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Wednesday, January 19

suspicious activity on 700 block of Alabama- someone knocked on the door- but couldn't hear what they wanted.
Walmart Super Center on Iowa-suspicious activity-4 vehicles in the parking lot doing donuts. Ha!!!!

I think it's stupid that's illegal- as long as you're doing it safely.....
Domestic disturbance- called in by a neighbor- 1030 Missouri. That apartment complex gets a lot of calls.
couple of complaints about a reckless driver at The Oread Hotel area.
Alma Drive- building check. Gal says she heard a noise outside.
Tresspassing at Johnny's, northside- subject in leather jacket needs to
Last call- caught the tail end of it- people driving on sidewalk- maybe damaging mascot. sorry, didn't hear which one or where.
1702 hio- request for a private tow.
someone just called about a car parked in a no-parking zone. I think that as long as it's not blocking traffice, they should get a free pass during snowmageddon.
Haskell- Indian ave- medical call for a fall on th ice.
14th and Tall Grass- there is a white truck that is having difficulty getting up the hill...but then he goes around the block and does it again, several times....why? because it's fun.
Medical call to Murphy Drive-unknown problem....possible alcohol poisoning. Non-emergency, she is breathing on her own. Good girl!
23rd and ousdahl- acicident- driver got out and walked away.
an additional 2-4 inches will accumulate before midnight tonight. super.
1000 block of west 24th- non-injury accident.
Murphy drive and 24th- caller is with a subject who he thinks may be drunk.
2000 block west 33rd- non-injury accident.
1739 Redbud. a gal needs assistance shutting off her water. sounds like a more appropriate person to call would be the landlord, or a  plumber.
They are pretty used to calling the cops, first.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane
stone meadows drive- caller found a wallet at a mexican restaurant and took it home. Instead of leaving it at lost and found.
legends circle- medical call
1502 north 1732- disturbance, no weapons-subject en route to this location...guy has known to have a gun in the past.
3000 block of Topeka lane- suspicious activity- called in by "frequent, anonymous RP". a guy is walking, wearing all black and wearing a backpack. He is not doing anything wrong. But the caller is suspicious.
some gal locked herself out (mental patient) and is going to climb the fire escapr to get in. Want to speak to an officer. sounds to me like she needs a locksmith, not the police.
Kwik Shop on 23rd- some guy has been asked to leave and won't. this is where the police come in handy.


I'm going to brave the elements and start to haed to work...check back soon, I'll be keeping you infirmed ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!
unknown problem at The Easy Living Trailer park- medics en route.
runaway from the Easy Living Trailer Park.
possiblilty fatality 3600 block west 10th...details sketchy....wait- that's just down the street from me!
disturbance- no weapons- 1201 mass
check welfare on a child at 200 maine
disturbance with some ya-hoo in a black trench coat somewhere on the southend of Iowa
lots of car wrecks.....
Someone needs removed from Heatherwood Drive.
ACCIDENT- leaving the scene at Dillons on 6th.
Physical altercation- with a gun- at the community building. thin black guy with dreads ran out of the building. female involved also. units en route.
car accidents starting to pile up.
Injury accident at 19th and missouri.
medical call to dillons- sick person in the dairy section.
Harrassment at the 7-11 on west 23rd.
Holy Cow! INS is at Mcdonalds on 6th- they are requesting assistance for taking an employee into custody. Someone's working late tonight.
846 Illinois- someone got their car stolen from Rick's Place within the last 20 minutes- blue toyota RAV 4- caller was warming up the car and discovered it was gone. SUCK!!!!!
922 Mass- trespassing. Guy got mad and threw his food at the employees- is leaving now. I am pretty sure this is Jimmy Johns.
2424  Melrose-medical call- for a fall, i think.
arcing power line- 900 east 1000 rd- eastside of road.
1605 West 9th- noise complaint- "loud people, sounds like they're moving out". Moving sucks.
Panic Alarm at Cirilla' someone being naughty????
2500 west 6th- noise complaint for "loud pounding"
1100 Block of louisiana- noise complaint for "loud, thumping bass"
400 block of Lyon- vehicle in a ditch- maybe took out a sign, unknown if occupied. Guess we'll find out, won't we.