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Friday, December 31

24th and redbud lane.. domestic dispute.. and the female half is gonna do it.
Suicidal 24th and Redbud Lane. Go Figure.....
Armed and Dangerous. Signal 1. Officers in route. Battery @ 1501 Harper.
1501 Harper. Medical.
oread hotel... some jackwagon has called 911 over 4 times because he got kicked out of the oread hotel. don't call 911- call the waaaaaaa-bulance..
Medical in route, lacerations to the head, Replay Lounge. Injured from a fall. He's okay, code green.
medical call at the replay lounge-unkown if they have fallen or not.
Poor gal fell down at 23rd and LA in parking lot. The guy that found her thought she was dead! He called in that he found a dead girl. She's okay now though, but has a gash above her eye. Officers on scene.....
2010 can suck it. stupid peice of crap year.
scanner is very quiet now......... nothing.
fireworks at goodell court- so some ahole called this in, and it's too bad the cops have to respond to it.
This is weird. Scanner is almost totally quiet......... Is everyone drinking and getting ready for the meltdown tonight?
Franklin Co. attempting to locate a subject here in Lawrence. Domestic battery charge.
23rd and Mass police chase ended.

Police Chase

South Bound Mass. Suspect is on the run in car!


the scanner is really slow tonight. I'm sure it will be hopping later. Meanwhile, here is an interesting shot of some naked "white- guy" going crazy in Asia. It looks like Thai Police to me.
Police scanner is really quiet......... Calm before the storm?

Satan Arrested Last Night.

According to reports, Satan was arrested last night. After almost 4000 years on the run, he was spotted by police and quickly apprehended.
car fire...on west 28th
tresspassing on randall road-
4200 west 26th terr- criminal damage report
business alarm....probably false on Legends drive
2900 bob billings parkway- complaint of road rage incident that happened earlier.
Child out of control on Brush Creek Drive...daughter is "not complying" with mother.
caller from E. 24th street called 911, for a TAXI! Said they were "extremely drunk"? Sorry buddy now they are sending the police.....

Jesus Christ. Who is this mutant?

I heard this classy guy was arrested while fighting with a badger over a crack rock.

The creature from the Black Lagoon?

Was this guy arrested while shoveling coal? WTF?

Interesting mug shots

When I got the kansas most wanted pics, I did a little searching for some interesting mug shots. Enjoy.

When I was with Sedgwick Co. EMS, a paramedic told me that all the "paint huffers" used Wal-Mart gold spray paint. He was right.

New Years Eve!!!

starting at 7pm, I will be blogging all night. For those of you who are out and about....send me a text if you see anything! 785-766-1640. Thanks, and we'll be back soon!

Possession of Hallucinogenic Drugs? Really?

Robin Buckley

Check out this space cadet from Kansas Most Wanted, wanted on Poss. of Hallucinogenic drugs. The picture says it all. Wow.
If you ever wondered what 1000 hits of acid looked like, here it is. Thanks Robin!

Wow. Check out this gal sent to me from Kansas Most Wanted.
Auhhh....Duhhhh huh?

Last seen in the Wichita area.

Raina J Islas is wanted by the Sedgwick County Sheriffs Office for Violating her Probation on Possession of Narcotics and Cocaine. She was last known to live in the Wichita, Kansas area.

Name: Raina J Islas | Age: 32 | Race/Sex: White/Female | Height: 4ft 11in | Weight: 135lbs | Hair/Eye: Brown/Brown | AKA: Blasi, Raina Jean; Harris, Katie J; Islas, Smooth | Scars/Marks/Tattoos: Tattoo shoulder; Tattoo left arm/”R”

Anyone with information on the location of this person or any other wanted person or about any crime is urged to contact the Sedgwick County Sheriffs Office at 1-800-874-6449 or Wichita-Sedgwick County Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111 or 911. You also could text CRIMES(274637) and enter TIP217 plus your message.

Read more:

Driving conditions;

I will be heading home from work here soon; has anyone out there driven yet today? Please post the road conditions for the rest of our readers. thanks..
injury accident, mile marker 11, on K-10
burglary alarm at 111 east 11th- evidence room.
Alvamar Dr. Medical call for a fall.
north 2050, east 100- black vehicle stuck in roadway.
1608 Harper Street- called because a dog is outside.....really.
274 Highway 40- tresspassing- people ringing the doorbell, with their van parked in the driveway and are now walking around the house.
2 units en route, that is, if they ever get done investigating all these stupid false burglary alarms.
1309 van-something- drive- burglary alarm.
534  Frontier road, "torta jalisco', burglary alarm.
200 north Iowa- burglary alarm. Army National Guard.
3425 Morningdove circle- fire alarm.
Raining pretty hard, even a little hail.
heard some warrants get served, and some chumps went to jail, but it's been really quiet. Yes, I said the "quiet" word. As a nurse, i can say that we think the word "quiet" has mystical powers; when said, all hell inevitably breaks loose-especially if it is atr the very end of your double-shift.
west 25th street- domestic argument....
1600 haskell- poor gal living there is seeing things again...the officer that said he'd call her is my new hero. He sounded like he'd be reassuring.
1908 East 19th- physical altercation- mom, son- sounds like a hot mess. Declining medics.
building checks on campus...hohum...
1346 Newhampshire- medical call-"sick person"
burglary alarm at 2329 Iowa- biggs bar-b-que
Quizno's on 6th street- burglary alarm
1016 Massachuttess- fight at Fatso's- no injuries. Suspect is a white male in jeans with long hair.
investigating subject 1400 block of Conneticut- white car with no tags.
possible drunk subject by the kiidie pool in South Park. Possible? I'd say Probable.
west 24th street- request to speak to an officer- someone's mom hasnt made it home yet. Well, it's just now last call.
Driver on K-10, mile marker 6, eastbound in the westbound lane. Like that highway isn't dangerous enough driving the right way!
just some traffic stops going on now....
The grayhound/conoco on West 6th- tresspassing- 4 people in a vehicle in the parking lot "that need to leave".
Nuisance complaint at a Kwik Shop- sorry, no more info given...but are you suprised that there are shenanigans at ANY kwik shop.
503 Colorado Street- woman calling because there might be a racoon in her attic. I think you call the exterminater for that, cop really can't give the racoon a citation....
An officer is called to Colorado St. for "racoon" in attic call. Thats not an emergency.
420 North Street Trailer Park- burglary in progress- 2 white males in dark coats trying to steal things...then the caller hung up. this happened about 10 minutes ago. 2 units en route
traffic stop at the El Mezcal parking lot. County and KU PD on this one.

