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Wednesday, January 12

1300 block of Crestline- request to speak to an officer regarding suspicious activity.
2003 east 19th- at 19th street recyclers- suspicious activity- subjects under the streetlight turning lights on and off.
someone getting harrassed on east 24th- sounds like the person that was knocking on her door is persistent.
2012 New hampshire Street- auto Burglary. that sucks. It's really to cold to walk.
1301 west 24th street- campus court- loud music-
sound of gunshots on the 3500 block of Morning Dove circle- heard 2 shots behind her house.
Tresspassing on east 24th street-someone is knocking on the callers door. really, just dont answer it. I do it all the time.
1900 west 23rd- forged checks. I didnt think anywhere actually took checks anymore.
Loud people at The Tuckaway Apartments
3925 west 11th place- dog has been left in the cold- it's like -6 degrees outside- time to bring the dog inside.
burglary alarm- at the dentist office on Mesa Way- cleaning crew on site without the password. so the police still have to respond. ridiculous waste of time.
202 Pinecone Drive- car alarm- and the call is for a "noise complaint", not a possible burglary.
elm street in Eudora- unconscious patient. medics en route.
ohio street- suicidal patient
Four Wheel Drive- fire alarm
4700 west 27th street- noise complaint.
disturbance at LMH-family member is interfering with the care of a patient.....sounds ugly. It has to be really serious for the police to be called.
2500 block of Redbud Lane- callers ex-half is trying to take his daughter without permission....can't do that.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane
kensington road- 911 hang-up. original call someone said address and hung up- second call states she is locked out of her house in just a bathrobe- and has been for 45 minutes. Um...go to a neighbors, maybe? It's like 5 degrees.
disturbance on west 25th street- parking lot -2 females yelling, and a vehicle high centered on a concrete slab.
Larkspur circle- medical units being ordered to stage outside until PD commands different.
700 Block of New hampshire is closed- southbound- due to a water main break. And it will be for a minute, i bet.
west 22nd Court- caller was just "swung at" by a co-worker. Hostile work environment?
west 22nd terrace- difficulty breathing
Burglary at Charlies East Side- burglary
Morning Dove Circle- fight- resident of the house was hit by another resident of the house. No weapons.
Possible viscious animal on Harper Street.
911 hang-up at Applebee's on Iowa.
You havent heard this over the scanner yet, but some psycho junky named Sheila Moses is harrassing me. Havent filed a report yet, but I am very, very close to. Some people just can't handle rejection, I guess.
uncooperative shoplifter at Dirty Dillons- currently being held down by employees.
LMH- wound healing center- subject has come in a few times saying he needs assistance.
2 loose dogs in rockledge park
smell of natural gas on west 25th...
2500 west 6th- recall on a noise complaint. guess they are still being noisy
maple street- caller found some guy in bed with his daughter. oopsie.
2500 west 6th- noise complaint- caller says there is loud stomping and heavy things being dropped;.