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Tuesday, December 28

Jimmy Johns on Mass Street- some guy wants to "turn himself in". I guess he just wanted a sammich first.
1908 west 19th- harrassment- whatever....
Harrassment at The WalMart on 6th- someone was yelling at him. Geez, that's even the classy Walmart.
A runaway is being returned to edingburg street. I hope they kept the receipt.
1000 block of west 29th terrace- disturbance, no weapons (yet) caller heard some noise in her 13year old daughters room and found a 16year old boy there.
They are trying to keep him in the residence and the kid-the 16 year old- is trying to leave. Can't say that I blame him.
This is a weird deal. Guy jumps out of cop car.
central national bank on 9th- burglary alarm. again.
PD has guy pulled over on 9th and NH. But then left quickly.
1300 block of Ohio- male yelling and chasing female. last seen southbound in Alley.
308 west 12th street- STRONGARM HOLD-UP- guy was walking, car rolled up and demanded dude's wallet- maybe with a gun. Jesus Christ that's scary.
Black 4 door- female driver.
15th and Legends Trail Drive- loud music and Loud people. Anymore, as long as they aren't trying to kill each other I say leave them be.
Lawrence Ave- the "church behind the school"- a group of 7th graders are "running away" and that's where they are a construction area.
Yeah, I say leave them there- I give them 2 hours without Easy-mac and their X-box.
1908 east 19th- turn your ghetto blaster down, the whole trailer park can hear for god's sake.
private tow at 1030 north 3rd- unoccupied vehicle left there 2-3 that Jayhawk motel?
2100 block of Kasold drive- difficulty breathing medical call.
1100 block of east 1332- subject fell.
HEY! 1015 Mississippi- your band is too loud!!!!!!
Blockbuster panic alarm..... maybe cause blockbuster sucks and their stocks are worth crap?
fire alarm at frasier hall
medical call 1900 block of maple lane for a "sick person"
1004 north 3 rd street. Is that the jayhawk motel? Caller says there is a female smoking in her room and wants her removed. Smoking what?
Major domestic going down.... too many to list. Post Holiday Drama. This is proven to be bad for the kids.

One call: Dad is in basement calling police. She's upstairs. Threatening him....

3300 Iowa is a Trailer park?. Domestic? Is this the one behind the big movie theater?

226 Michigan is still active. 2 officers there now. Hmmm. This was the "Strangling" call.
Call in woman was found strangled? Also info for a blue minivan? This isn't coming through very clearly...

226 Michigan is where the van and victim are?, 3323 Iowa was info on perpetrator?

Signal #, Mental on Tennessee, has long history.

327 Kansas auto burglary in progress right now.

The scanner is going wild. I can't catch everything....but I think the strangling was called off. Nothing there.

500 Greystone Apt 2 daughter 12 years old pushed out window and ran off, reported as a runaway.
There is a call in for a guy pan-handling at Conoco... Didn't catch which one. If this is illegal, where is panhandling legal?
Medical call. 165 E 1400 rd. Breathing issues.
Natural gas smell 528 winfield
900 Iowa, structure fire?
Shopplifter BUSTED. Hobbs, 700 Mass. She got her "go jail card" today over a pair of jeans.
panic alarm at The Merc- geez- i was there 15 minutes ago.
Medical on Inverness rd. Transfer to LMH. Apt 104. Psych/code orange and becoming violent. Is this the same gal who is constantly looking for a cat named Sarah? We have heard a call here before.
Disturbance at the toy store on mass. Guy wearing all red came into business and started screaming obscenities.
Rhode island street- 16 month old locked inside unattended.
identity theft- strange- they want contact at the fire dept.
cap fed saving on Iowa street- panic alarm. Geez- today is THE DAY for bank panic alarms.
1700 block of Mass- civil standby for landlord/ tenant issues. those are SOME issues!
1615 Lindenwood, the shelter, 16 year old female tearing up the house, hurt herself, was violent with the caller. Sounds like a very sad, sad situation.
1621 edgehill rd- some greek house- burglary alarm
Civil standby on east 19th. I'm pretty sure this is a friend of mine and I hope everything is OK for you!
Check welfare on a lady with some recent health problems- missed the address though.
theft at Hurricaine Alley carwash. Someone stole the callers purse out of her vehicle- she has been at her vehicle but never saw anyone take it. weird.
Action Credit on 23rd- business alarm.
stop on K-10 is coming back as a signal 15 from 2006. My signal code list stops at 14, so more research must be done, be back in a second.
If anyone knows, please fill me in.
panic alarm at midwest regional credit union on west 6th street.
suicidal patient-call received from Bert Nash- stated he was going to kill 2 other people- no location known. This is really quite scary.Guy is homeless- uses a cane.
I don't know how they are going to find this guy, but I sincerely hope they do before anything tragic happens.
loose german shapard around the 23rd and Mass area- last seen at 22nd and Ohio.
2300 block at north 100- subject found 4 or 5 deer carcasses- ewwwwww.....
east 1000 rd- burglary alarm
noise complaint at 816 Mass- above this location. If you can't be loud downtown, where CAN you be loud?
Tresspassing at the Kwik Shop on Mass-white male in business, mumbling. Reporting party requests he be removed.
bank at 1201 wakarusa- panic alarm
Hanover Place- check welfare- mom hasn't talked to daughter 21 year old- since sunday. It's Tuesday, right?
another leaving the scene of non-injury accident- on Ohio- suspect being followed.
3241 Iowa- green dodge dakota- leaving the scene of a non-injury accident. they are being followed by caller. Looks like they may be headed back to the scene. Alright- cops have him. HA!
Loose cat 2200 block of Mass Street. Who cares.
someone just got pulled over with 4 active suspensions on their license. probably shouldnt be driving until you get those taken care of.
600 block of Schwarz- residence check- boyfriend says he is going to break into girls apartment.
douglas county bank on church street- panic alarm