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Monday, December 6

area check 1600 haskell ave- no reason given, but I would recommend checking it twice.
3700 Clinton Parkway, someone is getting harrassed. Gawd, if I called the police everytime I got harrassed......
11-21 east 13th, domestic disturbance-calling party advises they can hear male and female yelling and banging...hmmmmm...are we SURE it's anger, or is it loud love?
2930 Peterson Road, check welfare- subject left message on caller's phone-saying she was having trouble breathing...over an hour ago.
The Gap on Mass Street- Panic Alarm showing "general Hold-up".
416 Perry Strret- domestic disturbance-Caller said she wanted boyfriend removed, and now it's gotten worse. no recent history.
2c5,2c1, 1346 Maple Lane-disturbance with weapons- drunk dirtbag has a hammer , female is barricaded in bedroom. recent history at this address.
3323 Iowa- possible suicide in trailer park. medics and police en route. Not such "easy living"...
2b5-noise complaint 2200 west 26th Street.
Acccident non-injury confirmed
Possible injury accident on CR 458..more info coming...
2a1, noise compliant 1517 West 9th street- shocking...those same crappy apartments that get all those noise complaints.
wreckless driver- eastbound on Haskell- white ford bronco-speeding, obscene gestures-swerving....
2c1- 100 block of Perry street- sound of an explosion 20 minutes ago.
923 Tennessse- domestic disturbance.
Fire Alarm-1325 West Campus Rd-greek house.
KU 1 patient in serious condition
east 767 rd- patient code black. that means deceased. subject found this way, there is a nurse on the scene.

Mallot Hall

Haz mat being called in
Apparantly thr structure fire and unknown chemical are both a mallot hall- it is a rubbery smell...there are patients and medics...and the hall is being evacuated.
structure fire is what's happening at Mallot Hall...just upgraded
2d4-Radio'd in- unknown chemical -will find out where
Something at Mallot 5005
Auto Burglary- 1000 block of Hilllview.
There were alot of medical call with EMS/Fire during the power outage, but i was not able to catch everything.....seemed one was in North Lawrence.
Power restored. Whew.
Westar says 4-4:30 for power back on.
The primary wires from the substation by the river that feed the East side of Mass, from 6th St., south all the way to some parts of 23rd are effected. I went to the substation and looked at the damage. My guess is 2-3 hours to repair.
Major power outage East side of Mass downtown.

East side of Mass from 6th to 14th st. The problem is in the sub-station by the river. Looks like its gonna be out for a while.....

Major power outage East side of Mass downtown.
natural gas odor-wakarusa-1600 block north 1500 rd. fire en route
Super-slow night tonight....just traffic stops and a few welfare checks...Good. Out little town could use a break.
2400 Delaware-martin logan, burglary alarm.
1029 Alambama-man getting into cars.....
3c8,3c9- wal-mart on Iowa-suspicious activity. Man and woman are in parking lot talking about running out of gas...panhandling maybe???
2500 block of Redbud Lane-3c8,3c9-domestric disturbance-female half is drunk-male half says she attacked him. SHe is outside right now.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane

Female is walking back upstairs right now.