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Monday, December 13

No action on the scanner right now.... This guy will be caught.

Wal-Mart robbery

The suspect is still at large, the police have a very detailed description of the suspect and the vehicle. It's only a matter of time....
2434 West 24th Terrace- Harrassment call...
West 24th Terrace- theft with suspect information...suprise, suprise...
They keep talking about a "hit confrmation", I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS......
Garfield Street- Father called for a "check welfare", his son is drunk and fighting with his girlfriend. Thanks, Dad.
hashingher hall- smell of marijuana
switched to GCOMM 1-suspect is a native amaerican
found a red vehicle parked at Broken Arrow...and they are searching gaslight Village
3300 Iowa-subject walked into Walmart-with a mask and a gun and walked to the western union.
red checkered jacket, red stationwagon- on 33rd and license plate.
caller thinks he saw a drug deal at 25th and Alabama...probably...
trash can fire 23rd and Massachusettes, behind a house.......officer on scene.
2410 Crestline- request to speak officer regarding shooting in johnson County today- may have suspect information.

Get ready to ice-skate!

Fire dept. was setting up hoses at the hydrants at the train park today, 6th-7th and Kentucky.  Heads up for all the ice skaters out there.

Fire Alarm 1377 Stone creek drive. 
1901 barker Avenue..medical...unknown problem, maybe a "lift assist"
1541 Alvamar drive- medical- a fall
Seizure 1220 east 1900 road- in the barn....medics en route.
USD 497- 100 Mcdonald dr. 911 hang-up.
gunshot wound- victim en route to hospital- attempt to locate...
900 michigan street- missing adult- roommate went to visit dad 3 weeks ago and hasn't been able to get a hold of him. That is a long time, rent is probably due.
Attempt to locate a blue chevy truck. K 10, East bound, driving wildly, almost causing accidents. Officer in route.
Officers called to LMH emergency room.......prob to deal with an unruly subject.

Dispatch sounded kind of frantic....
suspicious activity with weapons (2b2)  east 1625 rd-subject in black vehicle, wearing all black, cocking a gun.
3 car, non-injury accident at 800 block of mass. Avoid that area.
2413 ousdahl, theft. Caller think maintenance people stole her wallet, and that there might have been an 'incident' with her cat.
2400 Pondersoa drive- suspect threatened called and flashed a gun at him....
A call came in about subject with a gun... didn't catch the address..... officer is 10-23 (at scene).
check welfare on a dog- a-hole stuffed a white lab in THE TRUNK of his car, last seen headed towards spillway...
2nd call for an "Attempt to Locate" a Monica Davidson...I have heard her name before over this radio...she is no stranger to the police.....she was kicked out of her house and can't be found....or bothered, I guess..
Crime scene investigation requested at LMH, and I have no idea why
Animal welfare check. Someone reported a Yellow labrador being thrown into the trunk of a blue BMW, and headed out towards to spillway at Clinton..... dogs don't belong in trunks of cars....jerk.
1415 Maple St. Eudora. 911 call and hang up.
914 est 14th Terrace in Eudora. Fire Alarm
2518 ridge court- 911 hang-up. go figure.
3137 Creekwood Drive- natural gas odor. I almost bought a house in that neighborhood.....
914 8th Street in Baldwin- vicious animal- a couple units en route
717 Acornl in Eudora, medical call for difficulty breathing.
theft at Ray's Liquors, on 6th street
Request to Speak to Officer- guy hasn't been able to find his daughter since he dropped her off downtown 45 minutes ago- no age given.
907 Centennial Drive- unknown emergency- open 911 line- can hear female yelling "get down!"
St Andrew Drive, Drury place- fall, medics en route.
3500 block of West 22nd Street- suspicious activity.....
School bus vs. car at 8th and Tennessee- reported as non-injury, so far.
600 North 1474 Road- front loader on fire.
Bob Billings and kasold- officer en route to direct traffic- lights stuck on red.
2500 West 6th- complaint of sex crime- apartment number being left out to protect victim.
Request to speak to an officer- victim is from a sorority ( leaving the name out to protect victim). A man has threatened to kidnap her when he is released from a Johnson County mental facility.
Theft call at the Student Althletic Center.
3833 Greenway- mercury spill from a broken thermometer.....
1900 lock of Louisiana- road rage complaint.
6th and Iowa- non-injury accident
1133 New York, 911 hang-up.
2135 Tennesse-check welfare-lawyer is concerned guy didn't show up for court, and there was a suicide threat at this address yesterday. doesn't sound like things are going well for this poor schmuck.
827 Walnut Street- trailer park- dog chained up for several houes.
rundown of the last hour...cops have been looking for a posible suicidal guy driving to Lawrence..suppossedly with a gun, they found him on K-10 and dropped the "attempt to locate" call.