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Saturday, January 1

north 100 road...domestic disturbance-subjects breaking glass- fight between brother and the rest of the family.
west 25th place- noise complaint, loud music.
2040 Heatherwood Drive- there is a strong smell of Marijuana coming from a particular apartment.
As we have learned from the dorms-burn some popcorn to cover that smell.
cancel an attempt to locate on a stolen vehicle out of Leavenworth County.

Update on Escaped Sex Offender from Larned

I just heard from a very reliable source that the dirtbag is back in custody. Thank god they got him before anyone else got hurt!
Medical call on Wisconsin
Lots of traffic stops tonight.
2530 Redbud lane- noise complaint- loud music-rocking the bud.
1600 Haskell Ave- drugs call- someone reporting heavy traffic at a certain apartment-believes they are selling weed.

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another residential alarm-on Diagonal....
College motel- domestic dispute-guy is leaving on foot-they have a good description and will probably find him.
1313 Prospect- criminal damage for a shattered window...

This is what you look like after swallowing a bag of Crack;

FARMINGHAM, Maryland - A Maryland teen was arrested Tuesday, prompting him to not so secretly swallow a bag of cocaine.
Art Taylor, 18, was pulled over for failing to signal before turning just after 8:30 Tuesday evening.
Upon being pulled over, Taylor failed to comply with requests to see his license and registration.
"He made a quick movement to the center console, and there was small baggie with a white powder in it," Brandolini said.
Taylor swallowed the bag while fighting off the police trying to stop and arrest him.
Police also used a dog to search the car for other drugs, but to no avail.
Taylor was charged with assault and battery on an officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, the turn signal violation and refusing to give police his license and registration.
Taylor pleaded not guilty, was released without bail and is pending a pretrial conference Jan. 6, 2011.
trailer park in Eudora on East 10th....animal welfare check- dog is outside.
residential alarm on Barker avenue
phone harrassment on the 1100 block of Louisiana.
Awww.. injured kitty-cat at the trailer park on Maple.
Call to LMH- physical altercation between family and security. Hmmm....wonder how this is going to end???
1020 Missouri street- burglary report-someone informed the caller that the back door was open
3400 block of trail road- suspicious activity-red truck parked in the driveway with some dude yelling "hey! come on!" and walking around the residence.
2100 west 26th street- burglary-caller says his house was broken into on christmas, and now he is calling about a friends apartment being robbed. He feels the theif is the same dirtbag.
person driving with an unrestrained child. Parked at sonic. why would anyone not restrain their child every chance they got????
1120 East 23rd Street.
gray sports cars are racings down Hwy 56.
fire alarm-4115 Spring Hill Drive.
panic alarm-kingdale road
Woman didn't show up for child exchange- and is threatening to hurt the kids...and never to let their dad see them again.
smoldering dumpster behind granada

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

FOUND JUVENILE: 6300 Block of Cottonwood in Shawnee. 3 year old child found walking in the street in front of apartment complex
business alarm-frontier street
east 7th street- java break- subject sleeping in a booth. drink more coffee. duh.
k-10 and mile marker 13- drunk gal been goig up and down the highway-possibly affiliated with white car.

Prosecuting Satan... It's Complicated.....

How many charges can you rack up in 3500 years?
LMH- subject came in with lacerations to his neck.....
1600 block of powers....possible suicidal subject....
attempt to locate some suicidal dude from Leavenworth. told his girlfrien he was gonna off himself.
1100 mississippi-transfer from ku other info..

At Least 2 people smashing windows at 6-7th and Illinois

Suspects in custody with bad lacerations on hands.

Check Out This Guy's Karma....

Dude..... like totally.....I was going to.... wait what was I saying?
821 Iowa, another cop has found a guy with bad lacerations to his hands..... Medical in route.
medical is now in route to 645 Illinois. Subject has bad lacerations.

someone smashing windows....

645 Illinois house damage.... Police looking for suspects....
the vandals ran to scotch cleaners on 23rd.......

7th and IL. Criminal Damage.

Someone is breaking windows? There are neighbors pointing at the alley way to police....
Another disturbance at "Brothers". The back-ground noise is a bunch of people screaming.....
Now medical is being called in to 940 NH. Art Center. This was the guy passed out in the parking garage........

Riverfront Plaza. Fight between 3-5 people.

Major disturbance at "Brothers"

All officers in route to "Brothers", right in front of the court house....... Sounds nasty over dispatch......
Officers on scene at 2833 Four Wheel Drive. Woman claims her boyfriend stole her truck.....

927 NH. Medical

Someone is really hurt at the 9th and NH parking garage. Medical in route. Subject is unconscious.

Confirmed: Satan Has Been Arrested

I had to repost this. I saw this mugshot and it disturbed me. I heard he was arrested in Florida on multiple warrants. After 3500 years on the run, finally he is caught and arrested.
Disturbance, at the Cadillac Ranch, Bouncers hit some guy in the head......... Officer in route.

A lot of people were arrested tonight...

I have heard so many admitted to the jail tonight..... Every 10 min I hear a "10-8" at jail. The officer has dropped off criminal, and then is back in service.

1339 Ohio, Medical. Guy is unconscious, intoxicated.

2330 Iowa, Presto Mart...... theft inside an Auto. Green Dodge Durango involved.?

1802 W. 23rd St. Officer on scene. Don't know what's going on.....
Animal welfare check, someone left the dog in the car in the Wal-Mart parking lot......? That's a 911 call?
24th Street. By Taco Bell. Subject wearing no shirt, carrying his clothes in his hands. It's 9 degrees F .........

800 Mass. Subject, female, sitting on bench. People are concerned.

Tonic Lounge. Another call. A fight?
Yellow VW bug driving on sidewalk on Monterey Way. Possible drunk driver. Reporting party said the person was driving on the road, and then jumped curb to drive on sidewalk? Oh geez, I hope no one gets hurt.
There is a guy changing a lock at Bambino's tonight, and requested Police Civil Standby while he works. PD in route...

1200 Oread. "The Cave" Another Medical call.....

What happened now? Another person is getting thrown out?
Lost Female? She called 911, Male subject is yelling in the background. They are outside.
Lots of drunken drivers calls in tonight. On one, the reporting party is following them. These drivers always get busted if there is a car following them. SKE 971 (tag) 2009 Pontiac Van. Driver out of control.
Weird reverse shoplifting call. Guy goes inside store, and places bag on shelf. Then leaves....? I didn't hear where though....

Oread Hotel is the new place to get arrested......

It's 2011, and everyone is having a great time at "The Cave", the bar in the basement of the Oread Hotel. Tonight there were 3 calls to the police over issues with drunken party people. There was actually a call to 911 while Police were still there. Ye-Haw!
1200 Oread, Hotel. "The Cave" Another fight, domestic. 3 Employees throwing out a guy. They are dragging him upstairs?
1708 E. 30th Street. 10 Family members in huge fight. Officers in route.
1105 mass. Brothers....some asshole is stealing shit. wow....he's wearing a hoodie....
its the same old shit...and you have to call the cops about it..
922 PA. Apt. A She wants her boyfriend removed.
1718 Harper. Tresspassing, someone is banging at her back door.