Crazy Police tales written by the officers on scene:

The comment section below has some of the strangest police calls.
1908 east 19th- loud music, again- they reportedly turned it up after the officer left last time.
medical call in Eudora- possible stroke

Thursday, December 30

1908 east 19th Street- loud music rocking the trailer park.
1600 block of Tennesse- disturbance, no weapons- woman says husband is trying to break in basement and wants money.
Subject just got pulled over on 23rd, and pulled into the DCCCA center. Wonder if he will be coming back there? Wouldn't that suck.

1632 Tennesse. Domestic dispute over $$.

Dumb Laws

The Dumb Laws section are actual laws on the books. Although most are severely outdated, they were once enforced. It should also be noted that Real Police cannot verify the accuracy of each law to date and that it should be looked at for entertainment purposes only. Check out the comment section below:
2401 west 25th place- suspicious activity- someone keeps knocking on doors. In my neightborhood i would think someone was just trying to sell something..over the cops, for sure.

Sex Offender Escapes Custody. Pervert On The Loose.

Bruce Franklin Burns

This disgusting freak escaped from a sexual predator treatment center.

LARNED — A man convicted of sex crimes against children is on the run after escaping from the Larned State Hospital.

Hospital spokesman Cory Turner says 41-year-old Bruce Franklin Burns escaped during a Wednesday afternoon sexual predator treatment program. Pawnee County authorities say the search for Burns continued Thursday.

Burns is 5-foot-10 male of American Indian descent, with brown eyes, long brown hair and facial hair. He was last seen wearing a navy blue jacket, khaki pants, black shoes and a navy blue ski cap.

The Hutchinson News reports that Burns was sent to Larned after serving prison terms for 1997 crimes of aggravated criminal sodomy of a child under the age of 14 and aggravated indecent liberties with a child under the age of 14. His convictions came in Wyadotte County.
barking dog in the area of eisenhower and quail in baldwin. throw him a bone.
Jayhawk pawn on West 6th- business alarm,.

East 1650 Rd. Bad Accident, Driver Fled Scene.

They found the guy. Code Yellow, or urgent care needed. Guy ran from the accident scene, after running his car into ditch and hitting a tree.
Gunshots, that were heard, then called back and called off, just fireworks. Whew....
E. 1650 Rd. accident, ran car into tree, down in ditch, and driver fled scene. Subject ran from vehicle, they are attempting to locate.

Cop said the car was "standing up"?

But subject not found yet.....
Sagebrush Drive and Topeka Lane- vehicle speeding through stop description.
East 1650 rd- injury accident-car ran into tree in a ditch.

False Alarms Are A Seriously Expensive Problem

Check out the Journal world's comment section, from the link up to the left for the LJ World's Weblog site. Use the link because it's nearly impossible to find if you go to the home page at False alarms could be costing us as much as $1000 a day, and interfering with an officer's critical time.
4200 Wheat State street- suspicious activity- car keeps stopping in front of  a house. I recall a similar call a few weeks ago that turned out to be the pizza boy!

1600 Haskell, Attempt to locate "things in the air"

Man, here it goes again...... Things in the air. I doubt the police are rushing over there.
still nothing yet on 2555 Arkansas.......
1400 Iowa, guy is getting pulled over, shut off car and stopped his car in the turning lane. Police called in back-up. Running tag.

He's clean. No back up needed.
Another false alarm. Fire.

House jacking 2555 Arkansas?

2555 Arkansas. Panic alarm, says resident is being held up, robbed? Officer in route now.

False alarm or the real deal? There were a couple of bank panic alarms last week that turned out to be nothing. The response time was less than 2 min by our boys at LPD. Nice job guys!
Building check, Brown Cargo Van. Another alarm went off?
cops 10-23 on scene at Heatherwood. The cop had the tone of voice, oh geez here we go again.

1521 Kentucky another domestic. Child ripped out of mothers hand, now screaming. This address has a history of civil stand-by.
It's getting ugly out there. And colder.

Heatherwood Drive is the new 24th St. now?

Major domestic going down in apt. building on Heatherwood. 2 officers in route. I'm leaving the address out. There was a call earlier today, and I think it's the same apt. Heatherwood is getting a lot of attention recently.
300 block of rockfence place- domestic disturbance- verbal only.
Carbon Minoxide alarm on Maple Street.
car vs bicycle 9th and Kentucky
703 west 7th street in Eudora at the waste water treatment facility- suspicious activity with weapon- white young male with a gun...possibly a rifle- when caller said he was going to call the police, the kid said "call if you want"...

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

INJURY ACCIDENT: 25th Street and Iowa in Lawrence. Command confirming car vs pedestrian. 1 pediatric SERIOUS INJURIES, 2nd patient MINOR
K-10 bypass- suspicious activity with weapons-westbound lane- 3 white males-have guns, near the wetlands. awesome.
disturbance in front if Perkins- 5-6 people- caller "getting ready to start something". Caller is standing by at Long John Silvers.
13 year old runaway from west 24th street. can't say I blame her.
Car fire- 23rd and Oskaloosa
Busted shoplifter at Dirty Dillons. He's in the office now, and Dillions called police because suspect was starting to cause trouble, being "uncooperative".
Didn't catch the address.....some stranger walks into this guys house, and now refuses to leave. He has no idea who he is. ???
1014 W. 10th Street. Serving a warrant.
A lot of people are getting stopped while driving.

1303 Cross Gate Dr. 911 called, and hung up. Dispatch always calls back to see if it was an accident, this time they didn't answer. Police in route.
Just heard a code blue triage from ems.
False alarms are seriously expensive. Do some research on this. Lawrence has a seriously expensive problem here. Go to the Journal World's Blogsite, linked on the left of the screen. We posted an article on this. We are looking for input from others about how to cut down on the false calls.
The "beat up my son" call is back in Eudora. Its turning out to be a neighbor dispute. Police in route.
Someone just called in and said that another parent told her son to go "beat him up". This happened in the church parking lot on Maple St. in Eudora.

