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Friday, January 14

car getting pulled over at 27th and Redbud.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane
4000 block of overland drive- "sick person". I bet EMS just looooooves that-walking in with no idea what is going on.
Oh- just clarified- its a hemmorrage
deerridge court- in baldwin- residential burglary- caller returned home and found her dog was out and heard footsteps upstairs- but all the doors were locked.
civil standby- east 800 rd- referenceing earlier medical call- maybe the possible alcohol poisoning?
Crestline Place- medical call- fall and a laceration.
2700 block of Iowa- report of an man in a stocking cap staggering...wonder if it was the dude i gave $5 to earlier?
east 800 rd- possible alcohol poisoning
non-injury accident at West Jr. High
Two older intoxicated "gentlemen" hanging out by the Jaybowl/Hawks nest
drugs or narcotics at the trailer park on michigan- caller took vehicle back from sister and believes there may be dope in the trunk. Whew. That a good way to end up in the trunk yourself.. .be careful who you rat on...make sure its anonymous,  I mean, she's gonna know who it is?
23rd and Haskell- 3 vehicle non-injury accident
non-injury accident at north 2nd and Locust- truck ran into the railing
Seizures at the Salvation Army....sounds like the name of a punk-rock band's Debut Album
East 19th Trailer Park- medical call for a "fall that occurred several days ago."
The Grove on West 24th- someone located a vehicle that left the scene of an accident.
guy at 6th and iowa id a blue hat looks confused and disoriented. Welfare check.
Disturbance, no weapons on Pinecone Drive- caller heard screaming coming from basement- male screaming...creepy.
1722 Ohio- burglary....
5000 clinton parkway- civil standby-someone getting served.
white suburban northbound on 6th- a-hole ran the caller off the road. damn SUV's.
civil standby at Burger King in North Lawrence- child exchange
firw alarm, mccollough hall
Fire alarm at Jayhawk towers- no fire found at this time.
non-injury accident- clinton parkway and wakarusa- refusing medics
Call for a guy panhandling in front of TJ max- from the description it sounds just like the guy I gave $5.00 to in front of wal-mart.
Email harrassment on west 22nd.
The search that resulted from disturbance on 6th led to an address and the owner will not give consent to search residence. Warrant coming.....duh....
Violation of PFA on Brush Creek.
3530 west 6th- subject flashed a gun at an employee....have make/model and tag of vehicle.
729 Michigan- theft-occured sometime of christmas break. I imagine there may be many more of there calls as the students return.
burglary alarm at Strong hall
25th and Ridge Court- civil standby
Seizure at the Riverfront Plaza
Alarm at Spencer Art Museum
Kasold drive- douglas county bank burglary alarm
medical call to First med on Ridge Court- unknown reason thus far.
2300 louisiana- someone's been writing bad checks...and from the sounds of ot they are going to get caught.
animal welfare check on Campbell Court- animal "under the patio"
Attempt to Locate- semi pulling a dollar general trailer- exited the turnpike in the entrance lane. Livin' on the edge...
Loose dog on Locust Street- large lab

Back in Service

Had to take a little break- but I'm back and since it's too cold to go anywhere, I will be here for awhile...