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Monday, December 20

West 24th street, 2nd call tonight for some punk banging on the doors....
Dispatch has the guy on North 450 rd on the phone, he was moving a motorcycle and it fell on top of him. He is in and out of consciousness. Hurry!!!
Some sort of traumatic injury on North 450 Road.
1352 N 1250 Rd. Structure Fire. This sounds big. They are dispatching so many fire trucks I cant hear all of this. RP says electrical outlet was sparking and smoking.
1500 E 27th Street. Fall, medical assist. The Quint is in route.
There is a guy trying to break into a house with a crow bar....I'm waiting for an address... There are 4 officers in route.... I think the RP (reporting party) was really freaking out on the phone with dispatch. The RP keeps calling and calling 911.

What's the deal with these "things" flying around?

There was another call on "things flying around" in the air at 1600 Haskell. This time they said that the "things" were green. This is really weird. I wonder if it's the same person calling every week. This call has been made to 911 at least five times that we have heard.....
So, this time when I heard the call, I was at the intersection of 19th and Haskell, so I went out to the address. I didn't see anything......weird though.
I/m not feeling very good- got the flu. Think I'm going to call it a night.....
Medical to Hallmark cards- chest pains.
Now the wheelchair guy is a 9th and Murrow- caller is following with his flashers tonight, huh?
Rockledge- same guy in a wheelchair with no lights
Harvard rd- snuisance call- subject smoking a cig and banging on things
Memorial Stadium- criminal damage, lower level, west side.
2a9- theft in progress- 1515 West 9th- theft of services.
500 Mass- on the Bridge- older model white Chevy truck left the scene of a non-injury accident
Fire 2000 block of county road 442
Grove Drive- burglary alarm- showing "weight room" motion.
1400 block of Crestline- check welfare- subject is riding his wheelchair in the street with no lights....
Seriously, I am not making this stuff up. ITS NOT EVEN DARK!!!!!!!!!!
6th and Iowa- check welfare- for an older man who is trying to cross the street. caller is concerned because there isn't a crosswalk.
Yes, somebody ACTUALLY called the police for that.
Warrant service on West 10th
Apartment complex on West 24th Street. Report of someone drinking in the laundry room.
So what? Anything you can do to make laundry more fun, and it's not like you can leave your laundry unattended in that neighborhood.
Attempt to locate- 1600 Haskell Ave- "white and green matter in the air".
There are strange calls like this about once a week.
Your guess is as good as mine.
3213 9th; Nuisiance call.
boring day on the far.....
2105 Tennesse- noise complaint, loud band. Gimme a break.
attempt to locate- female subjects on motorized bikes-caller stated they "weren't signaling". Are you kidding me?
515 Graystone; theft with suspect information!/Operation100

Courtesy of Operation 100 Photography

KU & Lawrence Police checking on a subject near The Campanile that is "wearing a helmet, running and carrying an extremely large skateboard"

Call came in about 3a.m.
Panchmama's; back door alarm.
Request to Speak to an Officer at "Easy Money" on 23rd- reference an event that took place over 40 minutes ago.

Response from reader regarding "Deadbeat Dad" post

Earlier this week we posted a comment stating our intention of exposing some deadbeat dads.

This gentleman responded rather emotionally, stating that the term "deadbeat dad" is as offensive as the term "n*gger". I wrote him a private e-mail to try to understand this analogy, and this is the response I received.

I don’t feel as though it was a “violent” reaction. It’s so cliché and stereotypical for women to throw “deadbeat dad” around, even about men who are nothing of the sort. If Someone made a post about “dirty whores”, and rejoiced in police running a roundup to get all the “dirty whores” off the street (which, if they applied that to women the way “deadbeat dad” is so slap-happily applied to men), would mean virtually any woman found on the street.

Because I hear women calling men “deadbeats” if they won’t support THEIR (the woman’s) choices. Or they call a man a “deadbeat” if they decide he’s not good enough for them. Or they drive him out of his own kids’ lives, won’t let him see his own kids, and call him a “deadbeat” when he doesn’t call because he can’t handle being yelled at, berated, insulted, and attacked by her in front of his own kids.

Some dads are “deadbeats”, just like some moms are also “deadbeats”. But the majority of the ones people so self-righteously call “deadbeats” are just regular people who can’t pay ½ of their income or more, to support an ex who seems to feel entitled to all of his money just because she won’t let him see his kids.

FYI Chelsea, I’ve also stood up for moms who were called “deadbeats”. I’ve seen hundreds of cases where both men and women were being screwed over royally by this f*kd up Family Law division of our “justice system” that doesn’t care that it’s only encouraging more divorces, more broken families, and more fighting between parents. After all, the more of those that exist, means the more cash keeps flowing into their little industry. And hey, who cares about kids who grow up without one or both parents, I mean, we’ve got Judges and Attorneys and Counselors and Mediators who need the cash backflow for their retirement funds…
Rhode Island- suicide threat- male says girlfriend is trying to cut herself, she is yelling in the background that he is trying to cut her.
Sounds like some ugly domestic problems going down in the trailer park at the end of East 19th. 1908 E 19th. 2 officers in route. Merry Christmas!
1200 Block east 1700 rd- hitchiker. Do you think they'll give him a ticket or a ride?
Heatherwood- domestic- woman calling because boyfriend assaulted daughter. If it was my kid i'd being calling the morgue.
call from someone who says someone is lying on a police further detail will be given to protect the reporting party (i.e.NARC)
Sex crime complaint ..guess where...West 24th Street. Occurred this morning. Guy says his friend was sexually assaulted, and he left town.
attempt to locate-guy driving in from Lenexa who was involved in a violation of a restraining order. He is making suicidal comments and has a shotgun. Perfect.
Possible suicide on Michigan Street-caller is concerned because her friend says she needs to see her dad-and he's dead. And she has been making suicidal threats.
Civil standby on Ash Street.
707 North 2nd Street- theft of a trailer
I took the night off last night, but today I am home with the flu, so I will be chillin' in bed with my son, watching Sesame Street and let's see what Monday brings....