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Monday, December 27

1400 north 1062 road. callers husband went outside to help a guy change the tire on his truck 45 minutes ago and hasnt returned. she is concerned.
Sometimes these things take awhile.
west 21rst street- 3200 block- "subject fallen"?
could be wrong about this- 1400 mass- officer with someone in custody in a black toyota truck???? Sorry, kid was having a meltdown, this could be 2 different calls.
23rd and Harper- transient trying to catch a ride to get some drugs. Well, it probably is a long walk to Redbud Lane.
4109 harvard rd- tresspassing- kids walking through some guys yard..."Kids, stay off the grass!!!!! (shaking fist)"
east 19th-brother is threatening to kill he if she doesnt leave.
theft on 500 block of Minnesota. now there's a big suprise.
Alarm at Central National Bank on 9th.
2500 west 6th street- noise complaint for loud music.
Jayhawk Pawn- burglary alarm.
916 Kentucky- theft- caller found some a-hole in his back yard stealing part of an artifical tree. When confronted this tree surgeon threatened to cut him.
medical call resulting in a code blue- off Jana and harvard.
2600 block of Bond Place (ill look it up) burglary in progress- neighbor seeing someone walking around a vacant house with a history of being burglarized. light are now on in the place.
Johnson County requesting a back up unit for some troublemaker on K-10, just past the Eudora exit.
west 22nd street- medical-caller is requesting non-emergency-
took a long break this afternoon- did I miss anything?
someone is headed to jail in Shawnee County- and you thought Douglas County sucked? Just wait.
9th and Vermont- medical call-female passed out in  the middle of the roadway. classy.
2000 block of 6th street- roadway obstuction.
5000 Clinton Parkway- medical emergency- someone took a lot of medicine- unsure if accidental or on purpose.
Phoneix Gallery- theft-white girl with blonde hair came in to return something and went ahead and stole something else while she was there.
10th and New hampshire- Animal welfare check
1300 block of west 2nd street- medical call-fall
3009 Oxford rd-possibly doing drugs- in a car. Car is on the move....2 units en route.
South Jr. High- burglary alarm
Animal welfare check on west 25.
So I just heard this scumbag I knew in high schools name over the scanner-starting fights at the trailer park. Still a scumbag, sounds like.
Lincoln street in Baldwin, domesstic disturbance between mom and son, who is causing "domestic problems".
call from a guy who is requesting an officer call him back regarding "questions about his criminal record".
507 Colorado Street- noise complaint for Loud Music. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hwy 59- attempt to locate a cream colored passenger car- car is weaving all over the road and driving horribly.
Disturbance with no weapons- clinton parkway and lakepoint Drive- caller was approached by a male who yelled at her for walking her dogs outside and threatened to turn his dogs loose on her.
There is an address he was seen going back into- probably to hit that crack pipe again.
Green Ford Ranger- headed east on 7th Street- some busybody called the police because they "had a very loud stereo". Jesus CHrist, at least they were moving.....
Phone call for an officer from a gal who has questions about her daughter. WTF????
medical call-Johnson Ave- by Barker and Leonard- for breathing problems
if you are parked illegally at 320 Maine street- you better go get your car before it's towed.
Medical Call to trail Ridge apartments for a "sick person". I hate it when there are no further details.
2500 Block of Winterbrook Drive- domestic disturbance called in by a person who is not in the residence and can hear doors slamming and screaming. Please just tell me there are no kids there....
a couple of medical calls- chest pains at the county jail- inmate transported
And chest pains at Mrs. E's on campus.
disturbance at bufflalo wild wings. asking for money and stuff.
ANother Burglary at The Sonic Drive In. The last call showed the building secure.