Fire alarm at McDonalds, 23rd Street. See? Another false alarm. Check out the Blogsite at Use the link to the left. We posted an article about this huge problem of false calls. Our Police, Fire and Medical are plagued with this issue.
Yellow Nissan Pathfinder pulled over for unreadable temp. tag.
I just drove home and it is super-windy out there...better put some rocks in your pockets so you don't blow away!
Tresspassing at the College motel. a tenenat there is harrassing the management.
1601 West 23rd street- suspicious activity- 4 guys with black hoodies and flashlights in the area of the salvation army- behind the store. probably just stupid pizza boys.
east 1800 rd, north 1 road- fire on north side of road.
west 2nd terrace-3a4-medical call for a fall.
traffic stop on 23rd and Alabama- car took a long time to stop. This one may be interesting.
west 5th street- noise complaint-loud bass
Rick's Place- guy running away from the business has been threatening people.
2500 Block Fairfield Street- burglary alarm.
3a1, 3c3- 3300 block of west 8th- verbal domestic disturbance
westbrook street- caller advises female screaming....yuck. I hope they get there soon.
3a4- west 24th street- request to speak to an officer- no further details given, but I can only imagine.
4841 bOWERFARM DRIVE- BURGLARY ALARM AT CVS. showing vestibule glass.
2515 Belle Crest drive- burglary alarm. Again, probably a false alarm- (only 2-6% are real), and the police are really busy dealing with real crimes. It's pretty windy out, and i think that may cause a lot of alarms to go off for no reason.
The Shelter- child out of control-(3d4)
residential burglary-North 1600 rd...single unit en route.
East 650 Road, burlary alarm. residents are on the scene- said door opened.....2 units en route.

Wednesday, December 29

Journal World Blog- if you're interested...
933 Iowa, purse theft occured at Wayne and Larry's.
1017 North Minnesota Street- prowler- heard someone tapping on bedroom window. 2 units en route with cherries on top.
Is anyone listening to the scanner right now? This is HILARIOUS! The cops totally retrieved this stolen car and were able to track down the guy from his jacket. And they are trying to get a hold of the owner.. so if you are the owner- call the cops before they tow you.
2600 block of west 24th terrace- police stopped a stolen car and person jumped out and ran from it! I hope it's the tercel from last night! get em!!!!!!
2434 west 24th terr- difficulty breathing, medical call. curiously they sent two patrol cars...maybe because that neighborhood SUCKS!
2222 west 6th, the Econo Lodge- criminal damage- there's a big suprise. sorry guys, no details given.
another noise complaint to east 10th- it's the trailer park in Eudora. The officer said he just drove by and all was quiet, but the lady called back and said it's even louder now.
You don't think they are reading this, do ya? And turning down the music before he gets there. That'd be a hoot. I'll wait a few minutes to post, just in case....
501 east 10th Street- noise complaint
1530 west 6th street- burglary alarm.

I am in the process of researching the high cost of police investigating these false alarms. It is ridiculous. Look for an article in the next day or two.
warrant delivery to the jail. sometimes, that's the only place they can find em.
2400 west 24th street- burglary- car alarm went off, went to check on it and found their wallet gone in a white sedan. Last seen on Brush Creek.
10th and Mass- request to speak to an officer- he wants to speak to an officer because "someone wasn't letting him in". in what? a bar? their heart? whatever.
Dillons on 6th- male subject is there begging for money.
couple people leaving the game are missing their cars...gotta be careful where you park those....
2408 Alabama- noise complaint, loud bass.
EAST 2300- johnson county received a 911 call and it sounded as if there was a disturbance. Sooo....they will go check.
Black car is blocking a silver car in front of Louise's
Purse theft on melrose-with suspect
alrighty, heading to work, check beck in, I should be blogging around 9, except for some blogging on the go in between. I'll be with ya ALL NIGHT LONG!!!GO JAYHAWKS!!!
west 10th street- someone who is unwelcome has returned- i think this is at the community drop-in.
suicidal patient on Haskell Avenue- received this info thru a evidence any action has been taken yet.
Domestic Drama on Freedom Creek drive- grandma, ma, boyfriend, grandson......
Shoplifter at walmart on Iowa- being cooperative.
fire alarm, 1011 missouri
Sounds like there is some pstchiatric problem in lecompton requiring medical care.
Best western Motel- police assistance to remove guests- this is the 2nd call today. Earlier they said they needed time to pack their belongings, now it's time to go.
Wagon Wheel Road- medical call-unconscious subject
suicidal patient- call from Bert Nash regarding a threat of suicide from a guy who was trying to make an appointment. Last known address.....Jayhawk Motel.
6th and Mississippi- gray Chevy Blazer- hit and run- non-injury
1905 rhode island- 911 hangup
frankfort kentucky called- there is a lincoln towncar that was stolen and believed to be on Peterson Rd.
Loose dogs at the Easy Living Trailer Park.
Check welfare at Peterson And Kasold- there is a pond with a fountain and kids are playing on it. Geez, better grab the riot gear.
Some guy in a black jacket in a maroon car is doing drugs or alcohol. really? weird.
Request to speak to an officer at the Public Library. A guy has a question about where to park his camper...uh.. a campground? They call it a "camper", not a "parking lotter".

Armed Robbery - 300 block W. 12th Street.

We reported this live last night!

A 20-year-old Lawrence man reported to police Tuesday night that he was the victim of an armed robbery in the 300 block of West 12th Street, Lawrence police said.
The victim told police he was walking in the area when a man who appeared to be about 20 years old got out of a dark-colored passenger car about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.
The man had a handgun and demanded that the victim give him his wallet, according to Lawrence Police Sgt. Matt Sarna.
The suspect in the case was described as about six feet tall, and was wearing a dark coat and a dark stocking cap.
After the victim gave up his wallet, the suspect got back into the car and left the area, Sarna said.
No injuries were reported, and anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Lawrence Police Department at 832-7650 or Douglas County Crime Stoppers at 843-TIPS.
Attempt to locate at 1600 haskell...vampire loudly flapping wings.
Ok, I'm not going to put the address on this because it's so embarrassing- a call for help because someone is stuck on the toilet.
unit 3d3 went from LMH to the county jail. propbably means someone got themselves a DUI. or at least, will when the blood work comes back.
phillips 66 on 9th- burglary alarm
trying to track down some gal in a plaid coat- she was seen at 19th and Haskell- missed some of the call because I was doing some actual work. yeah, believe it.
burglary alarm at the Napa Auto Parts in Baldwin.
3b5-car stop at 25th and Ousdahl-car stops after 3a.m. are usually bad news for the driver.
officer taking someone in custody to LMH- for a blood draw, I'd imagine. Can't just "not blow" anymore, suckas.
yeah, yeah, I'm still here...just got nothing to report to ya....
Attempt to locate that ssame stolen car- it's zipping around by my house.
1600 block of west 2nd terrace..medical call for a fall.
9th and Centennial was just spotted in the area- spotted by Mil-Spec-traveling at a high rate is speed...for a 95 tercel.....
really, really quiet right now. I just checked to make sure this thing was still on!
Fatso's- criminal damage in progress- someone has broken the window. For reasons we will probably never know....
95 toyota tercel- light green- front quarter panel a lighter green....stolen from the checkers parking lot within 30 minutes. Seriously. someone stole THAT!
theft of vehicle at Checkers- within the last 40 minutes...wasn't there some suspicious activity there about that time????? Curious.....
Still sucks though, how do you get your groceries home?

