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Tuesday, November 16

silver chevy van-eastbound on 23rd, possible drunk driver, almost sideswept a van.
Behind Ellsworth Hall- a 15 year old is drunk and says she can't go home....well, apparantly you can't stay here either.
721 Wakarusa-Johnny's West-someone is complaining because they are power washing. I guess it is almost midnight on Tuesday.
cresent road-check welfare of a minor- approx 16year old drunk and passed out half in the road.
noise complaint on Ousdahl Road.
Oliver Hall-medical emergency-possible alcohol poisoning.
5th and Colorado-Black Pontiac slid off the road.  Doesn't sound sober.
3801 Clinton Parkway-medical emergency-someone passed out in front of building. You can tell thats a nicer part of town cause they are sending EMS out. usually they just send an officer first.
1100 louisiana-suspicious activity. Some dude in a black jacket, black hat, has been stalking a girl. her boyfriend is now following him.
Another call about natural gas smell by Mccolluogh Hall. They JUST resolved the last call.
Car chase-black mazda-1 mile from Lawrence-the EastGate-they are in eastbound lane going west, only going 45 miles an hour, but they have a flat tire.
Now they are going in a ditch....
and apprenhended. By lecompton police. way to go guys.
Another subject going to LMH for possible blood draw. to check for alcohol.
Traffic stop on west 19th street, requesting another unit for assistance. suspect from Illinois.
East 30th street, non-injury accident
2900 Lawrence Ave, 74 year old man has fallen. Poor guy.
SOme gal is kneeling in a parking lot making suicidal comments-her brother says she is off her meds. Gotta take those!
Marijuana odor at Oliver Residence Hall.
3 drunk chicks walking in and out of the road. well, it's better than driving...
An officer is leaving LMH with a subject en route to douglas county jail. my best guess is DUI.
Marijuana odor at Hashinger Hall.
Odor of natural gas-McCollum Hall. EMS activated.
2ba-Heatherwood drive-violation of PFA in progress.
Harrassment on East 7th Street. Sounds like the name of a Broadway play or some shit like that.
2d1, 2a3-burglury in progress. 1000 block of Tennessee-someone trying to get into someones house. He is now at the church across the street. Dumb ass. Run!!!
Parking Violation on Rhode island Street apartment; someone parked their boat in a private spot. WTF?
Another call to Redbud Lane, I think it was for a stolen credit card that does have fraudulent charges on it.
Attempt to locate call- "Things in the air" above 1600 Haskell Ave. What the fuck does that mean? Paper airplanes, flying saucers??

Nov 16

I was listening to my scanner on the way to work and it was busy;
Gas Leak on Redbud lane
Structure fire at jayhawk food mart
Runaway from Redbud lane (big shocker there!)
13th and Rhode Island= car vs. dog. I bet the car won.
very, very quiet! I am working a little later than usual and really could use some action. Preferably without injuries though.
3d2-826 kentucky-someone got their ass kicked.
For some reason a unit is en route to Lansing with a white man and a white woman. Why Lansing?
West 24th- medical call-some dude is passed out from injuries sustained from a fight earlier. yowza.
Congessional Circle-requesting assistance for a fall-no ambulance needed.....someone fell and they can't get up.
600 block of somewhere-didn't catch it-someone heard a disturbance between a man and woman. Really?
827 walnut street-tresspassing call. subject is at the door of a trailer asking for someone who doesn't live there. he is wearing a black leather jacket with an American Flag. Phil?
Short car chase. Guy finally stopped. probably going to jail.
I deleted this original post. It was a possible suicide call. The victim did not survive. God bless him and his family.
Kwik Shop on 23rd-white male came in store and just took a pack a cigarettes and rode his bike away. Just like that.
3b8-threats reported at "The Exchange" (what is that?) off Ousdahl.
Attempt to locate a gal in a maroon mitsubishi-she was suppossed to call her dad when she left the game to head to Emporia, she never called. You know she's partying.
513 Durham Court, fire alarm. who cares.
3b4-911 hang-up, area of 2400 block of Murphy Drive-unable to call number back.
Sending Medics to the fire on Mass. non-emergency though.
Safees downtown- alarm, glass broken.
10th and Kentucky-emergency at The Shelter-someone is yelling that someone is trying to kill them.