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Monday, March 28

check welfare

caller keeps calling and saying nothing is wrong now, but something happened this morning- history of disturbance this morn.
Birch Street in Eudora. Cop just came on and said he'd take it "he's been dealing with it all night'. of THOSE

Request to speak to an officer

caller needs a report of some sort so she can get her "bipolar medicines" refilled.
sounds like that might be a good idea.

Noise complaint

2300 Wakarusa Drive- loud music

Non-injury accident

3908 Bob Billings. Car vs. parked car.

Domestic Disturbance

610 Ohio. verbal and physical argument. caller is outside, husband is inside.

Suspicious Activity

2 white boys trying to open car doors in the 1700 block of Mass.

Suspicious Activity

"old vehicle" white, possibly 80's/ subject sitting in vehicle is "acting suspicious. wearing a ballcap and moustache.
behind Murphy Hall

road rage

north 3rd street-report of vehicle trying to get caller "to hit them". subject got out of vehicle and started yelling.
It's a goddamn jungle out there.

Non-injury accident

23rd and Mass-nothing further.

Ellsworth Hall

2 subjects setting off fireworks. possibly with a beer bottle in hand. hehe.

Emergency Transfer

Brandon Woods to LMH

Structure Fire

1016 Stoneridge Drive- possible smell of smoke inside the residence. caller reports they see smoke as well.

Disturbance....with weapons

31rst and Harrison-2 units en route-believe to be related to a fight on Crestline- dude is damaging a car with a baseball bat.
that's one way to solve a problem.

Suspicious Activity

2540 Iowa- tanning salon- car in parking lot "watching employee". of course, the employee can't describe the vehicle (not even a little bit???)
get over yourself Snookie.

Wanted Person

2500 west 6th- not sure how they know this "model citizen" is wanted, but looks like his life on the lam is coming to a close.


Cop just radio'd in that he has an uncooperative suspect in custody- didn't catch anymore details, but If I were a betting woman....I'd bet the cop wins.

Suspicious Activity

719 west 25th- caller advises there is a car in his yard and a posibly (probably) drunk driver walking around it.
I reckon he'll be running from it soon enough.

Domestic Disturbance

west 24th place-someone's fighting

disturbance of unknown nature

2424 Melrose Lane- Mil-spec is out with a patient who is having mental problems.

burglary alarm

On The Rocks on 1818 Mass

welfare check

913 Madeline lane. drunk guy is knocking on door trying to find his way home. he lives on the 4400 block of adam. nowhere near home buddy, but i'm sure the cops with take you SOMEWHERE for 3 hots and a cot.