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Saturday, April 30

car fire

6th and Kentucky

car chase

13th and Tennessee- car refused to stop- police terminated chase due to speeds over 70 mph.

Medical call- taser deployment

I-70. medics en route to deal with some jackass who got tasered. oh, and cocaine and alcohol use too.

Thursday, April 28

Noise complaint

Cedarwoods Apartments- people outside drinking and being loud

Wednesday, April 27


Shadow Ridge- didn't quite catch all of this one, but it sounds like there was an alarm that the door was open & some guy is on the property that doesn't have a good password.

Drunk driver

N Elm St- vehicle almost hit the bridge and is weaving all over the road. DON'T DRIVE DRUNK PEOPLE!

Noise complaint

West 26th- more loud music...

Noise complaint

Arkansas- loud music

Possible burglary

Walnut St- owner came home and saw a flashlight in their house with a blue glow...supernatural??

Just turned the scanner on- there is a LOT going on. 

Monday, April 25

gaslight village

threats of suicide read on facebook.

CPR in progress

on the 400 block of Illinois. Medics on scene.

Sunday, April 24

Attempt to Locate

red ford truck on K-10, swerving all over the road. Caller is behind the truck. headed right into lawrence.

Fuel Spill

At 6th and Wakarusa, Kwik Shop.

Criminal threat

Criminal threat at the Gaslight Village.
It's the Gaslight Village mating call. Plan on a baby shower to follow.....

7th and Mass

Hispanic male is very, very drunk.

Another on redbud

Check Welfare on Redbud Lane. Or throw a molotov. either way.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud lane

Noise Complaint on "The Bud"

Noise Complaint. Loud Music and People.
Better turn that crap down before your neighbor shanks ya.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane

Domestic Disturbance

 Langford Drive- female half is on phone, saying male half is drunk. she is trying to leave, but he wont give her the keys. Male is 50 year old wearing scrub pants.

Trespassing at The Oread

Oread Hotel- white male refusing to leave, possibly drunk.

Request to speak to an officer

regarding child custody issues. Really? At 4-fucking-30a.m. on a Saturday night (easter morning no less) you have "questions" about child custody????? Gimme a fucking break, go hit that crackpipe or, better yet, GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3719 Elizabeth Court- drunk subject knocking on the back door.

Drunken Naked Tresspassing.

951 Arkansas- drunk white male in hallway taking off his clothes. caller would like the subject removed.


4413 Adam Avenue. dispatcher said "female needs to be removed".
that's a polite way of saying "BITCH GET OUT!!!!"

Domestic Disturbance

 west 4th street-caller has walked to LMH ER. fortunately he is still at the apartment so the cops can go pick this asshole woman-beater up and put him where he belongs.


At Hy-vee. two cars in the parking lot yelling at each other (or, rather, their occupants) one car is blocking the other in. The red car has "Happy 18th birthday" written in the back window.
Happy Birthday- you are now old enough to go to jail!

Check welfare on a drunk.

4th and Macdonald. 6ft tall, bald man, dressed in black is walking in the traffic.

disturbance of unknown nature

1145 Louisiana Street. loud screaming coming from the parking lot.

Domestic Disturbance

2148 west 26th street. male and female fighting. weird, at this hour????

"Large Fight"

Officer called in a "Large fight in the parking lot next to family dollar". I am pretty sure that is in the mall on 23rd and Louisiana.

burglary in progress

2214 Pennsylvania Street. caller witnessed someone break out a window. Subject is by back door, caller is in the living room.

another possible alcohol poisoning

Alpha Epsilon Phi-"very drunk male passed out on the balcony".

possible Alcohol Poisoning

At The Eagle's Lodge on 6th Street.
Man, they really know how to party.

Disturbance, no weapons

1107 Indiana, 3 white males having a verbal argument. last seen walking toward stadium.

Criminal Damage

900 block of Ohio. Didn't hear any details, but I don't doubt that someone is breaking something.

Theft in Progress

1420 west 22nd terrace. some asshole is refusing to pay for cab fare.

Attempt to Locate

bald headed dude on a bicycle. if located stop and hold. don't know why, but I'm sure it's nothing good.

Check welfare on a drunk.

Dude is very drunk, was at the Taco Bell asking for money and the manager asked him to leave, now he is at the RACO car wash on 6th.

child out of control

Rhode Island. 14 year old is throwing and breaking stuff.

Saturday, April 23

911 Hang-up

at The EZ_shop on 6th. 2nd 911 hang-up coming from a payphone.
I can't believe people still use pay phones?????

Fire Alarm with smell of Smoke

At the ol' Tuckaway Apartments...for some reason the fire department is requesting to police presence.

Suspicious Activity

Inverness and Wakarusa- caller heard female screaming, but never actually saw anything.
May have come from a duplex. Thanks, Sleuth.

