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Thursday, December 9

west 24th terr- boyfriend is threatening her...not the first call tonight, and probably not the last./..
1515 Wedgewood drive-theft...caller is calling from LMH- bitch stole her keys and is on the way to steal her crap. caller is on route to residence as well. And, the theif is drunk. of course she is. who would do that sober?
burglary in progress- west 31rst street- subject in residence with flashlight loading items into red ford explorer...yep, sounds like a heist.
821 west 22nd- female half is trying to push her way into the house-on foot...lights and sirens en route. better take those feet and run with 'em.
111 east 11th....something going down, no further info..."special call"
West 24th terrace-fire call.
Domestic disturbance west 24th. Mucho history at this address.
5500 block of Harvard rd. Two loose dogs? Seriously?
500 block west 21rst street-subject believes a car tried to run him over... must not have tried very hard, I mean, how hard is that to do?
2200 Harper: Violation of no contact order. Seriously folks, what part of "No Contact" is so difficult to grasp?
2200 harper street- violation of "no-contact" order.
720 east 9th. Suspicious odor making people feel sick
water rescue- 959 east 11th rd-dog fell through the ice....
Redbud Lane- identity theft.....would LOVE to hear more details about THAT!!!!!
Truck driving through a yard- semi truck- damage being done to irrigation system, didn't catch the address though.
LINK itchen...medical call, subject passed out. food coma?
Harrassment report-Crestline Court, falalalala..lalala
Fingerprint request at 111 east 11th. Why would you REQUEST that????  Here, let's create a permanent record where none exists...
2200 Harper Street...civil standby....probably a good idea, from the sound of it.
Ouch. They dragged it out with a cable and flipped it back over.

Harrassment Call on North 3rd, and a dispute over Gas at Kwik shop  on 9th. Gas prices do suck, but cops can't do anything about it.

Car flipped over on Lawrence bridge.....

Good thing no people were walking there.......

I talked to the cop at the scene. He just kept saying "man, it's always something.....always something..."
Dave is at the scene of the accident on Mass...Trying to figure out how to upload the pics he's send via text.
Looks like the car hit the Curb going up and flipped the car over.
Injury accident at 6th ans Mass.
Took a day off yesterday, but I'm back today! We are looking for more people to listen to the scanner and blog-for more complete coverage....drop me an e-mail if you're intersted. The more attitude and opinions the better!