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Friday, November 19

west 24th street-woman being assaulted by husband. Called in by wife's dad. good job dad!!!
noise complaint 2200 Louisiana.
someone got jacked in a parking lot by the game.
wreckless driver-pontiac sunfire at Target. I'm telling ya, these big box stores ain't safe till after the holidays.
458 rd-deer in the roadway-someone is trying to drag it off the road. good for them. don't see why someone would call the cops on them for trying to help out.
600 Illinois street-some dude and a dog are sitting on someone's front porch. She asked him to leave a half an hour ago and he remains sitting there.
Some people just can't take a hint.
1300 north 550-suspicious activity-male subjuct with a flashlight in someoness front he's going across the street to the neighbors front door.
yeah, I'd call the cops on that one too.
someone hurt their knee at the game. medics en route.
I just realized I have been misspelling burlary this whole time.
residential burglery-Harper street.
Kasold dr-fall resulting in hip injury, medical call.
1500 block of Iowa- property damage.
request for an officer with a "cage" to 2300 Wakarusa. somebody is being Baaaaaaaddddd!
25th street-violation of a protection order. Girl had order against guy, she is in laundry room doing laundry in apt. Dude came over and locked her in laundry room, she is there waiting for police.
2300 Wakarusa- someone is in someone's apartment screaming about killing people. I guess her roommate invited her in.
Time to find a new roommate I'd say.
Lifeflight is responding to something in Paola.
cow in the roadway on north 1200 rd-weird, that's the second "cow in the roadway" call today.

Just a FYI....

City police officers soon may have more ability to arrest people for violating laws like aggressive panhandling and noise ordinances. A new report out of City Hall is recommending that city commissioners exempt Lawrence from a state law that limits when people can be arrested for a municipal offense. When it comes to municipal laws — basically laws that are on the city’s books but not the state’s books — police officers are limited in their ability to arrest a violator without a warrant unless one of four conditions are met: the person refuses to sign the ticket consenting to show up in court; the person is unable to produce identification; the person is not a resident of Kansas (that’s because you can’t extradite someone from another state on a municipal offense); or the police officer has probable cause that the person will cause physical harm if not arrested immediately.
Scott Miller, an attorney for the city, said that can make it difficult for the police to arrest an individual who keeps violating the same municipal law over and over again. He cited the city’s noise ordinance and the city’s aggressive panhandling ordinance as situations where broader authority may be helpful.
For example, an aggressive panhandler (see the link for the legal definition) can be given multiple tickets but cannot be arrested unless one of the four conditions is met.
“That frustrates people who keep calling in the complaints, and it frustrates police officers who keep dealing with the same complaints,” Miller said.
10th and Mass-possible criminal damage-someone is blocked in a parking space and they think the vehicle also hit them.
3300 induatrial lane- that's the address of Juvie...
625 Brentwood Drive-aggressive solicitor.
Some dude on Haskell Ave was pulled over and shooting his handgun towards the woods. What the fuck??
Panic Alarm at taco johns on haskell-silent alarm.
property damage on Crossgate.
2500 morningside-suspicious activity-2 people walking through neighborhood. didn't think that was against the law...
Alarm at Commerce Bank-not specified. At Kansas Union.
highway 56 power line obstruction removed.
4601 west 6th-panic alarm.
dover court-dog fell in the sewer line.
Fire on Hilltop drive.
power line down on 56 hiway-300 rd.
4400 adam avenue-request frpm reporting party to check on a residence that they think should be claimed uninhabitable-and several childen live there.
cow in the roadway at 1400.
Criminal Damage at Juvenile Detention Center- a juvenile that was just taken into custody just destroyed the toilets in the bathroom.
Carbon Minoxide alarm on Elm street.
Someone just got pulled over and their license is suspended indefinatley for a "failure to comply..."
Injury accident 9th and Michigan.
Couple emergenct transfers from LMH
someone breaking into a car with a coathanger on KU
anonymous tip that a runaway is at an address on Harper Strret with his girlfriend.
car vs. deer. didnt get location.
ROAD RAGE incident at

walmart-a white chevy truck almost rear ended a maroon car, then the truck verbally assaulted the reporting party. The truck driver is now inside walmart, and the car is waiting for the cops. And I guess the car told the truck they would mace them if they came at them again.
never a dull moment at Walmart during the holidays.