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Saturday, January 22

cooperative shoplifter at Dirty Dillons
1800 east 23rd- noise complaint- black party bus in the parking lot with loud music.
duh, it's a party bus, not a "be-quiet bus"
phillips 66 on 9th- guy in a red shirt, no jacket, talking to himself. welfare check
theft of a candy bar at kwik shop on 23rd
2148 west 26th- time lapse of 2 min- vehicle was warming up and someone stole it.
of course they did, that neighborhood sucks.
a woman called the police because someone came to her door and tried to sell her grapefruit.
Just politely say "no thank you" and close the EFFING door!
Medical call to the comminity drop-in- they should put a prompt care there, along with a boxing ring.
1200 Tennessee- nuisance complaint- 4 cars with drugs involved.
larissa drive- caller is complaining that neighbor is shining a light in his bedroom windows..ever heard of curtains?
1600 block of Haskell attempt to locate "things in the air"
203 perry street- neighbors garage door is open, requesting residence check
whitfield street- open line to 911- loud voices in the background.
1721 East 17th Street- unknown emergency- people yelling "call 911", a fight, several calls, several people running away.....
Best Buy- leaving the scene of an accident, a toyota tundra hit a van and took off.
grandview circle- wife called, she isn't there, her husband went outside an the baby locked him out.
someone's in big, big trouble. i bet it's not the baby.
1000 block of North 3rd- leaving the scene of an accident. tag # obtained by victim.
19th and Iowa- non-injury accident
wanted person on Lindenwood Lane-guy on scene has warrants- and the name is very familiar from arrest logs.
confirmed he has a failure to appear from a domestic battery charge
sex crime complaintant en route to LMH for an incident that occurred at Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Hy-vee on clinton parkway- small fire in deli case is no longer on fire. WTF?
East 1256 Road- reporting a 15 year old as a runaway. he is refusing to come home or tell his location.
non-injury accident at the Skin Illustrations in North Lawrence
Motel 6- trespassing-angry guest is yelling and refusing to leave. he is now making threats.
Not a very good way for a "guest" to be invited back
Harrassment at 634 arkansas? Someone they don't know is banging on the door.
6th and schwarz- gas station- structure fire, flames visible by the gas pumps according to witnesses.
wow, i was just thinking about heading there to get a pack of smokes.
US Bank on 9th, burglary alarm
Some guy with a weiner dog called EMS for chest pain, now he is walking down the street, dispatch is trying to get him to stop walking and wait for EMS.
bus backed into a stopsign in front of Allen Fieldhouse and drove off.
255 michigan- loose black dog. and the caller knows where the owner lives....why not just take it back themselves?
700 New Hampshire, at Borders- possible vehicle theft- black cherokee.
Domestic Disturbance- 1510 Kentucky- caller can hear man and woman screaming, believes it's physical, can hear woman screaming for help.
1400 Block E 2000 rd- 2 subjects hunting- "fish and game violation"
a young man fainted in the bathroom at Allen Field House. Hate to make assumptions...well, no I don't, but anyway- LIGHTWEIGHT!!!!
civil standby on Oak Street in Eudora. for property exchange.
Drugs on 1500 Kentucky- well, duh.
upstairs neighbors "smoking drugs".
injury accident 700 block of west 23rd
possible gang activity on north 1000
31rst and Iowa- disturbance with weapons....southbound on Iowa-toyota Camry- subject flashed a gun at the caller.
Go get 'em boys!
fight at the Community Drop-in. Maybe they should just put a boxing ring there.
Someone is trrapped between a truck and a pole on Iowa Street- some mexican restuarant....if anyone sees this send pics!
a deceased person was found in their truck this morning on Tennessee Street- a couple hours later I drove by and the area was cordoned off with crime scene tape and police were still on the scene. No idea if foul play was involved or not.

submitted by Marion Cramer- ambulance at 6th and Maine at 6am this morning

1123 Indiana Street, noise complaint
and of course, the evening wouldn't be complete without a "noise complaint 2530 Redbud Lane"

nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane
825 Mississippi- tresspassing
Bar check at The Outhouse. probably a good idea.
criminal damage- 200 Macdonald Drive- at the Holidome. Suspect is with the security guard
just e-mailed by a reader-
Quote of the night: "There's nothing worse than drunk women cackeling on the back porch while they're smoking."
901 conneticut street- burglary occurred between 12:30 and now.
3100 Ousdahl- noise complaint, loud people
ID stolen from Mass Street

sent by reader Marion Cramer...a car ran over a median at 6th and Mass 2am

someone screaming for help in Lot 90
8 subjects in parking lot at presto on Iowa fighting
some vehicles in the parking lot at wal-mart being suspicious.
30 people in the hottub at 2511 west 31rst street. wow.
disturbance, no weapons at 1137 tennessee. suspected drug activity as well.
accident at 11th and Indiana- possible drunk
caller wants to speak to an officer regarding traffic issues at 14th and Ohio.

yeah, 2am on a Friday night and your gonna have some traffic on campus. and some issues. but probably not the best time to suck up an officers time when he obviously can't do anything about it.
another fight at The Oread, medics en route
Fight at Brother's. Guy was hit by a doorman.
Fight at The Oread Hotel.
disturbance at Quinton's.
12th and Indiana- there is a subject laying on the ground, bleeding.