Courtesy of;!/Operation100

SHOOTING: 534 Chestnut Street in Leavenworth. (via @ECCOPERATIONS )

first report 50 minutes ago- no other info available yet.
suspicious activity at Checker's. What? at 12:30 a.m. on a Tuesday night?????? that's ALL there is at this time of night.
"leaving the scene" in front of Fatso's, then the caller hung up. nice.

Tuesday, December 28

Jimmy Johns on Mass Street- some guy wants to "turn himself in". I guess he just wanted a sammich first.
1908 west 19th- harrassment- whatever....
Harrassment at The WalMart on 6th- someone was yelling at him. Geez, that's even the classy Walmart.
A runaway is being returned to edingburg street. I hope they kept the receipt.
1000 block of west 29th terrace- disturbance, no weapons (yet) caller heard some noise in her 13year old daughters room and found a 16year old boy there.
They are trying to keep him in the residence and the kid-the 16 year old- is trying to leave. Can't say that I blame him.
This is a weird deal. Guy jumps out of cop car.
central national bank on 9th- burglary alarm. again.
PD has guy pulled over on 9th and NH. But then left quickly.
1300 block of Ohio- male yelling and chasing female. last seen southbound in Alley.
308 west 12th street- STRONGARM HOLD-UP- guy was walking, car rolled up and demanded dude's wallet- maybe with a gun. Jesus Christ that's scary.
Black 4 door- female driver.
15th and Legends Trail Drive- loud music and Loud people. Anymore, as long as they aren't trying to kill each other I say leave them be.
Lawrence Ave- the "church behind the school"- a group of 7th graders are "running away" and that's where they are a construction area.
Yeah, I say leave them there- I give them 2 hours without Easy-mac and their X-box.
1908 east 19th- turn your ghetto blaster down, the whole trailer park can hear for god's sake.
private tow at 1030 north 3rd- unoccupied vehicle left there 2-3 that Jayhawk motel?
2100 block of Kasold drive- difficulty breathing medical call.
1100 block of east 1332- subject fell.
HEY! 1015 Mississippi- your band is too loud!!!!!!
Blockbuster panic alarm..... maybe cause blockbuster sucks and their stocks are worth crap?
fire alarm at frasier hall
medical call 1900 block of maple lane for a "sick person"
1004 north 3 rd street. Is that the jayhawk motel? Caller says there is a female smoking in her room and wants her removed. Smoking what?
Major domestic going down.... too many to list. Post Holiday Drama. This is proven to be bad for the kids.

One call: Dad is in basement calling police. She's upstairs. Threatening him....

3300 Iowa is a Trailer park?. Domestic? Is this the one behind the big movie theater?

226 Michigan is still active. 2 officers there now. Hmmm. This was the "Strangling" call.
Call in woman was found strangled? Also info for a blue minivan? This isn't coming through very clearly...

226 Michigan is where the van and victim are?, 3323 Iowa was info on perpetrator?

Signal #, Mental on Tennessee, has long history.

327 Kansas auto burglary in progress right now.

The scanner is going wild. I can't catch everything....but I think the strangling was called off. Nothing there.

500 Greystone Apt 2 daughter 12 years old pushed out window and ran off, reported as a runaway.
There is a call in for a guy pan-handling at Conoco... Didn't catch which one. If this is illegal, where is panhandling legal?
Medical call. 165 E 1400 rd. Breathing issues.
Natural gas smell 528 winfield
900 Iowa, structure fire?
Shopplifter BUSTED. Hobbs, 700 Mass. She got her "go jail card" today over a pair of jeans.
panic alarm at The Merc- geez- i was there 15 minutes ago.
Medical on Inverness rd. Transfer to LMH. Apt 104. Psych/code orange and becoming violent. Is this the same gal who is constantly looking for a cat named Sarah? We have heard a call here before.
Disturbance at the toy store on mass. Guy wearing all red came into business and started screaming obscenities.
Rhode island street- 16 month old locked inside unattended.
identity theft- strange- they want contact at the fire dept.
cap fed saving on Iowa street- panic alarm. Geez- today is THE DAY for bank panic alarms.
1700 block of Mass- civil standby for landlord/ tenant issues. those are SOME issues!
1615 Lindenwood, the shelter, 16 year old female tearing up the house, hurt herself, was violent with the caller. Sounds like a very sad, sad situation.
1621 edgehill rd- some greek house- burglary alarm
Civil standby on east 19th. I'm pretty sure this is a friend of mine and I hope everything is OK for you!
Check welfare on a lady with some recent health problems- missed the address though.
theft at Hurricaine Alley carwash. Someone stole the callers purse out of her vehicle- she has been at her vehicle but never saw anyone take it. weird.
Action Credit on 23rd- business alarm.
stop on K-10 is coming back as a signal 15 from 2006. My signal code list stops at 14, so more research must be done, be back in a second.
If anyone knows, please fill me in.
panic alarm at midwest regional credit union on west 6th street.
suicidal patient-call received from Bert Nash- stated he was going to kill 2 other people- no location known. This is really quite scary.Guy is homeless- uses a cane.
I don't know how they are going to find this guy, but I sincerely hope they do before anything tragic happens.
loose german shapard around the 23rd and Mass area- last seen at 22nd and Ohio.
2300 block at north 100- subject found 4 or 5 deer carcasses- ewwwwww.....
east 1000 rd- burglary alarm
noise complaint at 816 Mass- above this location. If you can't be loud downtown, where CAN you be loud?
Tresspassing at the Kwik Shop on Mass-white male in business, mumbling. Reporting party requests he be removed.
bank at 1201 wakarusa- panic alarm
Hanover Place- check welfare- mom hasn't talked to daughter 21 year old- since sunday. It's Tuesday, right?
another leaving the scene of non-injury accident- on Ohio- suspect being followed.
3241 Iowa- green dodge dakota- leaving the scene of a non-injury accident. they are being followed by caller. Looks like they may be headed back to the scene. Alright- cops have him. HA!
Loose cat 2200 block of Mass Street. Who cares.
someone just got pulled over with 4 active suspensions on their license. probably shouldnt be driving until you get those taken care of.
600 block of Schwarz- residence check- boyfriend says he is going to break into girls apartment.
douglas county bank on church street- panic alarm

