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Friday, January 28

Disturbance, no weapons

College Motel on 6th- father of the callers child is there, refusing to leave and causing a problem.


There is a disturbance at The Granada- big freaking suprise there-called in by the police and back-up requested.
This is shaping up to be like last friday fight night.

Physical Altercation

Macelli's Downtown- in the alley behind the restuarant-4-5 people fighting- physical-now starting to calm down. Whaite male in a tank top is now walking to mass street. Probably to stir up more problems.


2511 west 31rst- "the Reserve". possible smell of marijuana. what kind of asshole calls the cops on his neighbors for that???

Wanted person

800 New hampshire- panchamama's. someone knows this dude has warrants and wants him gone

Barking Dog

3100 west 22nd street. you better believe I'd have a ferocious dog if I lived in that area.

Medical Call

to the county jail. I have worked as a nurse in some county jails...and it's got to be pretty serious if they send you out. I am not sure how this county jail's medical facilities are though.
Sounds like it's a seizure. No county I ever worked for would have shipped out for a seizure.

Dead Cruiser

copcar broke down on 9th and Indiana. made a rattling noise and died.

"special call"

2011 Kentucky street. Does anybody know what that means?

Non-injury accident

9th and tennessee

Disturbance, no weapons

8th and New Hampshire...called in by PD

Check Welfare

15th and ohio- caller saw subject wreck his bike and get up and sit on the curb.

Criminal Damage

Papa Keno's- reports of graffitti

Criminal Damage in progress

2824 University- caller has someone in her driveway tearing up her yard.

Non-injury accident

4 cars at 19th and Larnard

Medical Call

at the Community Drop-in. subject is feeling "faint".

Medical Call

19th and naismith- caller is in a car- maybe having an allergic reaction.

Attempt to Locate

Red stationwagon on Hwy 40- driving erratically on the shoulder, crossing center line. caller is following them, i bet theyy got them.


Hashinger Hall, suspected odor of Marijuana

Parking violations

Irving hill- "tour bus" blocking traffic

I'm Back!

remember, if your out tonight text me pics! 785-766-1640
Auto burglary at spanish crest apartments. I'm pretty sure thos are on Redbud Lane.

Check Back..

I'll be back in a couple of hours...and I'll be with ya all night!!!!!

Check Welfare

Kansas River Bridge south of I-70. caller saw a male subject standing on the river ice. Not safe, dude.

Attempt to Locate

2007 dodge truck 594 CUV- tweety bird sticker- wanted for a material witness warrant.


420 Arkansas street- strange "odor", caller thinks it may be drug-related. fire en route.

leaving the scene of an accident

light blue truck- left the scene of a non-injury accident at city hall.

Non-injury accident

1000 block of conneticut

Attempt to Locate

Connetic and 19th- pulled out of kids on the road- possibly drunk- silver honda

Found property

Caller says he found a cash register in his grandson's bedroom.


Trent Court- happened this morning, suspect info.

Parking violations

New hampshire street- a white cadillac has been left running for a couple of hours

911 Hang-up

"On the Border". no answer on call-back.


request LPD meet at lot 91 reference handgun in a van.

Disturbance, no weapons

1347 New hampshire- drunk subjects are being verbally abusive. dispute between neighbors

CR 442

Semi slid off the road- blocking entire roadway. use a different route.

Non-injury accident

occured at 9th and Maine- caller is now at LMH at 6th and maine.

indecent exposure

9th and rhode island- white male, plaid jacket- young male in early 20's is exposing himself as people walk by.
It's nice out, but not THAT nice.

Happy Friday!!!

It's a beautiful day out there! That tends to make people misbehave.......

Good Night!

Check back later- I'll be up with ya all night long Friday and Saturday!

Attempt to Locate

red chevy caprice- eastbound on 19th fron Naismith. reckless driver

Civil standby

2600 west 6th- gal fron fight earlier wants to get back into apartment.

Good Luck....

Dispatch is trying to get a hold of someone to come pick up some poor scmucks car-who I assume is headed to jail- but they specified the guy can only pick it up if he is sober.

Noise Complaint

4101 west 24th- The Legends- loud noise, loud people

Attempt to Locate

newer model white minivan, last seen westbound on 9th from Illinois. driver could barely stand before she got into vehicle and unable to maintain a lane.
It's a freaking jungle out there.

Blue Phone Hang-up

Northeast of Eaton Hall. Unit en route to check it out. haha, that rhymed.

Fight- physical

In the area of 9th and Mass-calling party said the altercation was between 8-9 people.

Medical Call

overdose on pills on Michigan Street

Abe And Jake's

Police describe a "Large disturbance"/

Noise Complaint

3800 block of McCormick Street. Loud bass.

Quinton's Bar and Grill

Police on scene- not for any particular reason....yet.


is this thing on??

theft of a motorcycle

2859 Four wheel drive, occurred yesterday. And for some reason he is reporting it now. after midnight.

Carbon Minoxide Alarm

1125 Indiana Street. patient is in the ER

Noise Complaint

3100 Ousdahl, loud music