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Friday, January 21

trailer park on east 19th- noise complaint for loud music.
guy attempted to open a car door at the library...he's on foot.
312 Indiana- subject came to the door and asked for a cigarette. who does that?
I've been a little busy with a sick kid, but i have heard A LOT of harrassment, fights and threats going on. What is going omn out there???i'm glad im staying in. geez.
caller is worried because someone he doesn't know called him and told him he'd be there in 15 minutes with a shotgun and told him his address.....i would recommend thinking back to all the people you've pissed off and narrow it down from there.
Yorkshire Drive- neighbor is complaining that her neighbor is having a party and there are vehicles parked all around the block.
How else are they suppossed to get there?
forgery at CVS on Iowa- someone tried to pass a fake check. time lapse of 10 minutes.

OK, why would you wait 10 minutes to call? I mean, if you can wait that long ( and I've heard people wait A LOT longer) then maybe it isn't an emergency?
1500 block west second- a female is currently breaking things on the property. 3rd hand info.
905 Deer Run Drive- residential burglary
noise complaint at 816 mass.
fire call to the 23rd Street Brewery
1040 Mississippi- suspicious activity- some guy approached caller and asked for money.
That's not suspicious, that's just being broke!
2300 west 26th- a person has been playing loud music all day and possibly doing or selling drugs.

Livin' the dream....
possible disturbance 1517 west 9th- 2 drunk guys are doing something that makes the caller think there is a disturbance...been going on for 30 minutes.
parking complaint on West 22nd Terr. If that's the only complaint you have over there, then you are having a great night.
Shoplifting at Hy-vee. She's with a kid, too. Makes me kinda sad for her.
fire alarm at Ellsworth residence hall
2 beagles on the loose on the 3000 block of Lawrence Ave...which reminds me...I was looking at the booking log today and saw 2 people were booked on west 25th for "dangerous dog at large". I believe it may be related to the call about a loose pit bull that I heard. If you're going to have a breed of dog that has a reputation for being dangerous- it is YOUR JOB to not only protect the public, but protect the dog!  People are scared of pit bulls, and when peole are scared they do stupid things- like maybe hurt the poor thing. So now the dog is probably at the pound....quite unfortunate.
north 716 road- someone received a suspicious package from Great Britian. Yeah, I'd be suspicious of those Brits.

New Guidelines

After much consideration I have decided to stop posting the majority of medical calls. Unless they are ridiculous ones like the girl who didn't know if she was throwing up wine or blood. That's just too funny to not share...(it was wine)

I just think people deserve privacy- and my apologies too anyone who I may have upset or offended. Criminals, however...well, you choose to break the law and I think people have a right to know what's going on in their neighborhoods. If you break the law-you're fair game.

Let me know what you think.
some dude with a gun at the kwik shop on Haskell
500 block of 8th- multiple parking violations.

For some reason this link below will only show up if you put your cursor on it...please do, it's really important.
fire alarm at randalls formal wear
forgery at All-Stars. Really? I mean, Really? Jeez.
Suicidal subject just left the SSA office...said she was going to get a gun.
Semi on K-10 is driving erratically and hauling gasoline. super.
civil process on west 24th
non-injury accident at 7th and New Hampshire
someone at the courthouse is being held for contempt- police going to pick her up. wonder what she did?
1400 block of east 2000 road- tresspassing- some ya-hoo's are hunting on someone's property without permission.
that's a really good way to get yourself shot.
heard a couple medicals...Chest pain at McDonalds Playland, code red, patient transported

Overdose at Easy Livin' Trailer Park, patient transported.
Elevator rescue at Murphy Hall- 1rst floor, custodian.

Still a little slick in some spots

More snow expected this afternoon, only a few inches expected (only). Stay safe and warm, I'm going to try to get a little sleep.
hang-up call from the Campanile Blue Phone.
1600 Haskell Ave- residence check.
just took a look at the booking log- 3 OUI's were booked in pretty rapid succession from 01:45am-2-30a.m.

You have GOT to read this;

Default Robbers accidentally snorted remains of dog and homeowners father
1000 block of Ohio- request to speak to an officer-caller is standing outside. don't know why, but i'm sure at 3am it's something earth shatteringly important.
Trail Ridge apartments- medicall call- pregnancy problems.
noise complaint 1011 Missouri Street.
Conoco Greyhound- building check. west 6th. There's usually shady characters there.
Caller think some guy in a ball cap may break into the station.
fight at Harbour Lights- now leaving- westbound on 11th- on foot I guess. 2 males.
14th and Ohio- parking violation- blocking driveway.
11th and kentucky- medical- subjects laying between 2 vehicles.
possible burglary in progress at 13th and Tennessee- male subject trying to break into a subject- black jacket and a stocking car.
What, not a hoodie?
14th and Ohio- parking violation- caller has his car blocked in. Well, there's probably no place he needs to be going at this time of night anyway.
1446 Kentucky- someone laying on the sidewalk- maybe an intoxicated subject that tripped. Doh!
901 West 23rd- McDonalds- tresspassing.  no other details given.
I would slap my momma for a Big Mac right now.
Some dude called in -lives at 2200 West 6th- sounds like he got slapped by a girl at 'Brothers".
Geez, whe HASN"T been slapped by a girl at brother's?
4500 Roundabout Circle....that address is a bit redundent.
If you're driving, don't be drinking...lot's of people getting pulled over right now.
burglary alarm at 540 east 19th street.
really quiet night so far.....