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Tuesday, January 11

3600 block of west 10th- caller is concerned because the garage door was left open and this is not typical
sounds like a little something going down at the Virginia Inn- a wanted vehicle....nothing but trouble from that place.
Walgreens on 23rd- same subject who had a disturbance with a customer a week ago is back, in the parking lot asking for money.
1000 block of Ohio- noise complaint-possibly a loud party. thats dedication- being tuesday night and all...
fire alarm-greenway circle
stolen wallet on Conneticut street.
331 Johnson Avenue- 911 hang-up.
Verbal dispute on Centennial Drive...neighbor against neighbor.
residence check on Sunset Drive- caller believes residence has been tampered with.
Eisenhower Street- audible fire alarm.
Child out of control- again- on Hurricaine Lane- same problems as earlier- dispatch can hear child yelling about homework.
Sounds like pretty soon that child might have something real to yell about. Like Juvie.
east 700 rd- non-injury accident-caller ran off the road at hit a natural gas tank- caller is able to hear it.
23rd and Alabama- white Kia with Missouri tags- unable to maintain lane, bouncing off snow banks. Isn't that just how they drive in Missouri?
102 Indian Avenue- residential alarm
child out of control on Hurricaine Lane-
2 year old locked in a running vehicle at the Eudora Kwik Shop.  That is legal if the parent maintains a line of sight. We have checked on that.
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suspicious activity at Hy-vee- a panhandler blocked the caller in. whatever that means.
Noise complaint on west 31rst street.
Dearborn (?) street in Baldwin- someone thinks someone in a car is doing drugs.......what else would they be doing in a parking lot when it's like 10 freaking degrees?
2100 Kasold- medical call for abdominal pain