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Friday, November 12

Bar check at The Hawk
Ellsworth Hall-Alcohol Poisoning.
routine traffic stops.......
Noise complaint at 10th and Conneticut. What the hell? NOTHING goes on at 10th and Conneticut???
numerous juveniles on 1950 rd.
Hampton Inn-Panic alarm- showing "general Panic" whatever the fuck that means/.
theft in progress-1805 west 2nd-liquor store-seen running eastbound in a white hoodie. who robs a liquor store wearing a white hoodie. moron.
17th and Louisiana-red truck hit lightpost and left the scene. it's ok, lightposts make poor eyewitnesses...

told ya so....nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane

Four defendants to face trial in connection with October robbery, shooting on Redbud Lane

November 12, 2010
Though one of four defendants charged in connection with an October robbery on Redbud Lane protested in court Friday, the state has sufficient evidence for all four to face trial, a Douglas County District Court judge ruled.
Judge Robert Fairchild lowered the bond for some of the four defendants — all Topeka residents — accused in connection with the late night shooting of a 28-year-old Lawrence resident and a 25-year-old man being hit with the butt of a pistol.
Christopher A. Bush, 19, is accused of pulling the trigger, and the other three — Ashley A. Halstead, 22, Desmond J. Jackson, 19, and Rylie R. Musik, 18 — are accused of creating a plan to rob the two victims.
All four defendants are charged with aggravated battery, two counts of attempted aggravated robbery and two counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery.
On Friday, Musik’s attorney argued that she was not part of the plan, and had told others in the group that she didn’t want to be a part of it.
After testimony from the two victims and a Lawrence police detective, Fairchild ruled that sufficient probable cause existed to move forward in the case.
The two victims said that they were lost, and found their way to the Iowa Street Walmart parking lot. One of the two victims — both spoke through an interpreter — testified that one had a slip of paper with one of their addresses on it, and had asked around for a ride to that address.
After the two men met the four defendants, the defendants hatched a plan to rob the men, using the two women as a distraction while the men came in from behind and robbed the victims, Lawrence police detective Mike McAtee testified.
All four defendants have trial dates scheduled in the coming months.
800 pennsylvania- burgler alarm.
800 block of Walnut-Mom was suppossed to drop off a kid to Dad tonight and didn't show up. Oopsie.
Someone got busted using a stolen card at Wal-mart and Amaco-what a bastard!!!! And an idiot- I mean, of course you're going to get caught...better chance at just shoplifting...
Traffic accident on K-10 must be a bad one, highway is shut down and traffic being rerouted....:(
Someone fell in the parking lot on Swegler and Naismith, and they are calling an ambulance; I don't know about you, but I'd have to fall off of something taller than my shoes before I'd let them call the ambulance. And something more inportant than my shoulder had better be hurt-what a pussy.
Lots of parking issues, sounds like a that how you spell that???

Friday Night

Black jeep Wrangler drove off with a tankful of gas from Kwik Shop on 19th and Mass. Ha!