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Friday, December 10

criminal tresspass-916 Mass.
Missing kid just pulled in the know she is soooooooo grounded
2100 west 24th Place- caller advises she has heard a female crying for an hour, and a man yelling.

24th Street area is definately not the place to be tonight.
Missing Child- 16 year old called at 6:30 and said she was on her way home...
1450 road- caller said her husband is drunk and verbally abusive, he's outside with keys to the car. super.
ANOTHER disturbance at 2422 West 24th- even the offficer said "it's inevitable"
Not feeling very good, gonna take a nap for awhile...hope this pukey feeling goes away....
drug activity- Apple Lane- guy smells marijuana inside his apartment- and he ain't the one smoking it.
Eudora-east 12th, medical call, patient with high blood pressure
Another unit en route to West 24th. geez.
2022 Kasold Drive- patient unresposive...
West 24th...follow up on a hit-n-run at the RACO car wash.

Is West 24th the new Redbud Lane?
Border's Bookstore- two juveniles fighting in the "Shelter Van". Guess they won't be allowed on outings any more.
2c3- 911 Hang-up. 2108 Ohio. Answering machine on call-back.
Civil Standby- 24th Street Terrace, civil standby. Mom going to get her kids. Hmmmmm....wonder if that cop is still in the parking lot doing his reports?
Nothing but traffic stops and boring crap like that...
now the officer is just going to do his report writing in the parking lot on 24th. Guess he figures he'll be close when the next call comes.
2500 block of west 6th- non-injury accident. In the parking lot of THe Ranch!
1500 East  24th Street-  domestic disturbance- woman came to pick up her sons and dad won't give them back- and she threw the phone and drove away.
West 24th Terrace- female trying to kick in a door at an apartment. that area is getting a lot of serious action lately.
2728 Harrison Place-Medical- Hemmorrage....that means bleeding, bad.
301 Arrowhead Drive. civil standby.
Kasold Drive- wreckless driver, tailgating, speeding, tag comes back out of Topeka.
2b1-noise complaint, 3000 block Atchison, loud music.
Silent panic alarm at The Merc. At the customer service desk. Wow, I was just there doing a little grocery shopping.
Child Out odf Control- kid busted out of Bert Nash (was there for screening). Kid is trying to get into family car, brother is with him now.
West end of Wescoe Hall- Skateboarders. It really is the best place in town to skate...
547 hiway 40-motorist assist.
North 700 Road, grassfire, just called for extra tankers...
Call from guy who was involved in fight earlier, he is at a different location on Harper Street. He was one who got hit.
West 24th Terrace- fight! He got home, his girlfriend and her cousin started yelling at him and "calling him names". Sticks and stones.....
2d6-6th and Michigan- wheelchair in the road. Now, I am trying to imagine the chain of events that would lead to that????
6th and Vermont- green Ford, suspect did U-turn in traffic, speeding...
1312 Louisiana- purse has been stolen, caller has suspect info.
2424 Melrose Lane- Fight! lights and sirens- approximately 6 people fighting, they have left the scene in vehicles
Bowerstock drive- possible drunk- gal pulled up to business, threw a beer bottle out of the car, after having difficulty parking. Seems like people WANT to get caught sometimes.
1755 East 1310 Road- sounds like someone borrowed a car and didn't bring it back.
SHIFT CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughh.. I hate this dispatcher on tonight, she mumbles and gives few details....
Tresspassing 936 1/2 Mass.
they are sending medics foor the poor guy that got attacked by the pack of wild dogs- he has lacerations on his hands.
"suspicious animal" 924 east 1950 road- caller attacked by 2 dogs- caller refused medics.
2226 marvonne road, White male, early 20's, subject riding a bike, crying, talking about a computer, "not making any sense".
Dude on montery Way and bob Billings is dancing around and acting strangely. Check welfare.
Medical Call to 7th and Mass- code green, non-emergent
Medical call. 7th and Mass.
LHS call was for a battery. someone got whooped.
Request to speak to an officer at LHS.
1536 Legends trail Drive- medical call.
620 Woodson Ave- damage to vehicle.
1800 west 23rd-something going down...
Well's Overlook fire is a controlled burn. Whew! didn't want my favorite clubhouse to burn down. Love the overlook.
medical call, pediatric breathing trouble at the trailer park on 2200 Harper
Well's overlook, grass fire.
DAMAGE TO VEHICLE, 10th and Louisiana, several vehicles, in fact have been damaged on that block.
burglary 2001 west 6th, occured last night. X-box and Computer taken. THAT SUCKS!!!!
Black hound dog on the loose downtown...1000 block of Mass.