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Tuesday, November 30

Kinda quiet right now......
400 block of Hiway 40-check welfare-2 female walking eastbound down the highway....maybe related to that wreck with the missing driver???? I wonder.
for some reason, there is a "Hold" being placed on a vehicle on 19th- the officer doesn't want anyone messing with it or looking into it. curious.
3a3,3a1, Fight! Mrning Dove Circle, no other information, the reporting party is very distraught.
So cops called Hwy 40 drivers home-roommates said he was at work at Kokoro. They went to Kokoro and they had never heard of him. Cops are requesting aircraft???? I guess the search is on...
Baldwin- jersey street- medical call
2b1-attempt to contact vehicle that is on it's side on Hwy 40's owner. Wonder what his story is going to be.
O'Malleys beverage-burglar alarm....
Cops en route to LMH with prisoner-usually means forced blood draw.
unable to tell is anyone is in the car. vehicle 20-30 ft. off roadway. dude, get out of your car and look, caller is just standing by.
300 blk of hwy 40- non-injury accident. Vehicle in ditch on it's side. lucky there isn't any injuries.
2b1 Redbud Lane- medical call-reporting party is LMH- got a call that lady's husband is combative and husband was trying to take the phone away....this oughtta be interesting....

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud lane.
2d3, 2d8- walnut street-physical fight between male and female-no recent history at this address-female being uncooperative with police, advising male is "somewhere in the house". Why do people call the cops for help and then be uncooperative?
2b1-22nd and quail creek, non-injury accident...
928 New Jersey- neighbor hasn't been seen in 2 days-vehicle is there-hx of illness, medical standby...
Morningside drive-son has been destroying things at house (sounds like last call) and they want him gone. he did leave on foot.
Pawnee Avenue-2c2,2c6-disturbance, son has been tearing things up in the house-son left with his wife and suppossed to return in 2 minutes. Caller is concerned if son see's cops he may run. triple duh.
2d9-Noise complaint 900 block of Mass-loud drummer, ongoing problem. Really????Where do you want him to drum them, seems like downtown, in a busy area is just about the perfect place.
Baldwin-110 North 8th- Dollar general theft, but the reporting party is meeting cops at quick shop-thinks it's an 'inside job".
1700 block of west 24th. Loud Stereo. probably a ghetto blaster...tehehehehe...
Locust Street-all the Railroad arms are down and lights flashing- but no trains. wait for it.......
700 block Maine- child welfare check- 5 year old outside unsupervised- reporting party is standing by. It is awfully late and cold...and 5 years old is a little young.
Biggs BarB Q-suspicious activity with weapons- 2 subjects in parking lot- 1 with a gun. walking back and forth...
Hit and Run on Mass- older lady in a white, beat-to-hell buick hit a kid on a bike-kid appears to have no injuries, thank god.
Disturbance at Buffalo Wild Wings- man and woman with a baby getting rowdy. Yes, the woman is holding a baby...sigh....
Action at the college motel. Room 1. Police are called sometimes to get people out of the room for "over staying" their visit.
check welfare-check on someone who is behind Zen Zero...didn't catch the specifics because this dispatcher mumbles and seems to just fade out......
Michigan Street-911 hang-up.
So for some reason the cops are calling for extra manpower at the Miller Scholarship Hall call. And dude has a warrant out of topeks. I think he is having a really bad night.
One of the scholarship halls- a gal has some poor sap, aka, ex-boyfriend-tapping on her bedroom window. They have had problems with him before.
Foot patrol on going on at campus.
There was a case of bourbon mentioned, but I didn't catch the whole thing.
3a1- Sigma Nu Place-Medical Call-subject passed out. And it's not even pledge week.
3a3-Wakarusa-at that kwik shop, guys in black ski masks walking around. Hmmm, suspicious or cold???
Oh-they are also carrying a baseball bat. It is definately NOT baseball season.
Glass House liquor- burglary alarm.