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Friday, December 3

1145 Louisiana-burglary in progress, 2 subjects trying to break into an apartment-they are wearing masks and shattering a window. Hope noone's inside, but if they are, hope they've got a baseball bat!
705 Arkansas-medical-laceration-that's where the domestic call was...bummer.
suspicious activity 800 block of East 900-group of 6-7 people congregating around a truck.
attempt to locate a gold SUV-west I-70 gate-no taillighst and unable to maintain a lane.
Bishop Seabury; burglary alarm.
501 east 10th Street, noise complaint. Because someone is chopping wood. Seriously?
2401 Brush Creek Drive-vehicle parked the wrong way.
705 Arkansas-Domestic physical altercation-male half is leaving on foot..oh wait he's still there....
noise complaint -2400 block of Yosemite-loud party-probably same one that got called in  before
701 Mass-Eldridge Hotel-Medical- person fainted.

this is the srticle about the 2 wrecks on Clinton Parkway
6th and baker in Baldwin-drunk guy keep stumbling and falling down. Well, sounds like he keeps getting back up, too. Trooper.
Pet World-burlary alarm-I've seen those turtles get pretty rowdy.
2b9-2900 Yosemite Drive-noise complaint for a large partry. Grab your keg cups and let's go!
420 North Street- anonymous caller can hear a man yelling, but no one else. Extensive history at this address.
suspicious activity in Lecompton-woodson ave-marron toyota paseo, sitting in the church parking lot. Guy got out of the car carrying something a jumped over the fence. Sounds like trouble.
report of a drunk guy walking down the street at 14th a tenessee... A few minutes later a different caller reported a drunk guy laying face down at 14th and Tennessee.
Walmart on Iowa-Uncooperative shoplifter. kind of a redundant term.
Attempt to locate- white van driving eratically on 59 hiway. that highway is dangerous  for safe drivers...much less an erratic one.
Eaton Hall-reporting party thinks she is being stalked.
Eudora-possible missing child-5 year old girl missing-dad went to pick up daughter at rec center and she isn't there. That has to be the most terrifying feeling ever. I am really hoping everything's ok.
westbound on 6th-white van- driving erratically and making obscene gestures-almost caused a wreck. Tag returns to lecomton. Go home.
2a3,2d4-911 call from a male a male saying his wife was threatening suicide-audible commotion-kids crying.
534- 31rst and Louisiana-non-injury accident-silver Honda Civic left the scene.
1400 West 2nd Street, noise complaint. I have never called the cops for a noise complaint-except one time, I was having a huge party and it was getting late and people wouldn't leave. So I called the cops and pretended I was a neighbor. They got that place cleared out quick.
2d1, 2a3-600 Block of Illinois- man beating a woman in front of the residence. I hope they get there fast and arrest this dirtbag.
non-injury accident 31rst and Iowa.
2b1- West 24th Street for a civil standby....prevention is always a good thing.
west 8th Street-Eudora-Medical emergency for a fall.
25th and Iowa-car drove up on curb and stopped, he is now just walking down the street.
2d2,2d1-southbound on kansas river bridge-wanted person froom a call earlier today. Nature of the call from earlier is not available.
1600 Haskell Ave-main office-medical call- surgical wound has re-opened. That is really gross and quite possibly messy.
Theft at The Dollar Tree-inside job. busted.
Fire alarm at GSP-hall filled with smoke. turns out it was burnt popcorn.
Perry Street-stray cat. I still can't believe people actually call the cops for that.
2d2-search for suspect at Bert Nash
2d1,2d2- 600 block of Locust-dude walking down the street damaging cars and yelling at people. Sounds like a real peach of a guy.
East 19th Street-child welfare check...guy believes his ex-girlfriend was a victim of domestic abuse, and that his kids were involved and maybe hurt. Good looking out, dad.
Another non-injury accident...subject at auto electric right now.
