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Sunday, January 2

2700 block of Ridge Court-2 people tried to grab some good description. he's lucky he got away.
500 block of county road 360- cop just rolled up on a wrecked car-checking for injuiries.
east 1000 rd, sounds like someone is not pulling over.
2b3-3100 residential burglary-"the exchange"
criminal damage in progress- on emery road, subject throwing rocks at windows....
some dude walked into Walmart, took some TV's and left. on foot. should be easy to find. look for the guy carrying TV's?
1141 pennsylvania- suspicious activity-white male came up to hopuse and asked about firewood, and then said he was a transient. well, transients probably DO need firewood.
1600 haskell- attempt to locate.."things in the air"
2d1-noise complaint-3rd and Michigan
check welfare on some yahoo on the 1300 block of Haskell....some cat in army pants needs a checking on.
west 24th street- request to speak to an officer-something about an abandoned vehicle and this sleuth knows where the owner is.
girl had wild party, now she is calling police because stuff is missing around the house.
2b3-resident check-east 19th street- came home and the TV is on, and she SWEARS she turned it off when she left. maybe something set off your clapper. clap on...clap off.
attempt to locate a DRUNK DRIVER ON SAGEBRUSH- BUT CALLER DOESN'T KNOW IF HE'S GOING EAST OR WEST. hmmmm. whose the drunk one? doesnt know if it's a truck or a car.
recall to the Ponderosa call- girl has starting yelling and being verbally abusive again. now there;s a big freaking suprise/

Sex Offender Absconder Has Been Caught.

This sick freak has been caught and is in custody...

Bruce Franklin Burns
People are passed out all over town? There are a few different calls of people passed out...?
west 22nd court...subject passed out..duh....
1220 louisiana- medical..police called for it.
23rd and ponderosa- son's girlfriend is yelling, cussing and kicking doors. trouble on the cowboy streets tonight.
violation of PFA on Abeline.....those "cowboy streets" are trouble
another civil standby on Kentucky.
civil standby at Mcdonalds. wow, that's pretty sad that you can't even do a peaceful child exchange at playland.
silver dodge 4 door truck-possible drunk driver, just exited on the east lawrence exit. called in by KTA
east 1300 rd- burglary alarm
police have reported to pre-game assignmemnts.
2c2- parking violation at Dillons on 23rd- red truck parked in Handicapp stall. that's a hefty ticket.
900 Ohio- bank of America- alarm
threats 2700 west 27th Holcomb rec Center-group of kids in the gym weight room area- talking trash.
fire alarm on east 21rst terrace.
green hall- some subject are in the building and the caller is unsure if they are authorized to be there.
someone's shooting deer outside the hunting season.
burglary alarm- 1628 Highway 40- that statuary store.
323 north 1600 road- 3 loose cows.
Easy Livin' Trailer Park- medical call for "fainting".
loose dog on 3300 blco of west 22nd terr- caller believes the dog is hurt.
801 iowa- criminal damage at the quality inn- someone trashed a room.
attempt to locate/ check welfare on 15 year old-she is suppossed to be with her father- driving to Aurora Colorado-suppossed to be going on "vacation", but all her clothes are gone and the gun safe is empty.
building check at the east 19th trailer park-back door of trailer is open- caller yelled inside and noone answered. Door was not open ay 7am. (1c4)
Guy was out walking his dog and found 2 television sets in the bushes. Haven't caught the address yet.
residential burglary on Quail Creek Drive.
telephone harrassment on east 226 road. why don't people just use call blocking?
Lawrence Ave- medical call- possible heart attack.
scanner has been really quiet today. Post NYE silence?

Two Idiots Involved In Theft at Wal-Mart, Wreck Vehicles.

There is a shoplifting call to Wal-Mart almost EVERY DAY.

A 25-year-old Hutchinson woman and 30-year-old Hutchinson man were arrested Friday evening after an altercation that started at Walmart, 3300 Iowa. According to Lawrence Police Sgt. Randy Roberts, police were dispatched to the store for a shoplifting call about 4:50 p.m. The suspects had taken electronics from the store, and when store security confronted them, an altercation occurred in the parking lot.

Roberts said the man was arrested at the scene on charges of assault, battery, obstructing the legal process, theft and possession of stolen property.

The woman fled the scene in a truck stolen from Colorado and drove to the parking lot of the BP gas station, 3020 Iowa. There she crashed into two vehicles, then fled on foot. She was later arrested on multiple charges, including aggravated assault, theft, possession of stolen property and leaving the scene of an injury accident. Her bond was set at $35,000.

According to information on the Kansas Department of Corrections' website, an arrest warrant had been issued for the man on Oct. 6 for absconding from parole. The man had spent several years in Kansas prisons on convictions of burglary, forgery, assault, and drug possession. He was released in 2008.

His bond was set at $25,000.
738 Maine- physical fight between brothers...declining medical.
medical call to 2309 Iowa- best western- diabetic problems...