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Tuesday, December 21

Theft= subject is in ER- report that his roommate stole his narcotics.....hmmmmm.....
Theft= subject is in ER- report that his roommate stole his narcotics.....hmmmmm.....
Elm Street- Theft with suspect info.
K-10 bypass- guy is walking and called the police to say he thinks he might be wanted by the police.
Business alarm at Quiznos.
Bail bondsman called for assistance for help revoking a bond- sorry guys, not gonna put the address, dont want to give the guy a head start!
East 1750- vehicle Accident-non-ermergent
Difficulty Breathing on Perry Street- open line, dispatch has lost contact.
North 3rd Street-check welfare- reference 20 year old female and her boyfriend who are asking people for a ride to the next county.
Presto north 3rd-check welfare-subject in front of store talking to himself and punching the air.
Yep, sounds like a quick looksie is a great idea.
East 1450 road- vicious animal- victim is at LMH.
"consultant 4, city-at-large" what does that mean??????
Some other criminal BS on Redbud Lane- 3 suspects walking- one has a shirt tied around his head....

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane.
Report of sex crime at the boat docks at Burcham- guy came up to a woman and tried to solicit her for sexual favors......Just a tidbit of advice-thinking some is a prostitute is kinda like thinking someone is pregnant- never say anything until you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE.
Loose cat in New Hampshire Street parking garage.
Eudora police responding to a "child out of control" and mom wants him gone. 18 years old, extensive history.
Open 911 call, can hear couple fighting about money...quail creek apartments...history with this cell number.
1027 MISSISSIPPI- caller says someone is smoking in the common area laundry room.
People are so weird these days...just ask them to put it out if it bothers you...i mean...calling the cops? Doing laundry sucks enough, as it is.
American Eagle Outfitters- shoplifting in progress. In the fitting room right now...loading up.
Coral Berry Drive, there's some "ding-dong ditching" going on...makes me giggle a little.
2300 BLOCK OF HAWTHORNE DRIVE- possible alcohol poisoning..medic en route
Bishop Street- "severe nosebleed"
Hang on; i've got to google that and see where that street is...
FIGHT IN PROGRES ON PERRY STREET- physical, no weapons, history at this address, 2 makes, the caller and a female.
3000 Rimrock Drive, noise complaint. Loud car stereo.
Fire alarm at 111 East 11th- yes, the Law Enforcement Center. They are actually calling it a structure fire.
I would avoid that area until I post an all-clear
Complaint from subject that someone put his image on you tube without his permission. Yes, that would piss me off a lot, if it was disparaging.
Elm Street-possible "wanted person". Overdue work release person- didn't make it back to jail tonight. This is the last known address of his construction company.
Bet he won't be getting work release again..
Fire Alarm, Bailey Hall
kasold- domestic disturbance..sounds pretty intense. ahhh..the Holidays...
west 6th st. domestic- wife was arrested yesterday, guess she got sprung and is back to cause more trouble.
north 1300 road- subject is possible signal 4? possibly wanted for crimes of the past? not %100 percent sure- was changing a diaper, sorry.
west 24th terrace- vicious dog- tried to attack the callers dog. I gotta say, I think having a vicious animal in that neighborhood is probably a good idea.
Maple street-suspicious activity- guy hanging around asking for money
1519 west 23rd- non-injury accident
1600 Haskell AVe- attempt to locate "things in the air"......the calls are getting more frequent about this, and I have come to learn they are al from the same apartment....I would love to hear your theories....
westbound oh Hwy 40, possible drunk driver-white passenger car- caller is following-car unable to maintain lane.
Harvard Rd- check welfare. Subject has been missing for a few days..has history os suicidal threats.
Forgery in progress at the Kwik Shop on 6th. This genius wrote bad checks earlier today and returned to write more.
Fa la la la la. la. la. Shoplifting at Kohl's. Merry Christmas. Subject is about to be stopped by security in the store. These can get ugly.
Oh crap. The vehicle stolen from the parking garage was a silver 2001 Dodge Neon, and the person had a really expensive Gibson banjo inside. That sucks. Cops are "attempting to locate" now, though the vehicle was stolen overnight...
We have been experiencing technical difficulties and will be back to 100% soon!
630, 600 Ash St., 3 suspicious vehicles, suspicious activity. Possible burglary in progress.
1251 E 1900 rd. Smoke alarm, fire alarm. It sounds like a false alarm. You can usually tell this by the dispatchers voice.

Yep, they disregarded it.

Lawrence police are in route to a call about a 12 year old boy on a roof top, looking into windows. Didn't catch the address yet.
927 NH. Theft of vehicle inside parking garage. Officer is there now making report.
scanner has been quiet for a while. We are just now picking up on a call @ 900 TN.
Heard a cop taking someone "combative" to jail. I could hear this champ yelling over the radio. Now they just called for radio.
Unknown emergency at 20th and barker. Bunch of people, including a child, screaming for help.