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Wednesday, January 26

Suspicious Activity

Broken Arrow Park-ford explorer- driving around the park with no lights on. caller feels the subject "is up to no good".
23rd and Iowa- reckless driver- red car- 2007 Chrysler, tag comes back to Shawnee County. Tailgating and crap like that.

Barking Dog

4900 Stoneback drive. throw Fido a bone.....

Phone Harrassment

West 24th place terrace...this is how the drama starts.....

Attempt to Locate

Blue Honda cut the caller off in Cirilla's parking lot, then headed toward Eudora. Well, I bet he WAS in a hurry with his new purchases.

Request to speak to an officer

at the Rec Center- reference a previous fight he was in. he has been banned and would now like to press charges.

Suicidal Thoughts

16 year old is in the bathroom with glass- hasn't cut herself yet. Her mother is in the house, but unaware that EMS en route. Boy, is she in for a suprise. Hillcrest area.

Medical Call

On Melrose Lane- for a headache. This is the second call I have heard for a headache today. somewhat unusual.

Request to speak to an officer

Some guy at the Bowling alley is requesting an officer to meet him there because he is angry about a parking violation.
Ya know, there is a time and place for everything...and this ain't it, jacknut.

Noise complaint

Sagebrush Drive- loud music from a vehicle.

Civil Standby

On Haskell Ave for a child exchange

Medical Call

east 18th Terrace- pediatric laceration.

1548 east 23rd

complaint about a guy standing in front of a bus -yesterday- making lewd gestures. no description.


At Wal-mart, being cooperative.

Check Welfare

3 kids out at Clinton Lake playing on the ice- with visible cracks- caller will remain watching until police arrive.

Medical Call

on East 25th...for a headache....triage code green, aka, waste of time.

Theft in Progress

Caller is at the Salvation Army on 23rd- but recieved a call that someone is stealing his white Ford Econoline Van from West 20th Street.

No-leash violation

a guy is riding his bike with a yellow lab running alongside him. minding his own business...not hurting anyone....last seen on 2200 block of Ohio
Fire alarm Dyche Hall
West 27th terrace...domestic disturbance. Ex-half refusing to leave. Verbal only at this time. No weapons.

Non-injury accident

23rd and Louisiana, cars pulled into Walgreens.

Carbon Minoxide Alarm

trailer park on east 19th- 2 patients, code green.

Criminal Damage

At 2333 Ridge Court.

Medical Call

Panic attack at Bailey Hall on campus. And it's not even finals....
Minor accident at 6th and Mass. 2 officers on scene.

Fraudulant Credit Card Charges

Request to speak to officer regarding this...

Attempted Theft

Day's Inn on Iowa- 2 guys were caught trying to steal an air conditioning unit- caller caught them and they put it back. associated with a gray truck.

3700 clinton parkway

leaving the scene of a non-injury accident.

Heard by Mike Frizzel of Operation 100 Photography

Overheard on the Scanner: Complaint advised her upstairs neighbor is booing at the State of the Union Address. States she requested they lower their voices, they only got louder since.