Monday, December 27

1400 north 1062 road. callers husband went outside to help a guy change the tire on his truck 45 minutes ago and hasnt returned. she is concerned.
Sometimes these things take awhile.
west 21rst street- 3200 block- "subject fallen"?
could be wrong about this- 1400 mass- officer with someone in custody in a black toyota truck???? Sorry, kid was having a meltdown, this could be 2 different calls.
23rd and Harper- transient trying to catch a ride to get some drugs. Well, it probably is a long walk to Redbud Lane.
4109 harvard rd- tresspassing- kids walking through some guys yard..."Kids, stay off the grass!!!!! (shaking fist)"
east 19th-brother is threatening to kill he if she doesnt leave.
theft on 500 block of Minnesota. now there's a big suprise.
Alarm at Central National Bank on 9th.
2500 west 6th street- noise complaint for loud music.
Jayhawk Pawn- burglary alarm.
916 Kentucky- theft- caller found some a-hole in his back yard stealing part of an artifical tree. When confronted this tree surgeon threatened to cut him.
medical call resulting in a code blue- off Jana and harvard.
2600 block of Bond Place (ill look it up) burglary in progress- neighbor seeing someone walking around a vacant house with a history of being burglarized. light are now on in the place.
Johnson County requesting a back up unit for some troublemaker on K-10, just past the Eudora exit.
west 22nd street- medical-caller is requesting non-emergency-
took a long break this afternoon- did I miss anything?
someone is headed to jail in Shawnee County- and you thought Douglas County sucked? Just wait.
9th and Vermont- medical call-female passed out in  the middle of the roadway. classy.
2000 block of 6th street- roadway obstuction.
5000 Clinton Parkway- medical emergency- someone took a lot of medicine- unsure if accidental or on purpose.
Phoneix Gallery- theft-white girl with blonde hair came in to return something and went ahead and stole something else while she was there.
10th and New hampshire- Animal welfare check
1300 block of west 2nd street- medical call-fall
3009 Oxford rd-possibly doing drugs- in a car. Car is on the move....2 units en route.
South Jr. High- burglary alarm
Animal welfare check on west 25.
So I just heard this scumbag I knew in high schools name over the scanner-starting fights at the trailer park. Still a scumbag, sounds like.
Lincoln street in Baldwin, domesstic disturbance between mom and son, who is causing "domestic problems".
call from a guy who is requesting an officer call him back regarding "questions about his criminal record".
507 Colorado Street- noise complaint for Loud Music. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hwy 59- attempt to locate a cream colored passenger car- car is weaving all over the road and driving horribly.
Disturbance with no weapons- clinton parkway and lakepoint Drive- caller was approached by a male who yelled at her for walking her dogs outside and threatened to turn his dogs loose on her.
There is an address he was seen going back into- probably to hit that crack pipe again.
Green Ford Ranger- headed east on 7th Street- some busybody called the police because they "had a very loud stereo". Jesus CHrist, at least they were moving.....
Phone call for an officer from a gal who has questions about her daughter. WTF????
medical call-Johnson Ave- by Barker and Leonard- for breathing problems
if you are parked illegally at 320 Maine street- you better go get your car before it's towed.
Medical Call to trail Ridge apartments for a "sick person". I hate it when there are no further details.
2500 Block of Winterbrook Drive- domestic disturbance called in by a person who is not in the residence and can hear doors slamming and screaming. Please just tell me there are no kids there....
a couple of medical calls- chest pains at the county jail- inmate transported
And chest pains at Mrs. E's on campus.
disturbance at bufflalo wild wings. asking for money and stuff.
ANother Burglary at The Sonic Drive In. The last call showed the building secure.

Sunday, December 26

Eudora-burglary Alarm at The Sonic Drive-in.
tresspassing at the Shanego Lounge. (that'd be a good name for a band)
Bartender trying to 86's this jackwagon and he won't leave. Cause the Shenago lounge is THE PLACE to be.
K-10 bypass to Hwy 40- roadway obstruction- large trashcan. Be careful, that's the kind of stuff that causes accidents.
suspicious activity- 900 block of Tennessee- caller thinks someone is walking around inside the building...
Request to speak to an Officer on andy lane- officer requesting back-up.
Officer giving a gal a ride to McDonalds on 31rst.
couple trips to the jail.....
disturbance- 737 New Hampshire Street- 2 units en route- The Bottleneck- A white guy in a black coat and white pants trying to start fights.
Dude, it's after Labor Day- you should have your ass kicked for wearing white pants. Triple-duh.
Units responding to commercial alarm at water distric on East 1900 rd.
Drug call- started at Wal-mart-suspect was smoking some reefer at the Walmart parking lot and the caller followed him home. And the the "scholar of the Year" lives on Trail Road.
Apparantly when this dude got out of his car at Walmart a big puff of smoke came out too, like Paris Hilton style.
medical call to East 1900 rroad, for a "sick person"- which means caller is probably being uncooperative.
Ridge court- medical call for chest pain.
(going to leave the address out until this is resolved)caller has been arguing all day with husband- who pulled a knife on her and has a gun....this sounds ugly.
I cannot understand the address- but some girl is trying to get her sister and her stupid boyfriend out of her house. I  just don't get how some people refuse to leave, when they are obviously not wanted....oh, even better...a kid got on the phone and was crying. I hope they all go to jail for that.
3 vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed on hwy 24.
commercial alarm at Kinko's on Mass.
Child welfare check- meet caller at Dirty Dillons.
just some traffic stops going on....I'll let ya know if it turns into anything of note.

