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Sunday, November 7

lots of people getting pulled over on Ousdahl.
3c2,3c3-Fight on 2800 Kensington Rd. Started as a 911 hang-up, then dispatch called back and female reported a fight-then hung up.
3c4- 911 hang-up at Babcock place. Don't hear much about that place.
Disturbance in the ER at LMH, mental health patient trying to leave...
slowwwwww night.
White Nissan Sentra getting pulled over with no tag on 23rd.
Someone's dog is going to doggy-jail.
Someone from Missouri got pulled over- hasn't had a license for over 3 years. Go home dude, after your trip to the county jail.
A cop witnessed a skateboarder "crah and burn" at 9th and Avalon. Paramedics en route. That is a steep hill.
2900 blk Santa Fe Lane- Domestic- woman want husband out of residence. Verbal only at this time
2b5-2300 ridge court-Hampton Court- female called said she needed police, was crying, no apartment number. unable to call back.
100 block west 17th-routine traffic stop
A blue car hit a stop sign and drove away-no descrition on the vehicle. The reporting party is drunk too. not even sure where it happened. SOmeone needs to take this asshole's phone away.
OK! Was having technical difficulties- both scanner sources were off-line for a bit, but problem solved so let's see what's going down tonight.

Calling it a night...

No calls for a while, and I better get my work done. I will be back tomorrow night, so be sure to check in and see what's happening....or see what happened while you were sleeping. Good night/morning...whatever.
1241 ohio-trespassing-homeboy wont leave.
2400 Alabama Street, loud party.
Days Inn-some dumb ass took a cab to the hotel, then refused to pay. Then they went to their room. And the cabbie followed them. So they know exactly where dumb ass is and the cops will probably take him to jail. good.
Kwik shop on 9th- reporting party wants someone to leave parking lot.
noise complaint-25th and Via Linda-noise complaint of loud bass-no description. if you're gonna call in, at least have some sort of a description, really. The cops aren't superman.
1800 naismith drive-loud music coming from dark SUV
3d2, 3d4- 1127 indiana st, open line to 911-female crying in background....
3a6-Harvard and Montery way-female laying on sidewalk. Declining medical.
13th and Haskell-subject laying on ground. Isn't it funny that is considered illegal??
3b1-possible vehicle theft on Ridge Court. She says someone took vehicle without permission. Not sure why the term "possible" is included in that call, but, whatever.
3400 block of Aldridge- traffic stop requesting back-up. Usuallly means DUI.
1039 Rhode Island-Burglury in progress-resident thinks there is someone in her apartment. She THINKS she heard doors opening but isn't sure.
She just called back, hears someone in her roommates bedroom and is hiding in her closet.
McDonalds at 23rd- possible suicide attempt and verbal argument. There is a time and place for everything...and this is not the place. Time of nioght is just about right though.
3d4- 911 Indiana- in reference to a vehicle that's missing???
lots of people getting pulled over downtown.
911 hang-up, 1000 monterey way.
Computer problems with entire law enforcement system
not a lot ging on right now, all the cops are busy with taking all these traffic stops to jail.
from the fire in Baldwin-medics are transporting and fire is requesting extra manpower. doesnt sound like things are going well out there.
Oliver Hall-verbal argument. Front desk asked someone to leave and he hasn't done so. No manners.
3a3-1300 block of west Campus Road- someone drove by and saw someone passed out.
827 walnut-domestic violence occured 1 hour ago. Boyfriend attacked girlfriend and now he's asleep. So now she's calling it in. My guess is he's going to be reallly pissed when he wakes. Good. you're not suppossed to hit girls, ASSHOLE!
Armed robbery at 7th and Maine??? details sketchy.
4501 Wimbeldon Dr; loud music, and loud people.
Baldwin- dearborn street-structure fire. Gosh, I hope everyone gets out ok.
redbud lane- traffic stop.
nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane.
3a6-1605 west 9th street-something on fire?????
3d2-845 Mississippi, calling party was mugged.
3a5- fight on Longhorn drive, calling party requesting non-emergency. Fight was physical, is now over. Time to be a tattletail.
traffic stops...blah, blah, blah....
as usual, traffic stops after midnight don't end well for the driver. Unless you consider going to jail a happy ending.
2400 Surrey drive, drunkards fighting and partying in the street. whoo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!
3a6-tresspassing on coventry manor. wherever the hell that is.
23rd street brewery- medical call-woman hit in head? reporting party has no other info at this time. gthat place is kinda rough.
someone passed out on 7th, between Mass and New Hampshire.
sound of gunshots, 3100 ousdahl road.
3d3-1121 Louisiana street-someone parked in a private spot and they are getting towed.
Hiway 59- drunk driver-they are actually sending a unit-green van-mile marker 145- all over the road, speedimng. the reporting car is following.
3a5-welfare check on Emery Road- some drunk chick in a black dress is drunk. Is it considered a "walk of shame" if it's after midnight? Or is it just walking home?
2511 west 31rst street-fire alarm. from the tone of the dispatcher, i think this happens a lot.