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Tuesday, January 18

1301 wesst 24th- loud people stomping around, and he might be smalling weed. caller is anonymous
Bar Check at The Outhouse.
Oliver Hall, smell of marijuana.
Students are back.-
1600 Haskell- "things in the air"...
Nazerene Church in McClouth- some a-hole took a bunch of ai rconditioners from this church earlier today. fortunately someone saw him and got his tags.
Stealing from a Church? for Real?
Leaving the scene of an accident on Kasold- but the caller followed the wrong vehicle...Doh!
Apparantly there was a fight at The Outhouse friday night, and now someone is crying about it.
1900 Crossgate Drive- burglary approx 2 hours ago. caller interrupted a burglary in progress. and took 2 hours to call? WTF?
vehicle leaving west on Elm- two vehicles pulled up together and met for awhile at the Ballard center.
5000 Clinton Parkway- suspicious activity- someone knocked on the door-looked through the peephole and noone was there. Earlier this evening a female tried to approach her but she just ignored her.
low flying helicopter  seen on Lawrence Ave and Topeka lane approx 5 minutes ago. Some sort of aircraft flying "very close to the ground"
driving to work I looked at the Moon- seemed like a full moon. I'll be up all night and we'll see if it really makes people crazy.
Alarm at the Post Office downtown.
West 21rst terr-telephone harrassment w suspect info.
Diabetic seizures at the drop-in center.
4000 gateway circle. Some dude is trying to get back stuff that was stolen from him.
Quail Creek Drive- "wanted person" subject from Saline County
Harrassment on west 24th with suspect info.
blue SUV eastbound on bob billings- erratic driver, driving into oncoming traffic.
1500 block of lindenwood lane- caller found friend laying on the ground- noone knows what's going on yet.
Some sort of threat at South Pointe Apartment- he is parked behind Pizza Shuttle- someone he had a PFA against pulled behind him and started making threats.
Injury accident at 2200 Louisiana
Civil standby at the College Motel for property exchange. jesus.....
3000 block Sagebrush Drive- Loud Music noise complaint.
Eldridge street- subject is yelling outside her apartment that she is going to kill herself.
Utah court-911 hang up. Busy on call back.
Hotel on west 6th-person I room isn't answering door, and its deadbolted.
Melrose place- disturbance- male is yelling- caller believes he is alone- hope it's a phone he's yelling in and not the voices in his head.
possible alcohol poisoning at the community bldg downtown.
I've heard a couple people go to jail already this morning...I mean, what the  hell are you doing before 11am that could land you in jail?????
Naismith dr- criminal damage and possible attempted burg;ary
Theft occured on East 12th- caller is on Reed Ave.


Ohio Street- between Mom and Daughter

Nursing Home- employee showed up with bruises- due to earlier domestic
%11 John Doy Court- fire alarm. I think that's a stupid name for a street- but I do love saying it out loud.
fire alarm at cedarwood apartments om west 24th...let it burn...