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Saturday, December 4

1737 Sephora- Traumatic Head injury....sending 2nd unit in case it's a fight....
19th and Illinois-something going down...anyone else listening..
My Kintergaarten teachers son just got pulled over...
Tonight must be fight night.......lots of calls in for domestic, fighting.
3d6, 3d2-900 block of Alabama- origanally a noise complaint, but she's afraid it will get physical..
3a1, 3a6-fight at College Hill apartments-physical altercation, 2 dumb boys....
Car vs. deer deer east 1650.
1316 west 19th terrace- someome calling because she gave her "friend" a key....
3a4-1600 Oxford road, private tow. Delta Chi.
2nd unit en route to north 9th. isn't that the bird?
Bar Check at the flamingo-hard day at work....
2c3,2c2-Child out of control on Miller Drive-trashing the residence...previous history
1603( 2d1,2d8)-1608 West 8th-domestic disturbance- names are familiar- guy is drunk.
2500 West 6th-2a3-20 minutes ago-white guy in a Jayhawk jacket. Guy asked the caller if they lived there, so the caller called 911.
3100 Ousdahl-Noise complaint..OK, I know i say this A LOT, but c'mon, man, it's 10:00 on a Saturday night and you live in an apartment complex. What do you really expect?
Indiana Street- Patient mixed Alcohol with Meds and is having a reaction...I bet.
Possible Disturbance at South Park, the bench by the Gazebo...2a1,2c1,-
West 24th Street-domestic disturbance-wonder if it's related to the stolen keg?? Oh, there is a drunken Uncle involved also....
2200 Harper Street- Medical Call- complaining of "knee pain" and "shaking all over". Odd symptoms...
2b3-2b5-west 24th place- theft-someone stole their keg in the last 5 minutes...well, the liquor store is open for another hour at least.
2b1-1121 east 13th street-something about a complaint related to a trailer park.
Deleware street-burglary alarm-Martin Logan
2d1-2d9-Tresspassing at the Java Break-guy refusing to leave business
business alarm at Mcgrew Real Estate. Can't be much to steal from there...except the hopes and dreams of forecloser homeowners..(Nothing against McGrew personally..just a comment on the whole housing crisis)
2c2-request to speak to an officer regarding a mental health patient. Another officer offered to take the call because he is familiar.
Elm Street in Eudora- possible suicide-girlfriend said she took a bunch of pills....past suicide and domestic disturbance calls....
Check welfare-1000 block Orchard Lane-subject dressed in black walking slowly down the roadway.
Police following a black pontiac grand was assulted while getting into a cab?  Taxi driver was the RP.  (reporting party)
Now they think the car might be at Johnnies Tavern......
1000 Colonial Cir.  Noise complaint.  I think it's going to be a busy night.......
2c1 is really busy tonight. They have him running all over the place.......poor guy. 
roll over car injuries?  Have not heard where though.......
2600 dover suare- theft of a cell phone. Subject has suspect information.
1700block of Iowa, northside. Subject fell down. Complaining of a laceration.
3207 Ranier Drive-hemmorrage. Medical en route.
Missing adult-1600 Oxford-gal was last seen at a a fraternity....
1625 Stratford-caller thinks she heard something hit a window in her house. Said it might have been a branch, but she isn't sure. Hmmmmm 45 MPH winds? I wonder?
1115 Louisiana-burglary-guy came home and saw someone walking out of the apartment with his clothes.
Difficulty Breathing 876 Oak Street-medics en route.
3c1-threat call- female threatened by a carload of girls.
Medical- Buffalo Wild Wings- subject passed out in the doorway.
West 25th Street- altercation between roommates.
oliver Hall- some gal got her Pizza stolen.
2200 West 26th Street-noise complaint.
College Motel-domestic disturbance- female half in lobby, male half left in a white Chevy headed towards Mass Street. Super.
3a1-Quizno's on 6th-burglary alarm. The wind is gusting outside at 45 MPH, I bet it will set off a few....
3b4-2726 Crestline Dr. A guy was knocking on someone's door and now he's standing across the street. Also, guy's girlfriend won't answer the phone and he's afraid something might have happened to her-related to this stranger.
3b3-check welfare at "The reserve" on west 31rst-caller got a text from a guy saying he was going to die-has history of self-harm. Unknown apartment number, but police able to figure it our due to history with the man.
2900 Peterson-residential Burlary
Lots of people getting pulled over right now.
730 Iowa-more arcing lines-transformer blew and maybe a tree on fire. that is right by my house and I thought I heard a big boom.
3B1, 3B5-3405 Nicholas- someone is breaking in right now-They can hear the subjects in their house. Caller and wife are locked in a bedroom. Damn-this is the 3rd one of these tonight! My doors are locked.
901 New York-arcing power lines-STAY AWAY-electricity is not your friend. And it's really windy out there.
Drunk subject walking in the street around 11th and Tennessee. 3d2. Older guy wearing jeans and a dark jean jacket.
Loud party at 12 Kentucky Court.
urglary alarm at Home Depot.
medical east 2100 rd-possible suicide. yuck.
3a1-residential alarm, north fall creek road.
resident is on site with his wife, locked in a bedroom waiting for PD
720 Mass. Dude says he was choked and thrown to the floor by 2 bouncers. Hmmmm....bouncers usually have a pretty good reason for that.
2b3-burlary alarm 1825 Wakarusa. vetrinary clinic
theft at The Hawk.
Hashing Hall-smell of marijuana turned out to be burnt popcorn...maybe they were smoking and got the munchies???
3c3,3c1- fight at The Wheel.
1240 Tennessee- 2, yes 2 dumpsters on fire. A garage is a couple of feet away with 4 cars in it.
3d2-missing adult from Bobwhite and Bob Billings...waiting for more details, please.
Cops calling in more manpower-related to this Louisiana Street "craziness"
louisiana street burglary continued....police feel there is a third suspect running around-they are finding even more holes....
Subject reports one of the suspects had a gun, police report a pellet gun was found in one of the apartments.
YESSS!!!!!! Manhunt is on for subjects trying to run from burglary on Louisiana. They think 1 is in the attic, and 1 is on the east corner of apartment building.
Switching to G-COM1- attic subject is trying to break through the ceiling.
Cops holding a perimeter.
13th and Louisiana- some jackass is throwing fireworks at people.
3c3-2829 Fenwick Road-Ding-dong ditching. I didn't realize people (kids) still did that. Or that people called the cops on them for it.