600 block of Lawrence Ave- panic alarm at the liquor store.
843 Mass Street- disturbance at "Britches". transient with a beard has come to business several times and is yelling obscenities at the female shoppers. Bet that's a hoot.
Welfare check- Dr. Office called police because someone missed their psych appointment. Jeez, I only got charged for missing an appointment, not the cops called! haha.
No, they are worried because of history of suicidal threats.
Lawrence ave area.
Car Accident at dirty Dillons.
Loose dog at Dad Perry park. That's probably where I'd go to, if I were a dog.
Subject at Well's Overlook being investigated. I used to hang out there in High School, and I was always up to no good.
Pinecone Drive- request to speak to an officer-there is a woman at the Western Union being "scammed". Huh, interesting...
Just avoid Clinton Parkway and Hawthorn for a while. It's a hot mess out there.
Oh for Pete's Sake, ANOTHER accident next to the other accident on Clinton Parkway and Hawthorn. This one is a roll-over-doesn't appear to have serious injuries.
ANOTHER accident on 23rd Street. What is going on out there???
Clinton Parkway and Hawthorn Drive-injury accident. EMS en route.
Not alot going on...couple non-injury accidents. One in ront of Free State Brewery, one on 9th and Illinois.
1500 West 8th Terrace..noise complaint. Those crummy apartments get noise complaints ALL THE TIME.
Pine Street- Signal 4- man is calling because his wife is trying to hurt herself.  ;(
An officer just radio'd in to report he was on a "littering" call at The Public Library...don't hear that call too often.
Suspicious activity- 900 block of Lawrenc Ave- man in a black 4-door vehicle has been sitting in his car since 7:45 this morning. Yeah, I would say that is suspicious.Maybe a stake-out? Jilted lover? Or something more sinister...
west 25th street-medical call-laceration-ouch
3b4-disturbance, west 25th street- hearing a female screaming "leave me alone". Some people just can't take a hint.
700 comet lane-suspicious activity-dude with a cane looking in cars. westbound on 7th street.
3C3-tresspassing, hanover place-same subject from before-he has returned.
729 mass-burglary alarm.
9th and kentucky court- fight-reporting party can only hear it- doesn't know exactly where it at.
medical call-1030 missouri street- female fell off the balcony. Dude, I have chills all over right now. A very good friend of mine died several years ago from falling off his balcony..that sucks.
Baldwin- Industrial tractor has a Burglary alarm going off.
hanover place-tresspassing call- subject refusing to leave-but he's outside now. Sounds like that problem is taken care of?
one of those blue phones on campus- someone called-people yelling in background..
cops are giving someone a ride back to Oliver Hall. Nice.
fed ex truck-on naismith, "motorist assist".
3c1- disturbance-10th and Indiana-bunch of yahoo's yelling at each other-white male-older....dude, just go home!
cops are looking for some guys by the Kansas union wearing a hoodie. that's gonna narrow it down....
Abe and Jakes- Foot patrol- people wont leave...
Gal walking home on Conneticut street is calling beacause someone is following description...
518 Dearborn street , fire alarm.
low blood sugar on Crestline dr.
Soooo..truth be told, I wasn't paying attention when that last shit went down (busy IM friends), but I just listened to archives of the police scanner and it sounds like a routine traffic stop turned out with a guy running. there was also a burglary alarm at the same time that seemed to be involved. anyway- LPD got 'em, so here's some mad props...the cops done good.
so the fucktard terrorizing my neighborhood is in custody. all I gotta say is FUCK YOU! crazy when it hits home. Seriously people, we have to stay informed. just to protect ourselves and out family.
medical emergency- springhill suites- dude is passed out in his car- car still running. god, I hope he was getting ready to drive instead of just getting home from a drunk driving frenzy.
noise compliant at 8th and mass- that same guy with his drum...
6th and Iowa0something big-moving to G-comm- manhunt on. damn this is in my neighborhood.