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Thursday, December 30

1908 east 19th Street- loud music rocking the trailer park.
1600 block of Tennesse- disturbance, no weapons- woman says husband is trying to break in basement and wants money.
Subject just got pulled over on 23rd, and pulled into the DCCCA center. Wonder if he will be coming back there? Wouldn't that suck.

1632 Tennesse. Domestic dispute over $$.

Dumb Laws

The Dumb Laws section are actual laws on the books. Although most are severely outdated, they were once enforced. It should also be noted that Real Police cannot verify the accuracy of each law to date and that it should be looked at for entertainment purposes only. Check out the comment section below:
2401 west 25th place- suspicious activity- someone keeps knocking on doors. In my neightborhood i would think someone was just trying to sell something..over the cops, for sure.

Sex Offender Escapes Custody. Pervert On The Loose.

Bruce Franklin Burns

This disgusting freak escaped from a sexual predator treatment center.

LARNED — A man convicted of sex crimes against children is on the run after escaping from the Larned State Hospital.

Hospital spokesman Cory Turner says 41-year-old Bruce Franklin Burns escaped during a Wednesday afternoon sexual predator treatment program. Pawnee County authorities say the search for Burns continued Thursday.

Burns is 5-foot-10 male of American Indian descent, with brown eyes, long brown hair and facial hair. He was last seen wearing a navy blue jacket, khaki pants, black shoes and a navy blue ski cap.

The Hutchinson News reports that Burns was sent to Larned after serving prison terms for 1997 crimes of aggravated criminal sodomy of a child under the age of 14 and aggravated indecent liberties with a child under the age of 14. His convictions came in Wyadotte County.
barking dog in the area of eisenhower and quail in baldwin. throw him a bone.
Jayhawk pawn on West 6th- business alarm,.

East 1650 Rd. Bad Accident, Driver Fled Scene.

They found the guy. Code Yellow, or urgent care needed. Guy ran from the accident scene, after running his car into ditch and hitting a tree.
Gunshots, that were heard, then called back and called off, just fireworks. Whew....
E. 1650 Rd. accident, ran car into tree, down in ditch, and driver fled scene. Subject ran from vehicle, they are attempting to locate.

Cop said the car was "standing up"?

But subject not found yet.....
Sagebrush Drive and Topeka Lane- vehicle speeding through stop description.
East 1650 rd- injury accident-car ran into tree in a ditch.

False Alarms Are A Seriously Expensive Problem

Check out the Journal world's comment section, from the link up to the left for the LJ World's Weblog site. Use the link because it's nearly impossible to find if you go to the home page at False alarms could be costing us as much as $1000 a day, and interfering with an officer's critical time.
4200 Wheat State street- suspicious activity- car keeps stopping in front of  a house. I recall a similar call a few weeks ago that turned out to be the pizza boy!

1600 Haskell, Attempt to locate "things in the air"

Man, here it goes again...... Things in the air. I doubt the police are rushing over there.
still nothing yet on 2555 Arkansas.......
1400 Iowa, guy is getting pulled over, shut off car and stopped his car in the turning lane. Police called in back-up. Running tag.

He's clean. No back up needed.
Another false alarm. Fire.

House jacking 2555 Arkansas?

2555 Arkansas. Panic alarm, says resident is being held up, robbed? Officer in route now.

False alarm or the real deal? There were a couple of bank panic alarms last week that turned out to be nothing. The response time was less than 2 min by our boys at LPD. Nice job guys!
Building check, Brown Cargo Van. Another alarm went off?
cops 10-23 on scene at Heatherwood. The cop had the tone of voice, oh geez here we go again.

1521 Kentucky another domestic. Child ripped out of mothers hand, now screaming. This address has a history of civil stand-by.
It's getting ugly out there. And colder.

Heatherwood Drive is the new 24th St. now?

Major domestic going down in apt. building on Heatherwood. 2 officers in route. I'm leaving the address out. There was a call earlier today, and I think it's the same apt. Heatherwood is getting a lot of attention recently.
300 block of rockfence place- domestic disturbance- verbal only.
Carbon Minoxide alarm on Maple Street.
car vs bicycle 9th and Kentucky
703 west 7th street in Eudora at the waste water treatment facility- suspicious activity with weapon- white young male with a gun...possibly a rifle- when caller said he was going to call the police, the kid said "call if you want"...

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

INJURY ACCIDENT: 25th Street and Iowa in Lawrence. Command confirming car vs pedestrian. 1 pediatric SERIOUS INJURIES, 2nd patient MINOR
K-10 bypass- suspicious activity with weapons-westbound lane- 3 white males-have guns, near the wetlands. awesome.
disturbance in front if Perkins- 5-6 people- caller "getting ready to start something". Caller is standing by at Long John Silvers.
13 year old runaway from west 24th street. can't say I blame her.
Car fire- 23rd and Oskaloosa
Busted shoplifter at Dirty Dillons. He's in the office now, and Dillions called police because suspect was starting to cause trouble, being "uncooperative".
Didn't catch the address.....some stranger walks into this guys house, and now refuses to leave. He has no idea who he is. ???
1014 W. 10th Street. Serving a warrant.
A lot of people are getting stopped while driving.

1303 Cross Gate Dr. 911 called, and hung up. Dispatch always calls back to see if it was an accident, this time they didn't answer. Police in route.
Just heard a code blue triage from ems.
False alarms are seriously expensive. Do some research on this. Lawrence has a seriously expensive problem here. Go to the Journal World's Blogsite, linked on the left of the screen. We posted an article on this. We are looking for input from others about how to cut down on the false calls.
The "beat up my son" call is back in Eudora. Its turning out to be a neighbor dispute. Police in route.
Someone just called in and said that another parent told her son to go "beat him up". This happened in the church parking lot on Maple St. in Eudora.

Fire alarm at McDonalds, 23rd Street. See? Another false alarm. Check out the Blogsite at Use the link to the left. We posted an article about this huge problem of false calls. Our Police, Fire and Medical are plagued with this issue.
Yellow Nissan Pathfinder pulled over for unreadable temp. tag.
I just drove home and it is super-windy out there...better put some rocks in your pockets so you don't blow away!
Tresspassing at the College motel. a tenenat there is harrassing the management.
1601 West 23rd street- suspicious activity- 4 guys with black hoodies and flashlights in the area of the salvation army- behind the store. probably just stupid pizza boys.
east 1800 rd, north 1 road- fire on north side of road.
west 2nd terrace-3a4-medical call for a fall.
traffic stop on 23rd and Alabama- car took a long time to stop. This one may be interesting.
west 5th street- noise complaint-loud bass
Rick's Place- guy running away from the business has been threatening people.
2500 Block Fairfield Street- burglary alarm.
3a1, 3c3- 3300 block of west 8th- verbal domestic disturbance
westbrook street- caller advises female screaming....yuck. I hope they get there soon.
3a4- west 24th street- request to speak to an officer- no further details given, but I can only imagine.
4841 bOWERFARM DRIVE- BURGLARY ALARM AT CVS. showing vestibule glass.
2515 Belle Crest drive- burglary alarm. Again, probably a false alarm- (only 2-6% are real), and the police are really busy dealing with real crimes. It's pretty windy out, and i think that may cause a lot of alarms to go off for no reason.
The Shelter- child out of control-(3d4)
residential burglary-North 1600 rd...single unit en route.
East 650 Road, burlary alarm. residents are on the scene- said door opened.....2 units en route.