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Tuesday, November 23

fire alarm on Harper Streer.
3d1-panic alarm at presta
This fucking dispatcher is as bad as the 2nd shift-no details and mumbles!!!!!!!!!!!! we'll see how much of this I can take.
Community Building burglary alarm.
suspicious activity east 150 road. Guy thinks someone was on his property and actually followed a car to shawnee county- he is calling from his car and thinks someone is STILL on his property.
Maybe they are there cause of the meth lab. sounds like he's been dipping into the product.
Employee at a Pizza Joint downtown- an employee has some questions about domestic abuse. hmmmmmm....
501 Colorado-theft-again. not a good day on Colorado Street.
so glad it's shift change- this dispatcher on 2nd shift is hard to understand.
tresspassing-subject banging on door-4900 block of somewhere....
2a1-check welfare-9th and Michigan-individual is walking down 9th street- apparantly he was under the care of LMH and is under the influence of narcotics-maybe. the mother of his kids wants nothing to do with him but wants to make sure he is ok. The police say he is doing nothing illegal and refuse to check on him. I thought narcotics were illegal.
theft 501 Colorado street. no further details.
1500 east 8th-noise complaint. those crappy apartments get A LOT of noise complaints.
501 east 10th noise complaint
severe nosebleed at Allen Field House.
criminal damage-1500burning tree court- a group of juveniles are throwing rocks at someone's house. i guess it's an ongoing problem. In my day we used to just T.P.
Non-emergenct transfer to Allen field house. now that is a die-hard fan. Literally.

Lawrence woman charged with stabbing boyfriend with kitchen knife /

Lawrence woman charged with stabbing boyfriend with kitchen knife /

One person killed, others injured, U.S. 59 closed after crash north of Lawrence involving a stolen vehicle /

One person killed, others injured, U.S. 59 closed after crash north of Lawrence involving a stolen vehicle /
So Toyota tundra guy drove through a bunch of barricades behind budig hall before he tore out of town and caused some terrible wrecks. He is in custody and being charged with a DUI, criminal damage and theft. I am sure more charges will follow.
Man this is complicated...the call at Teepee junction is ALSO related to accident at Midland Junction..but no injuries.
Another vehicle at Teepee junction that is being checked for something.
stolen truck guy in custody....
I am pretty sure this wreck and the stolen vehicle are related....I've got a friend in the business who agrees....
Car accident on Diagonal Road. EMS activated. Injury accident-it's near midland junction. 1 car accident.
Residential burglary on Ohio Street, the burglary occurred while a roommate was asleep!
Sorry, had to closely monitor my patient for a couple hours (yeah, I actually had to work!)

A blue toyota tundra was stoled from in front of Watson Labrary a couple of minutes ago. poor schmuck watched it drive away...just spotted on 15th and Naismith.
3b2-comercial alarm at Biggs Bar-b-q
Baldwin-residental alarm..