burglary in progress- 2 white males in dark coats trying to steal things...then the caller hung up. this happened about 10 minutes ago. 2 units en route
traffic stop at the El Mezcal parking lot. County and KU PD on this one.

Crazy Police tales written by the officers on scene:

The comment section below has some of the strangest police calls.
1908 east 19th- loud music, again- they reportedly turned it up after the officer left last time.
medical call in Eudora- possible stroke