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Sunday, December 26

Eudora-burglary Alarm at The Sonic Drive-in.
tresspassing at the Shanego Lounge. (that'd be a good name for a band)
Bartender trying to 86's this jackwagon and he won't leave. Cause the Shenago lounge is THE PLACE to be.
K-10 bypass to Hwy 40- roadway obstruction- large trashcan. Be careful, that's the kind of stuff that causes accidents.
suspicious activity- 900 block of Tennessee- caller thinks someone is walking around inside the building...
Request to speak to an Officer on andy lane- officer requesting back-up.
Officer giving a gal a ride to McDonalds on 31rst.
couple trips to the jail.....
disturbance- 737 New Hampshire Street- 2 units en route- The Bottleneck- A white guy in a black coat and white pants trying to start fights.
Dude, it's after Labor Day- you should have your ass kicked for wearing white pants. Triple-duh.
Units responding to commercial alarm at water distric on East 1900 rd.
Drug call- started at Wal-mart-suspect was smoking some reefer at the Walmart parking lot and the caller followed him home. And the the "scholar of the Year" lives on Trail Road.
Apparantly when this dude got out of his car at Walmart a big puff of smoke came out too, like Paris Hilton style.
medical call to East 1900 rroad, for a "sick person"- which means caller is probably being uncooperative.
Ridge court- medical call for chest pain.
(going to leave the address out until this is resolved)caller has been arguing all day with husband- who pulled a knife on her and has a gun....this sounds ugly.
I cannot understand the address- but some girl is trying to get her sister and her stupid boyfriend out of her house. I  just don't get how some people refuse to leave, when they are obviously not wanted....oh, even better...a kid got on the phone and was crying. I hope they all go to jail for that.
3 vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed on hwy 24.
commercial alarm at Kinko's on Mass.
Child welfare check- meet caller at Dirty Dillons.
just some traffic stops going on....I'll let ya know if it turns into anything of note.

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

INJURY ACCIDENT: SB I-35 north of I-435 in Lenexa. First unit on scene advising possibly 8 cars involved. SB I-35 CLOSED

So all you traveling out there- avoid this area.
222 west 9th Street- domestic altercation-man and woman fighting in a parking lot downtown. Man is walking across the street. sounds to me like he should be running.
North 7th= medical for back pain.
Medical Call to the 2500 block of Redbud lane...subject is trying to choke himself....extensive history at this address...even from today.
Yearly-care for meth-related injuries is around $864,000,000 a year. This is UNCOMPENSATED, meaning that because of lack of insurance the hospitals just eat it.
Vanderbilt hospital in Tennessee-more than 1/4 the patients are there for meth-related injuries...most without insurance.
Over 1,000,000 grams of meth are snorted, smoked or injected EVERY DAY!!!!
Over 80% of women who use meth report physical and sexual abuse.
Some guy ran up on the roundabout on North Kasold and got out and left. Car is still there.
Just heard a statistic- only 6% of meth addicts successfully kick the habit.
residential alarm 1500 block of Mass Street. I lived very close to there and I got robbed once, bastards even stole wrapped Christmas Presents.....
Gray ford- lecompton exit on I-70. Driving like their drunk. Watch out.
Possible stroke at the jail, in the medical unit.
Burglary alarm at bishop seabury academy.
few more calls about child custody. I think I'm going to leave out the addresses and details. These kids have been through enough.
tresspassing on Harper Street- some people have been in some house under construction.
There is a call, I couldn't quite make it out, but it sounds like it has something to do with an earlier civil standby on Ash Street.
1000 Block of Welington Rd. Medical call for a fall.
2300 Yale Road...breathing problems. Medics en route.
Non-injury accident at 9th and kentucky.
West 25th Court- caller doesn't know exact address....and the emergency is a pill overdose...
couple calls for civil standby's for child exchanges.....
Medical call to Grove Street in Baldwin. "Sick person".
New hampshire Street- contact a terminal person who maybe unable to care for self. ;(
forgery at Southwind Theatre...for a $1.00 bill. I can't believe someone would go to the trouble to fake a $1.00 bills. I'd at least go for a $20.00. Seriously.
2500 Block of redbud lane- disturbance, no weapons....yet.
guy tried to choke gal.....multiple medical aqnd police disturbances at this address.
suspicious vehicle at Hobbs Park.
theft call to Target.
HOORAY!!!!! My computer is up and running. Scanner is on, let's see what happens today.
Fire alarm at sunflower apartment on Missouri Street. Hope noones christmas presents get burnt up!
Sigh. Still waiting on a part for my I remain with only my phone to blog with. Be patient. I WILL be back in the game soon!