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Monday, November 8

"Disturbance" and 10th and Mass. No shit.
Jayhawk Towers, some drunk guy is outside "yelling obscentities". On a school night? Geez.
1700 Mass, medical call- a fall. I thinks that's the assisted living place. they fall a lot.
Shift Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good, this 2nd shift dispatcher mumbles and it makes me crazy (er).
Stalker on Randall Road. Or so someone thinks. Whatever.
traffic stops....nothing much to report.......
hayworth hall- fire alarm. probably microwave popcorn or something like that.
Something is going on with LMH- not sure what, but they are "ready".
someone called in some guys smoking a bong. turns out they were smoking tobacco through a hookah. Ameteurs.
2c5-900 west 20th terr- mom hasn't been able to reach son and daughter-in-law for 2 days. knowing the neighborhood here's scenarios; 1. methlab blew up, 2. maybe they just don't want to talk to their obviously annoying mother-in-law.

November 8

300 block of Maine- suspicious activity- dude is a red truck sitting on a privacy fence watching the kids go by. It's like 9:00 at night in Novemeber-shouldn't your kids be inside????Just sayin,
I am having really spotty internet connections tonight, and the channel keeps going off-line. I am going to wrap it up for tonight and iron out some technical issues. I will be back tomorrow night.
Just for shit's and giggles-check out the local newspaper and see how much was actually reported.
It's not as safe out there as you would like to think. Walk with your eyes open, and be careful when you drive. Lock your doors at night. And stay the fuck away from Redbud Lane.
3d4-burcham Park-Not quite sure what they got called for, but they are headed that way.
3c2-21rst and Mass-someone's apartment is flooding and they can't get a hold of their landlord. Guess the water just keeps pouring in. That totally sucks ass.
736 Maine-altercation- waman attacked by roommates friend and they left in Silver saturn.