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

INJURY ACCIDENT: SB I-35 north of I-435 in Lenexa. First unit on scene advising possibly 8 cars involved. SB I-35 CLOSED

So all you traveling out there- avoid this area.
222 west 9th Street- domestic altercation-man and woman fighting in a parking lot downtown. Man is walking across the street. sounds to me like he should be running.
North 7th= medical for back pain.
Medical Call to the 2500 block of Redbud lane...subject is trying to choke himself....extensive history at this address...even from today.
Yearly-care for meth-related injuries is around $864,000,000 a year. This is UNCOMPENSATED, meaning that because of lack of insurance the hospitals just eat it.
Vanderbilt hospital in Tennessee-more than 1/4 the patients are there for meth-related injuries...most without insurance.
Over 1,000,000 grams of meth are snorted, smoked or injected EVERY DAY!!!!
Over 80% of women who use meth report physical and sexual abuse.
Some guy ran up on the roundabout on North Kasold and got out and left. Car is still there.
Just heard a statistic- only 6% of meth addicts successfully kick the habit.
residential alarm 1500 block of Mass Street. I lived very close to there and I got robbed once, bastards even stole wrapped Christmas Presents.....
Gray ford- lecompton exit on I-70. Driving like their drunk. Watch out.
Possible stroke at the jail, in the medical unit.
Burglary alarm at bishop seabury academy.
few more calls about child custody. I think I'm going to leave out the addresses and details. These kids have been through enough.
tresspassing on Harper Street- some people have been in some house under construction.
There is a call, I couldn't quite make it out, but it sounds like it has something to do with an earlier civil standby on Ash Street.
1000 Block of Welington Rd. Medical call for a fall.
2300 Yale Road...breathing problems. Medics en route.
Non-injury accident at 9th and kentucky.
West 25th Court- caller doesn't know exact address....and the emergency is a pill overdose...
couple calls for civil standby's for child exchanges.....
Medical call to Grove Street in Baldwin. "Sick person".
New hampshire Street- contact a terminal person who maybe unable to care for self. ;(
forgery at Southwind Theatre...for a $1.00 bill. I can't believe someone would go to the trouble to fake a $1.00 bills. I'd at least go for a $20.00. Seriously.
2500 Block of redbud lane- disturbance, no weapons....yet.
guy tried to choke gal.....multiple medical aqnd police disturbances at this address.
suspicious vehicle at Hobbs Park.
theft call to Target.
HOORAY!!!!! My computer is up and running. Scanner is on, let's see what happens today.
Fire alarm at sunflower apartment on Missouri Street. Hope noones christmas presents get burnt up!
Sigh. Still waiting on a part for my I remain with only my phone to blog with. Be patient. I WILL be back in the game soon!

Saturday, December 25

Lifeflight being dispatched for injury accident on Clinton Parkway. Traffic blocked. Lifeflight to land at YSI complex.
Injury rollover accident on clinton parkway and lakepoint. 1 patient SERIOUS
Sounds of gunfire on east 800 rd
East 2000. Subject in custody. Whew! That was pretty tense for a while.
East 2000. Domestic_ guy is still barricaded in trailer and says "he won't go back to jail". Has gun.
Domestic on east 2000 rd still going on. Its a standoff situation. Trailer is surrounded.
North road. Subject hunched over behind a brush pile. Same subject that was looking in cars last week.
Red jeep cherokee on 15th from lindenwood driving like their drunk. Be careful out there.
Pretty serious domestic going down on north 2000. House is surrounded....
Attempt to locate an elderly woman with sever dementia who was last seen yesterday with another man headed to a casino.

Code Black (dead body) found at the Outhouse......?

We have two young women that confirmed EMS lights and sirens early this morning, and the dispatch code black (dead) call came in about 1:45 am. I'm guessing maybe someone was found in a car, or out behind the building. There was a case years ago where a very intoxicated guy wandered off in the corn field behind the Outhouse, and was lost for a day. This might be a case of that if a body was found. I have no other info other than this.
I just turned my scanner on and heard a code black...and I think its at The Outhouse. Man, I don't wanna go out like that.
Soooo.... my power source on my laptop shot I am operating from my 'smartphone'. Posts are at a bare minimum. Please embellish as needed.....

Friday, December 24

"About 20 people" on vermont street. Physical fight, no weapons. I'd bet my momma's hair that there,s a weapon somewhere.
medical 1646 e 19th.....seizure...........edgelea rd
med transfer from lmh to ku med
1321 locust in eudora
11th and new jersey...
Female screaming for help on west 22nd terrace. The rest is unintelligable.
oh! they're changing channel at 23rd and iowa......earlier order to switch for dui calls. hohoho, someones goonna blow, blow, blow
emergency w 22nd from female in alley screaming for other info
hmmmmm....code 5!! stakeout
someone got followed and found sober enuf!!! :)
10-80??? (explosion)
someone stole a truck from their ex 4 months ago and the girl just now reports it?
copy call....1900 blk ohio...welfare check...subject laying in front of a house on ohio.... possibly 10-54=dead body
someone from franklin county w/a personilized tag......slow down!!!
4601 w. 6th...anon 10-81.....welfare check....not sure if real person...curled up by dumpster?
request car to car transmit???!!!?? wth?
standby on morningside....
2201 baleway residence back door....
10-77 to county line
report of reckless driver south of baldwin......officer en route
request welfare check..........6th & louisiana=got sum1 pulled over...........from folks rd to lmh=check mileage.....just run of the mill babble atm
copy call...dollar general............arkansas st and 6th and monterey......officers needed...
medical transport blah, blah blah
10-42 23rd and alabama... welfare check..
ok it's 7:31!!!....ok now it is it's 7:33..... i dont remember them calling off the minutes before
lifestar checking possibility of flight into lawrence....negative due too weather.....rescue 5 available........
600 folks rd....hmmm im not hip on these 10 codes yet 10-42 another unit10-37 19th and iowa medic to 600 folks, injury accident oh 15th and iowa.....hmmmm evry one talk at oonce theb!!
hatin when they give the "stand by" code.....
939 pine eudora....possible tresspassing
Suspicious activity. Subjects in RP's back yard, jumping over fence on 13th street. Subjects wearing grey hoodies. All the criminals are wearing hoodies these days.
Disturbance no weapons.  PD called in all available back up.  Something going down tonight....!
Male and female major domestic going on at 2434 24th street. I cant believe it.  Redbud Lane where are you tonight?  It been really quiet over there....

10-40 Fatal accident? Hwy 187?

This came in over the DG Co. Sheriff scanner:

Fatal accident, 10-40 South bound hwy 187.  The only hwy 187 I can find is out by Marysville, and it's the shortest hwy in Kansas.
wait... if you can imagine... 2523 W 24th St. Terrace..... child out of control, subjects were kicked out of the house.  They are now leaving the scene on foot.
Building check Allen Field House. Nice job keepin' an eye on things....
there was another disturbance call tonight.  Dispatches tone of voice was very careful, and emphasized that there were NO weapons reported.  Spoken in a kind of "sigh of relief", prob after the JC Pennys incident.  I haven't heard a peep about that yet.....stay tuned.
Lots of DUI's tonight.  Guy getting popped out by the "Male Lounge" right now..... never heard of the place, out on 31st street..?

The JC Penny's incident went to G-com.  I haven't heard anything yet......

