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Monday, January 17

medical alarm on Rawhide lane.
2424 Melrose- medical call for a fall
really quiet tonight.
Cap Fed downtown- buurglary alarm.
Somekind os disturbance on Stockade
Leaving the scene of an accident occured earlier at the Easy Living Trailer Park....guy went back to talk to them about it- and someone (if you can believe it) is getting belligerent.
9th and highland- non-injury accident
616 Country Club Terrace-caller saw a light in the garage and a shadow when they went outside. scary. That's a fancy address too, it ain't no Redbud Lane, for sure.
Alvins Wine and Spirit on 6th- dude came into store and threatened to kill himself...then left.
dumpster fire at sunrise village apartments
1300 Block of Birch- harrassement by "ex"
Check Welfare at the Easy living trailer park- some guy called in and is talking about his mother...dispatch unable to understand what is going on.
North 1320 rd- possibly a green camaro that had an Attempt to locate call is there; and one of the suspects is some crazy SOB i knew in high school...just can't believe he's free. I read in November he was arrested for kidnapping.....
A woman called in because she was informed that her son was at her house and taking things to pawn.

That kid would quickly become an orphan, if he were mine.
Disturbance at 23rd and haskell- investigating subjects.....
4809 West 26th Street- 12 year old saw a guy in a black leather coat in his fenced-in backyard.
Iowa and princeton- subject in a car possibly having a seizure.
theft at The hampton inn.
901 iowa- disturbance at the Merc- some dude is standing on the corner screaming.
medical call to Kentucky fried Chicken on 6th- subject in the lobby is not breathing.
found passport- i don't think you call the police for that- don't you just mail it back?
wisconsin street- 3rd hand info on a possible sex crime. unknown name of suspect, or victim.
check welfare at the virginia Inn- Officer to check on a couple staying there, I can only wonder why...
Dog bite on Gretchen Court
burglary on Heatherwood Drive- caller just woke up and saw someone attempting to steal . his vehicle. possible suspect name is Travis- so obviously the caller knows him....
stolen red 94 pontiac grand am- 2727 Brittney Place
non=injury accident at 6th and mass.