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Saturday, October 30

They cant run local warrants right now. FYI.
732 Mass-fire alarm.
car wreck 19th and mass.
Jhawk Motel- medical emergency. Remember kids, crack kills.
noise complaint on Ranch Way. Loud Music. Gimme a break....
EMS call- some female sitting in front of Munchers Bakery is unconscious. Those are some good fucking donuts.
Disturbance at 8th and New Hampshire. Really, that's all they said.
Noise complaint at Village Square apartment. A car with a loud stereo is driving around the parking lot. Jesus's 11:30 on a Saturday Night. People who complain about that really need to live in the country.
911 hangup from Trail Drive. A woman called and said "help me" and hung up.
That one is kinda scary. keep your fingers crossed.
Burglury alarm at Noodles, Downtown. Sometimes you just gotta have a noodle.
criminal damage at the Bottleneck. I guess they wouldn't let some asshole in and he punched the window out of a red Acura. What a wasnt the Acura that denied him entry....
LOTS of people getting pulled over tonight.
1012 emery road- some gal got kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend-who remained inside and proceeded to break things. Then she hung up on the 911 operator and refused to talk to them anymore when they tried to call back.
Hmmmmm..I'd have probably kicked her out too. Just sayin'
Suspicious activity; Mountview Cemetary...
Redbud Lane; theft approx 10 minutes ago. 40 caliber Smith and Wesson in their possession.
Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane.
SOmeone actually called in on a car with no taillights (yellow Volkswagon Beetle). reminds me I need to get mine fixed....
Quail Run, off Inverness, 7-8 juveniles throwing rocks at signs. Big Fucking Deal.
Someone bought cigarettes from the jayhawk food mart and now they feel "funny". And now I am laughing at him. Jackass.
1900 west 31rst, someone actually called the ambulance for a migraine. seriously, a headache. they must have good insurance.
470 north 1950. big party. juvenile having an underage party with lots of drugs and alcohol. anonymous tip. Im guessing the tipster wasn't invited.
EMS call for heat exhaustion. What is the temperature outside????????

Saturday Night, night before halloween..

alright, this oughta be a fun filled night!
Already, someone called and said they had an emergency, then hung up. Apparantly there is a history at this address on Ridge Court.

Good Night!

So, I'm getting ready to finish this shift and go home and get some sleep. I will be back tomorrow night, so stay tuned!
structure fire north 1600 rd.
alarm at Papa Kenos. probably nothing though, usually isnt.
Gas line leak on Elm street in Eudora.
Smell of gas coming from gas meter.
So no smoking in Eudora for a minute, ok?
900 block of Mass. Someone passed out and fell down. Now he is back up and running away. Quick recovery.
so a cop has the "interference" guy in the car, and this bastard is slipping out of his seatbelt and being rowdy. Not smart dude, not smart at all.
someones going to the pokey for "interference" aka, you pissed off a cop.
these timestamps are wrong. they show the posts 2 hours earlier than they are actually posted.
awwww..cops giving some drunk bastard a ride home to Rhode Island Street.
cops are chasing someone, dont know what is going on exactly...white male, black jacket, jeans.....
Hookers! on Haskell!!
1339 west campus rd. subjects at ahhh, to be young again...
1145 kentucky, someone passed out in their car. scary to think they drove it there.
i really hate it when the dispatchers talk really softly. I know it has to piss off the officers.
so someone just called from Oliver Hall and said he got beat up. He did not want to talk to officer, did not want to be called or leave his name. So why even bother to call?
they caught the mailbox smashers. idiots. the mailbox smashers that is.
13th and Kentucky, open 911 call, noone on the line. Loud music and yelling in the background. typical of the student ghetto.
More drama at The Replay Lounge. not sure of the nature of the call, officer requesting second unit.
1905 Kasold Drive. some mailbox smashing going on. that just doesn't sound like fun too me. Or have I been missing out on something TOTALLY AWESOME?
transporting a diabetic with high blood sugar from Hash Hall.
2500 Belle Haven Drive, a couple in a gray car, arguing. Yep, it's about that time of night......
I guess they couldnt find the unconscious subject in front of The Replay. The dogs must of drug him off.
Unconscious subject in front of The Replay Lounge. sigh...again.
hit and run at The Wheel. too bad they got the bastards tag number. you can run, but you can't hide.
3801 clinton parkway. Drunk people busting out windows of cars with their fists. Ouch. So if you have a car in the parking lot there, sucks to be you.
Ambulance called to Crosstown Tavern. for a fall. bitch, just go home already!
1500 block of Willow Cove, people running around screaming, and naked. woo-hoo!
Someone is claiming they were assaulted by a Mil-Spec officer, on Ousdahl Road. Those guiys do think they are hot shit.
gunshots heard on east 19th.

800 block of New York

Big patry obviously going on there, a couple noise complaints. Hurry and slam their kegs before the cops get there! Just dont pay a cover, party isnt going to last much longer.

Local warrants

Police dispatchers are unable to access local warrant database right now. So if you have warrants they are temporarily unexectuable.

Police Scanner action in Lawrence Kansas

I have a police scanner I listen to all night long while I'm at work;
Here's what's going on tonight;
Some bitch got slapped at The Replay after she got kicked out. (my guess is she probably deserved it)
Two girls fighting at Crosstown Tavern (big fucking suprise there)