JC Pennys parking lot, weapons involved....

subject is wearing Detriot Lions jacket and another wearing a grey hoodie.  JC Penny's parking lot.  Subject with gun confirmed.
3311 Iowa.  Confrontation, weapons involved.  With gun...
JC Penny's.  Subject with gun?

Geezz look out you late shoppers!!
Medical 2333 Ridge Court.  Male subject "passed out" in the parking lot.  Too much egg nog?  Too much Thunderbird?
medical: 24th and ridge, parking lot behind building. male subject passed out.
when they said "16 16" i thought of the house i grew up in...1616 e. 19th st. but they were just sayin the time...(4:16pm)

Santa held in custody by TSA, US Customs.

Officials took Santa into custody tonight on "suspicious activity".  Sources say he was carrying a large "unaccounted for" sled with suspicious packages aboard. Officers at the scene are checking for authorization from US customs, because technically any material from the North Pole is not from a domestic source.  All goods are subject to search, and taxation.  Santa will probably be water-boarded over the next few hours before being released, uncharged.
there's 13 people hearing a whole lot of nothing right now
10:35=timecheck...................theres a lot of 'em. i can relate. my brother's cats knocked my watch off the bathroom counter, and it fell, facefirst, onto the cold, hard, relentless tiles. now, the poor watch face is shattered. but i'm on the laptop(clock in the corner), and have cell phones(duh)....
2500 blk w 6th........en route to w fuel pumps....
parking lot behind st jhns
w. 24th at the farm for child exchange....see? u dont have to break in and take the kid hostage!
prisoner in custody... off to jail w/ya...merry xmas. :
1900 w 31st st. back injury.........
serious....parking lot behind johnny's....
1302 randall rd.........subject on reporting parties property trying to get into duplex. reporting party not home, en route.....
crestline circle..............think i need better speakers....19th and haskell to 2445 ousdahl rd, guy holding 8 mo old hostage
west 27th street- sexting is about to get someone in some BIG TROUBLE>
10-23 means standby....maybe if i type it i'll remember.......
copy a call......possible sex crime, explicit pics sent to 17 yr old daughter ..... w. 27th
officer coming back on duty
disturbance 2900 Crestline Drive- someone is asking about a car they had for sale, then started asking personal they are 2 doors down knocking on a door. Sounds VERY suspicious.....
30th & crestline dr, use lights and siren!! oh boy! code 3 black puffy jacket. 2 houses north of reporting party
civil standby for child exchange in Baldwin- really sad when it comes to that....
civil standby...........
shift change! ok...everybody do ur hit and runs and robberies now! jk DONT do that, for real!
do you have contact w/4th and michigan?............or do a welfare check?? something
non-injury accident 1500 block of Louisiana
I heard something about a unit en route to 26th and Redbud. Probably to drop of some Christmas cookies or something.
2500 blk of louisiana.....officer en route
one checkin on edgewood, one pullin sum1 over on 900 blk of sumwhere....keep ur eyes peeled ppl!!
check welfare at edgewood....bought transient lunch then he tried to sell rp tickets of sum sort
mass st dillons 14:05 for male in upstairs office.
192 10-7 1402 d101 10-8 2:02......that is 2 more officers getting on.
unfortunately...all im hearin is a bunch more cops comin on duty, or back from lunch.
w 24th....reference questions about sex offenders
3113 w. sumthin apt d-8 follow up 1336
1 adam 2 copy a call...forgery in progress... fast lane code 6 trying to pay w/fake check, blue sweatshirt, black hair....
equipment exchanges, and stand by's....yawn
attempt to locate blue ford taurus, driving recklessly, tryin to drive ppl off road. guy wearin blue shirt...
prisoner in custody....bummer. umm, dont ya know tomorrow's christmas?? and santa's prolly gonna hafta add ya to the nauughty list if ya go to the pokey christmas eve!!

Lawrence man reports theft of $3,700 worth of items

A 53-year-old Lawrence man reported to Lawrence police Saturday that $3,700 worth of items, including two 12-gauge shotguns, were taken from his residence in the 400 block of Pasadena Drive sometime between noon Dec. 9 and 5 p.m. Dec. 17.

About $400 worth of Peace silver dollars and a bank card were also reported stolen.

Santa being tracked by LJ World, TSA, and Homeland Security

After passing through the "nakedizer", having his beard combed through by TSA agents, passing a cavity search, background check, he is in route to all the good little boys and girls.
2523 sumthing is the dog of the rp's neighbor. my audio just did some weird garbling noises...hmmm. hope that isnt an ongoing thing
I just drove to the warned, the roads are getting slick!
black lincoln towncar, atchison and clinton pkwy, spinning out and fishtailing. several cars reported doing it this towncar(w/tinted windows and no hubcaps) is the only one described
check welfare...deerfield elem.
clinton pkwy and lawrence, attempt to locate dark gmc jimmy. erratic driving, suspected dui...
2226 whitmore dr. dog on leash no food or water. poor dog
civil standby at edgewood. subject waitin at qt. hey, can ya bring me a cherry/vanilla dr pepper?? :D
"Found check" at the Verizon Store on Iowa.

i'm here

ok. profile set, scanner on, code list handy....think i'm ready. :D
Welcome saraconnor to!
Burglary on 2500 block Cedarwood.
Loose german shepard on trail rd. Red collar.
Medical Dispatch

2930 Peterson Rd. Difficulty in breathing.
Kick'em when they are down? This guy is getting served on a warrant, while he's at the jail. Merry friggin Christmas.
We just heard a call in for "Marital Issues"?? Someone called the police for that? There isn't even a 10-code for "marital issues".
Subjects are getting shook down pretty hard on 1200 Rd. They got pulled over and tags were ran. Cops are searching the car now....
1400 Mass Burglary alarm. Hope thats just the janitor......
here we go! Room 25 at the Jayhawk motel, subject is shirtless in the parking lot and screaming for someone to cal 911. RP says there is someone banging on the walls.
2452 MO. Suspicious activity, subject looking into cars, and window of house. Wearing stocking hat.... It is pretty cold out.
Ok there is a call in right now on Engle Rd., about a garage door that was stolen off this guys house. Someone actually took his garage door off the house? Seriously?
Cops in route to Bagel & Bagel on 1023 Mass.... Some type of disturbance.
1805 W. 2nd Street. Meyers Liquor, Alarm.

Also drama ay 1801 MO. Harassment call.

