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Saturday, December 18

2707 Ousdahl Road- burglary alarm
3432 Iowa- Crown Toyota- building check for an open door.
1803 St. Andrews rive- burglary- caller just heard car alarm going, i didn't think anyone called on those alarms anymore unless they were annoyed by them.
255 North Michigan- caller is requesting a walk-thru of her apartment.
Check welfare on an Apartment at 1600 Haskell Ave....go ahead and check the WHOLE complex.
Theft of Bicycle in front of Louise's Downtown.
Baldwin- 7th and Monroe- suspicious activity-red chevy truck been circling the neighborhood.
Noise complaint 3000 Sagebrush Drive-loud vehicle driving down street.
Northbound 59- little brown car in the ditch, and 2 subjects walking in the ditch.
Church on West 6th- fire alarm
23rd and harper- non-injury accident
Medical- 2503 West 24th Terrace. For fainting....puh-leeze.
239 North 7th- a suspicious activity call- car with someone in it has been parked in front of residents house for a half an hour.
214 west 10th- tresspassing- 2 units en route- dude in a blue coat.
male and female fighting on Christie Court- male  and female fighting- female is the one throwing punches- being cheered on by other females. Apparantly this has been going on for an hour.
Fire alarm aldridge street-units en route.
Ki Omega (spelling?0 someone getting served with a warrant- slight time elapse to prevent subject being pre-warned.
The trailer park on Perry Strret has a nuisiance complaint referencing a juvenile who keeps damaging mailboxes.
Is that fun or something?
2531 Redbud Lane- domestic disturbance- female yelling for help and telling male half to leave her alone- male half yelling shut up- and he is possibly armed.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane.
Fight at The gazebo led to someone being taken to jail. Getting busy at "the Crossbar Hotel" tonight.
just heard a subject blew a 1.154- that's a trip to jail.
2745 meadows place- child welfare check- someone can hear kids screaming and crying.
east 500 rd- medical call- difficulty breathing.
800 block of Iowa- car not stopping for officer....maybe slowing......
Noise complaint- 1709 Ohio. Pipe down.
4th and Walnut- guy calling cause his drunk friend is sleeping in the back of the van.
900 block of Pine Street- guy calling saying he has a 55 year old in his care and wants to leave.....sounds like he was hired to watch the guy and his relief didn't show up, but that is just a guess.
really quiet and boring tonight....
940 New Hampshire Street- Fire alarm. Lawrence Arts Center.
Lots of cops still crawling around the downtown area, either checking bars or pulling people over.
Bar check at "The Ranch".
1500 west 8th terr apartments- noise complaint...again. Several a week.
8th and vermont- medical-unconscious.
Alarm at memorial stadium.
fire alarm 645 new hampshire......journal world