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Saturday, February 12

Noise complaint

16th and louisiana- large party

Medical call

The Reserve on West 31rst- some one "passed  out" at the bus stop.

Disturbance, no weapons

1105 Mass. big freaking suprise.

Panic Alarm

1206 west 23rd- Cirilla's panic alarm. someone getting their freak on?

Request to speak to an officer

1412 Briton circle. reference an earlier case of burglary

disturbance of unknown nature

at 325 Maine- LMH-security requests PD be en route to ER, no further details given

Noise complaint

1211 Rhode Island Street.

Attempt to Locate

White party bus, southbound on Church Street. caller is complaining of loud music coming from the bus. weird. music on a party bus. sinners.

Panic Alarm

530 Wisconson Street- Yacht Club- silent panic alarm

possible residential burglary

922 Kentucky Street-caller kept saying "someone is trying to get in" and then disconnected. Caller was possibly drunk. 2 units en route.

Domestic Disturbance

1501 george Williams Way- man and woman arguing, throwing things...

Medical call

Domino's parking lot on Iowa. maybe an Intentional Overdose. subject possibly combative.

I wonder what the chain of events are that led to this situation at the pizza parlor.

Non-injury accident

900 block north 500 rd- car vs. deer

Panic Alarm

1802 west 23rd- presta convience store. Lots of crap does go down there.

loose dog

3500 block of morningdove circle

child welfare check

601 Kasold- Wendy's- small child 9-10 years old in a car unattended.

Disturbance, no weapons

3400 block of West 24th- caller heard 4-5 people cussing anf yelling. she didn't see them and didnt want to get involved.
Good idea.


1500 east 24th- caller hears a banging on her door and her ex has been harrassing her. keep that door locked sista.

Noise complaint

1015 Mississippi- loud music

Non-injury accident

22nd and heatherwood- non-injury rolloveer. subject is out of the vehicle

leaving the scene of an accident

2909 Missouri- black pontiac

Physical Altercation

West Coast Saloon- 2 females fighting in the parking lot.

Non-injury accident

10th and Ohio- gold car, single vehicle accident
theft at Dillons on 23rd street-subject walked through doors and set off alarm- left in a silver old cutlass.