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Tuesday, January 4

West 25th, 600 block, someone making suicidal threats....dispatch trying to get a good address.
shift change...ho hum....
2457 Missouri Street- suspicious activity- caller says a dude with a hoodie is knocking on her door.
Best Buy parking lot- disturbance going down- friend of the caller is in the back bed of his truck and won't get out. some friend.
827 Arkansas Street- domestic disturbance-gals ex-husband is at the residence causing problems and they want him removed. Sometimes it is so CRYSTAL CLEAR why they are ex's......
fire alarm, jayhawk tower.
residential alarm, north 900 road.
1045 Hilltop- Hillcrest elementary school- alarm
2700 Block Bonanza street- criminal damage-2 male children busting something up.
really quiet tonight....just traffic stops so far....
Seizure at The City Hall
theft at quail creek apartments- theft of a trailer.
Oak tree drive- loose dog.
fire alarm on tennesse- units on scene report "nothing showing"
1303 Summit street- animal bite- a pit bull bit the caller's dog.
2001 west 6th- criminal damage
3400 block of harvard road- domestic disturbance with a knife. Caller is saying that his father is trying to kill him- the caller is a 48year old male, so his dad has got to be about 70 years old.

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

AIRCRAFT ALERT: KCI Airport. 79 on board. Have not heard what the problem is still working to find out more.

stay tuned...and check out operation 100's site while you're at it.
811 east 11th street- medical call for foot pain. That must be some stubbed toe.
2339 Iowa street- caught dog
3425 Aldrige street- fire alarm
west 6th street- suicidal comments....
1600 Haskell- check welfare-unsure why, was unable to understand what the dispatcher said.

Another car burglary.......another carhart jacket.......

auto burglary at the IHOP- suspect wearing a carhart jacket...yes, it is Michael Hodges- same guy who was caught stealing a car just a few days ago....
2205 west 26th - caller is hearing a domestic disturbance.
2400 west 24th terrace- female on phone reporting  domestic disturbance and makinh suicidal comments.
missing adult- last seen at LMH on Saturday...they contacted the jail and he isnt there either. he is not at his home on Powers, either.
Sound of gunshots at 11th and maine. Sound of 5 gunshots- 2 callers. I'm betting it's fireworks.
915 Alabama street- subject is banging loudly on subjects door-something about they had to go out on the porch to get to that door.....whatever.
2107 Harvard Road- disturbance, no weapons- male subject is drunk, borrowed the callers car (smart move, jackass) and now the drunk guy won't give back the keys.
1704 West 24th Street- Physical altercation- caller can hear males fighting...two males with masks on were seen fighting through the peephole. i would reccommend not opening that door.