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Sunday, January 30

Domestic Disturbance

New Jersey Street-couple yelling, screaming and shoving.

Check Welfare on Child

mom calling from Olathe- dad didn't bring child back at 2 like he was suppossed to. uh-oh.

Fire Alarm

at jayhawk towers. i wonder if any of the residents even pay attention to those anymore?

Disturbance, no weapons

at Southpoint apartments- ex-boyfriend has keys and is refusing to give them back.

Disturbance, no weapons

900 block of New Hampshire- caller heard a scream.
it was kids playing football.

Criminal Damage

947 Mass- Ingredient. bummer- they just got some graffitti the other night too.

private tow

someone's getting towed from The Merc

Domestic Disturbance

west 27th- male half is beating holes in the wall- he left on a skateboard.

Disturbance, no weapons

900 Block of Christie Court-yelling, things being bumped around.

Replay Lounge

Burglary Alarm- showing back entrance motion.

Residence Check

2707 Ousdahl- caller thinks someone may be in back yard...porch light is on, but hasn't seen or heard anyone.


2517 Crestline Court- caller needs someone removed- name sounds familiar too. Maybe I've read him in the booking logs.

Bar Closing

Police standby while The Outhouse closes down.
Good, I think that's a really good idea.

Disturbance....with weapons

3419 Ellie (?) Lane- caller heard fighting and heard a subject say "get the shotgun". did not see it though.
They are leaving- possibly headed to McDonalds (how would they know that?)

Request to speak to an officer

1800 Villawood (??) court- caller is in a blue chevy- not sure where he is at, and dispatch is not sure what he wants.
Be careful, these unpredictable ones always scare me a little.

leaving the scene of an accident

late model chevy hit the "days Inn" building and left

Noise complaint

2100 block atchison ave. loud music.

Disturbance, no weapons

1000 block of Delaware- caller can hear female subject yelling for someone to "get away".


900 block of louisiana- unknown subject is ringing doorbell. caller is upstairs and can't see anything.


at Target optical department.


500 block of Colorado- guy wants a girl removed from his apartment.

1500 Mass

request for a back-up unit.

Pedestrian Check

1100 Kentucky- white boy, no shirt, drunk, walking out in traffic.

rowdy prisoner

officer requesting a "cage unit".

burglary alarm

Sigma Kappa 1325 west campus

Hashinger Hall

smell of marijuana in the air.

police Chase in progress

on campus- by some Greek Houses- maybe related to the accident?
Ran into the Sigma House.
wow, they'll never find you there, brainiac.

unknown emergency

area of 25th and Belle Haven Drive-caller is crying and upset, but refusing to give the address.

Non-injury accident

Harvard Rd- black Camry hit a tree- driver is still there on the scene.

Alarm audible

at 1725 haskell- units find an open door.

check welfare

didnt catch the address here- but someone called in because their friend went to buy some weed and she's really drunk and there are a lot of drugs where she is going.

Medical call

someone at Jayhawk cafe is so drunk they called medical. Usually they just call a cab.

It's good though, too many kids have dies in recent years due to alcohol poisoning.

leaving the scene of an accident

KU PD has one of the vehicles stopped at 6th and Illinois.


800 Mcdonald drive- the Holidome-managment having problems with subjects in 2 rooms, they want then removed and they won't open the doors.

Medical Call

737 Mass- someone fell and hit their head.

possible liquor violation

IHOP- caller is concerned about a party bus- open containers and females boarding the bus.'s a "party Bus", not a church bus.

Lock-up Marathon

On MSNBC. for those of you who stayed home and out of jail.

rolling disturbance

a car and a dude are having it out in the 300 block of Michigan. wonder who will win? white isuzu and white boy in a yellow coat.

Medical Call

somehow saferide called in a medical call for an abdominal pain patient...medics and PD on scene, and they can't seem to find a patient. the address the saferide gave doesn't exist.

Medical Call

west 24th- Hampton Court- subject busted his ass on the ice. is there ice out there?

Noise complaint

on prospect- loud stereo- or ghetto blaster?

building check

1600 haskell--no reason why, but we know, don't we?


caller says her friend took her keys- 1107 Indiana.
probably had a good reason.

Residential burglary

west 2nd terrace- time unknown

Noise complaint

4800 block of mcCormick- complaint of loud music and barking dog.

Disturbance, no weapons

13th and Kentucky-2 units en route-seceral male subjects threatening to fight each other.
over something stupid, I'm sure

Also complaining of fireworks.

Medical Call

1900 west 31rst- I shit you not- for a "spider bite".
police are disregarding. medics still have to go.

Crown toyota

alarm, and there is a visible open door.

Fight- physical

at The reserve- on west 31rst- back of complex.

Medical Call

Virginia Inn- "sick person". not a nice place to get sick. just sayin'


someone sleeping in a parking lot...better than Mcdonald's I guess.

Domestic Disturbance

110 Michigan- possible domestic disturbance- caller says wife won't give him a receipt, then he hung up. won't answer on callback.

Medical Call

to the slums on Ridge court- subject bleeding from hand.

Noise complaint

1400 Tennesse- party time

Looking for trouble.

eastbound on jayhawk- car with his lights off. swerving back and forth. and about to get pulled over.

Alcohol Violation

900 block of West 24th

Noise complaint

1336 crossgate court- large party on top 2 floors. caller was just picking up his children ( at midnight?) and heard it.

Bar Check

the Paradise Saloon. good idea. someone got threatened with a knife there last night.