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Sunday, February 6

sound of gunshots

3300 block of iowa
probably fireworks- Superbowl and all

Noise complaint

1500 block of Cadet- loud music

Medical call

Ridge Court. Possible heart problems.

jayhawk towers

a couple of cars parked in handicap spots. that's a hefty ticket.

Domestic Disturbance

Silicon Ave, Crosswinds Apartments- caller says guy has been driving around "squealing" tires, then banging on girlfriends door. Unsure which apartment. sounds like a-storm a-brewing...

Physical Altercation

at Dempsy's pub.

Noise complaint

530 Eldridge Street- loud music

Domestic Disturbance

2900 block of Stratford Court- physical altercation with father, no weapons.

Non-injury accident

6th and michigan- a vehicle left the scene-maroon SUV with tag#

Medical call

someone unconscious on Mississippi st

Carbon Minoxide Alarm

2504 Ousdahl dr.

Domestic Disturbance

300 block of stockade


woodridge dr- sounds like someone threw a home-made bomb of some sort in someone's driveway- it exploded and there is a green substance leaking. fire, medical amd haz-mat en route

foot chase

at 1500 haskell-officers in pursuit on foot- but i don't know why, I am building a hot wheels village. priorities....:)
wonder if our friends at!/operation100 were listening???

If you haven't already- check out and follow operation100- especially those who live or work in Kansas City!

Attempt to Locate

dark chevy lumina on k-10, driving erractically, headed toward douglas county. super.

Attempt to Locate

woman at 19th and haskell on a moped, swerving in the road

Fight- physical

on hwy 40. 2 guys, a white guy walking away.
it's a jungle out there today.

road rage

27th and haskell- caller says is tan ford passenger car. car cut him off, yelled and threw something at him. got tags on him.

animal call

university and raintree place- dead cat on the corner.
If my cat doesn't stop crapping on the guest bed......

Domestic Disturbance

700 block of east 13th-caller is in verbal argument about the care of infant. caller sounds drunk. dad is angry child wasn't fed today.
was physical. declining medics.

odor of natural gas

31rst and iowa, near Micheals.

Non-injury accident

clinton parkway and kasold

Injury Accident

22nd and naismith- car vs. pedestrian. the car has left the scene. The victim believes it was his wife that hit him with the car.
damn, that's rough. Fortunately the victim is obviously talking to dispatch so he is not critical. But ima betting wifey finds herself in a little bit of trouble.

Injury Accident

22nd and naismith- car vs. pedestrian.

Medical call

at Bed, bath an Beyond. A collapsed person. I get very overwhelmed in that store too.

another drunk driver

headed our way on highway 59......

possible drunk drivers

11th and Mass-white ford van.

possible drunk drivers

lots of calls for this- just assume everyone driving is drunk and be on the defense.

Domestic Disturbance

west 22nd terrace- only verbal at this time- husband wont let her leave.

possible wanted person

caller saw someone running on 24th and haskell. this person stole something from him last week. caller is returning to the liquor store for police contact


caller wants to make a harrassment report- trailer park on east 19th.

Non-injury accident

6th and Mass

Fight- physical

427 perry street-caller says 3 people are fighting

Auto Burglary

1600 block of tennessee


they may be at the greyhound bus station on 6th.

Happy Superbowl Sunday!

Beer, Nachos, Football....domestic disputes, theft, DUI"S......

Possible suicidal

the guy that got a DUI at 5th and mass earlier tonight is now out of jail- with his truck and a bottle of methadone pills. and possibly a gun. he is threatening suicide and I sincerely hope the cops find him before he hurts himself or someone else.

just woke up to some drama....

big fight at 508 minnesota- multiple callers, one dude tried to run away when cops showed up. he is in custody.