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Sunday, January 23

East 20th and barker Ave- vehicle accident- 1 patient with head injury.
domestic disturbance on 12th street in Eudora
structure fire on west 24th.....let it burn.....
wanted person on lindenwood lane....caller is concerned cause he's dating his ex.
Intrusion Alarm at Watkins Health Center- probably just the guy reparing the roof
they just finally got that poor bastard out of the elevator at Anschutz.
Subject is calling 911- crying- says she has been cutting herself and still has a knife.
Kwik Shop- some gal took a handful of coffee creamer (?????) and took off. I gues she has a history of getting hostile..
noise complaint 2800 bob billings
noise complaint 2630 west 25th
911 hang-up, Atchison Circle
Anschutz Library- person stuck in elevator
Aggressive panhandler at Salty Iguana- associated with a siver car.
4000 west 6th- 2 seperate disturbance, no weapons call.
2 unconscious people in a car at The reserve on west 31rst

Unconscious transient at 825 Mass.
408 north John Doy Court- physical altercation- lots of screaming...someone getting bitten...
827 Walnut Street- vicious animal- large white dog with black spots tried to attack the caller.
Augusta Drive- request to speak to an officer regarding a "neighborly dispute" over parking spaces.
alarm at the courthouse downtown.
alarm for break-in at watkins health center.
someone discarded cans of lighter fluid under the bridge on 1400 rd- huffers maybe?
1300 Kentucky "drug call"-

An e-mail from one of our readers; at 10:26 a.m.

first heard this on the snow plow freq for the city, I think it's
154.04 (don't confuse with fire&medical at 154.4).
snow plow operator at I believe 12th and ohio had somebody hurling
some viscious snowballs at him and asked for police backup!
[insert law and order sound effect!]

supervisor of plowing caught an officer and reported it.  so, didn't
go through dispatch directly.

Back in Service

Hello! I had to take the night off last night. I have had a sick child and I hadn't had any sleep for a very long time....what happened last night? anybody see anything? Remember- use that fancy phone you paid so much money for and text me pictures of the crazy stuff you see out there. 7850766-1640.

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