Christmas Eve

So, while I was laying in bed this morning, thinking about waking up I heard lotsa action. A car burglary on west 25th. A suicide gesture at The Jayhawk motel. Gal called the police while her old man was out getting drugs. Vicious animal on 1400 rd. geez. it's only 9 am.

Thursday, December 23

1012 Emery on foot...

Cops are chasing the suspects around 9th-10th and Emery, then towards Missouri. On foot and running. Cops say they have suspects in sight, and they are running through trees.... that area is really wooded. I used to ride my mountain bike through there 10 years ago. I heard another officer on scene. Another Officer 8th and MO....... on scene.
Someone drove a car through a fence in McClouth. APB for this vehicle.
9th and Emery criminal damage.....Grey hoodie and another suspect in all black.
Cops in route to Jazz House. Bar Check.
Suspicious Activity, 1100 N. 1800 RD.
There was an alarm call, but nothing on the domestic at the Jayhawk motel....

Jayhawk Motel Tonight....

10-23 officers on scene at Jayhawk motel. Get ready.....

Jayhawk Motel domestic...

Room 38 tonight. 2 officers in route. RP says he has a baseball bat..... let's see how this plays out.
I received an e-mail that there was a knife fight over on Redbud about 6:15 pm. Anyone know any details??
panic alarm at Chipotle- "hold-up button"
24th and Ridge court- 2 subjects fighting, 1 on the ground. The caller has left the area. Probably a good idea.
scanner has been really quiet tonight....... not much going on. Some hospital transfers with life watch, an accident on hwy 40...... just basic stuff.
6th and Monterey. Minor injury accident.
Lotsa warrants being served, if you have a warrant, either pay it or go on the lam.
Accident at 6th and Kentucky.
Didn't catch which trailer park...some guy calling cause his roommate is drunk and destroying things...6 year old is there.
Call in Baldwin- caller is concerned because someone is using their address for SRS.
1846 Mass. Quick Shop. Forgery in progress. Subject using stolen checks, driving black truck.
Whats the deal with people who go to a bar and start drinking at 11am? There has got to be something better to do.
530 Eldridge- animal check- puppy cries all the time, and the caller has witnessed the owner kicking the poor little puppy.

I hope they get these animal abusers and child abusers behing bars for the holidays.
Getting ready to serve a warrant on this scumbag who didn't appear in court for child abuse. Won't disclose the location until they get him. Hate to give that dirtball any head start.

more "things" in the air....1600 Haskell

Ok, here is another call for this. I doubt police even go to this call anymore.... but what if there is something to this?

Wednesday, December 22

east 13th street- possible (probable) domestic disturbance-people arguing..violently
medical call-255 north michigan- excuse alarm.
check welfare on west 24th- some gal rang the neighbors doorbell and said she needed a ride to the hospital, regarding an acquaintance, not herself.

I don't know that I would even open the door for someone I didn't know in that area. But either way, I hope she gets there.....
5th and Eldridge- hit and run- northbound on Eldridge- I THINK it's a white SUV, hit a couple vehicles- tag returns on some jackhole already wanted by the PO-lice.
Attempt to Locate 1600 Haskell "things in the air".
Easy Living trailer park...medical call-pediatric fall. If I called every time my son fell...n seriously, pediatrics are scary, I hope they are OK.
Hwy 56 call- guy said his car broke car in sight...possibly drunk.
24th and Ousdahl- a man tried to get in a woman car as she was driving

Hillside drive- child out of control

Hwy 56- teenager trying to flag down a car
The bank alarm eariler was a false alarm. But boy the cops were on that in :30 sec. They had the bank surrounded in pd vehicles.
North 700 rd, check welfare-dispatch asking officer to call for details, so they are unavailable to us.
400 block of wisconsin-female distraught-saying shes trying to get to hospital-then hung up-attempting to call back....I hope they get her what she needs!
Fight at Day's Inn on Iowa- Male half broke out the windows to her vehicle. Male half has left- possibly en route to Topeka (suprise), via I-70.
belated report of a fight at Holcomb Rec Center.
3300 Iowa- non-injury accident at the walmart parking lot. I was there yesterday, that parking lot is a battlefield.
trespassing on west 24th street, black car in parking lot that apparently doesn't belong there.
Odor of smoke at Hayworth Hall, on campus.
Warrants being served today.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
609 vermont- the bank there, First State? Hold-up alarm....
auto accident in front of El Mezcal on 23rd and Iowa.

Police scanner info from Aug. 2010:

Aug. 15-16? 2010:

During the infancy of the Police Scanner Blog Site, there was an incident that occurred at the Lawrence, KS Water Treatment Facility located next to Burcham Park. This ordeal was heard clearly over the police scanner, but was never blogged. Apparently, an armed gunman drove into the facility, and fired shots, as reported by the neighbor across the street. We think the neighbor called 911 before the people at the water treatment plant did. Police responded, and were on scene in a few minutes as they always do. At gunpoint by police, the armed man got back into his car. Police coaxed him out safely, and had him out of the car and on the ground. At that point the scanner went dead, as we thought the police went to G-com, or a private frequency. We heard a medical call soon after, but it gave little detail. Later there was a code orange, signal 3, Possibly a "crazy" person at LMH? This is the best any of us remember this incident.

Does anyone know anything about this?

This incident was one of a few that got us hooked on listening to the Police scanner.

Thanks for visiting the site! We need all the hits we can get!

We are always looking for people to help to contribute to the blog site. All you need is a computer, a good internet connection, and earbuds, or speakers. We can send you an info packet with all the 10-codes, EMS codes, and much more to get you started.

Thanks again.
Call for medical unit to meet an officer on the highway- sound like a prisoner transfer went bad.
Deer Ridge court medical call- sick person
827 Walnut.  Woman screaming, children present.  Bad.
Medical call.  802 W. 25th street.  Apt. 3.

The "things" flying around in the air at 1600 Haskell....

There were a few comments about this.  Thanks.  I hear that there is a woman that lives at the housing development at 1600 Haskell, that also sees ghosts and calls the Police about it.  I heard she was in a really bad fire in an orphanage and she survived, whereas other children did not.  Ever since, she "sees" things.  
Medical Call in Eudora on Birch Street.
Lawrence Bank- silent panic alarm
another hit and run- but this time he is being folloed by caller, so they WILL get him.
500 block westh 23rd. 3 vehicle accident.
Reckless ford focus, speeding, swerving...15th and Iowa.
800 block of Conneticut street- battery call
Shoplifting at Wal-mart changed to attempted burglary
Clinton Parkway and Kasold- steel item obstructing roadway.
Redbud Lane- physical Altercation. Overheard by neighbor.