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Tuesday, February 1

check welfare

north 300 rd- call from brother of 70 yr old man. he had lost power and was headed to the barn to connect the heating stove, haven't been able to reach him for a couple of hours

welfare check

2700 block of Iowa- passerby saw 3 subjects and thinks she saw one of them fall.

People call the cops for the stupidest stuff.

check welfare

caller on Eldridge Street has been locked out of her house for an hour and a half, standing imn the driveway. declined medics.
She is a lot more patient than me, I would have kicked a freaking windows in after 10 minutes.

Medical call

call originally came as a "difficulty breathing", as the tale unfolds, it appears the caller was in a fight at The Hawk, and may be victim of a strong-arm hold-up. he is now at his residence.


hampton court apartments- caller wants some drunk guy removed from his apartment.

911 Hang-up

2421 Brush creek Drive- voice mail on hang-up
2300 wakarusa- mom hasn't heard from daughter since saturday, unusual behaviour

Missing children

west 28th, 14 and 10 year old- suppossed to go to neighbors, had 2 dogs with them-missing 20 minutes-

burglary alarm

Longhorn Steakhouse. front door.

Disturbance....with weapons

19th and vermont-suspect in silver truck- north on Mass- pulled a handgun on caller. described as a "pistol that looked thick".

Possible suicidal

possible suicidal patient in Old West Lawrence- caller doesn't know exact address- caller received text threatening self-harm.

911 Hang-up

800 block of prescott- received numerous calls- can hear kids playing in background.
someone's got mommy's cell phone!
15th and Conneticut- male subject walking in the snow- keeps falling.

check welfare

east 1485- caller says husband left at 2:30 to help a stuck neighbor and hasn't returned.

animal welfare check

4112 Saddlehorn Drive- report of 4 labs outside. take your dogs inside please. this is the last time I'm going to ask nicely.

Parking violations

on indiana street. red car in the right of way.
I can't believe someone would call this in. I think that during an "epic snowstorm" all parking violations should be forgiven.

animal welfare check

woodlawn drive- report of small dog tied up outside.

animal welfare check

5th and Lincoln- report of a black dog in a small pen. NOT COOL! it is way too cold for a dog to be outside!!!

taken by Aaron Strelow

300 block east 1600- caller is reporting a person in the field behind his house, thinks he needs to be checked on.
yes, anyone walking in this weather needs to have their head checked.

burglary alarm

2200 Harper, second one there today.

Medical calls

as expected, there have been a few calls around town for falls....won't bore you with the details.

Auto Burglary

silver Honda Civic- Kasold and trail- guy left vehicle there 10 minutes ago- caller says keys were not in it.

Disaster Declaration???

Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a disaster declaration for the state of Kansas.
The declaration activates emergency actions and authorizes state resources for assistance statewide.
Fifty-three counties, including Douglas County, are named in the declaration as areas likely to be affected.


Motorist Assist

A few motorist assist calls- people slid off the road, can't get up a hill.
Whenever I need help with my car, I call AAA. just sayin'

Medical call

parking lot of 2540 iowa. Dispatchers are trying to figure out the nature of the call.

Medical call

Trailer park on East 19th.

taken by Paul Punzo

check welfare

8oo block of murrow- 911 received a call from an elderly female who seemed very confused.
1100 prestwick Drive- dog in back yard without shelter.

Happy Snow Day!!!

Good Morning! I'll be here with ya all day. Stay safe and warm!