Visible Smoke

On Schwartz Road- audible alarm and visible smoke.

code black

deceased body found on 1950 road. :(

check welfare

Jayhawk and Sunflower, silver honda has been sitting at a stopsign for several minutes.
He's probably waiting for it to turn green.
Caller is in the vehicle right behind him.

Intentional Overdose

Near downtown. medics en route.

check welfare

Phoggy Dog-reference a previous missing adult. Homeboy is there with a drunk girl in a turquoise jumpsuit.
Go figure.!/Lblogs

Check this twitter page out, yours truly is on here, and lotsa other cool stuff.

check welfare

IF i heard this right, there is a subject at the Kwik Shop on Mississippi snorting sugar ny the coffee station.

Suspicious Activity

some jackwagon at 15th and Iowa walking down the street hitting guardrails with a golf club.

Fight- large group

I didnt catch the address- but there is a group of 50-100 people in front of a house fighting....i'll let you know if I hear more.

medical call

500 block of west 12th. Subject passed out in a running vehicle.


1611 west 8th- subject wandering around caller's yard...being loud.

possible attempted burglary

caller heard backdoor rattle and looked but didnt see anything, then may have heard a woman scream. I am pretty sure they said tennessee street- but somewhere in the student ghetto

Noise Complaint

from those crappy apartments at 1500 west 8th terrace. they get A LOT of noise complaints.

Attempt to Locate

blue truck left Mcdonalds on 6th. Possible drunk driver.

Structure Fire

731 west 25th street, apartment complex- ceiling fan fell, were flames that were put out.
hmmmm...flame thrower?

Fight- large group

500 block of west 14th. medics requested.

Fight- large group

approx 20 people involved in a fight at the bar at Brothers.

Structure Fire

at 12th and Tennessee....

Theft in Progress

Of some signs at the stadium..relays are there today

Loud Music

2350 Ridge Court...weren't they just smoking weed over there, too?


In front of suprise

Friday, April 22 progress

2350 Ridge court. Caller says someone in his building is smoking marijuana. well....

Noise Complaint

Large parties, music and fireworks all over the student ghetto.


At the trailer park on Winfield (whereever that is...) caller says her drunk fiance is calling and harrassing her.
Sounds like a keeper. where do I send the wedding gifts? County jail, of course.

Domestic Disturbance

4800 block of west 26th-caller got a call from her ex- he was locked in the bathroom hiding from his NEW girlfriend who was trying to pick the lock.

Suspicious Activity

3009 University, caller says subject has banged on door twice in last 20 minutes and runs off.

Fireworks call

several reports of fireworks at 15th and Mass.

sound of gunshots

6th and Florida. curiously the caller reports 1 was inside and the other 2 were outside.

Sunday, April 17

Residential burglary

1201 Oread- time lapse, a few hours. no suspect info.

road rage

on 6th. A woman was cut off and when she got out of the car to talk to her (MISTAKE) she was pushed. Now she is being blocked in by the woman.

Domestic Disturbance

2040 Heatherwood Drive- caller says female has history of beating her husband.

Loose coyote

In the area of 22nd and Naismith.

car chase

westbound on Clinton Parkway....Idaho refusing to stop.

Jayhawk towers

subject passed out in air-lock. Possible alcohol poisoning.

Suspicious Activity

2040 Heatherwood. subject dressed in black jumping out in front of cars.
what an idiot.

suspicious activity

at a residence near 19th and Mass. Suspicious people banging on door, possibly heard broken glass.

Physical Altercation

at "The Grove" on west 24th. Fight in the parking lot.

Injury Accident

19th and Iowa...1 car blocking the road. Avoid that crap if you can!

Physical Altercation

1800 Block of Mississippi- PEOPLE WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE VIOLENCE?????

Noise Complaint

On Candy Lane....damn munchkins.

Physical Altercation

11th and Indiana-subject hit in the face several times. medics en route.

Replay Lounge

Medical call. seizure.
"Seizure's at The Replay Lounge". Good name for a debut album.

Hashinger Hall

possible alcohol poisoning

peppertree apartments

criminal damage to a car.

Medical calls

dude in a red t-shirt passed out on 1000 block of mississippi.

Fight- physical

didn't catch the address, Murrow court maybe- caller said nephews wife grabbed their child by the arm.

Fight- physical

1200 oread avenue, The Cave. That place gets a lot of action.

Physical Altercation

10th and Mass....2 males without weapons (or brains) fighting on the southwest corner.

Saturday, April 16

Suspicious Activity

caller says some asshole grabbed his friend from behind and tried to pull her into a side street. Unfortunately they didn't get a description, fortunately the woman is safe.

Score one for the Buddy System!!!!!!

Liquor Violation

23rd street Roadhouse. Some Dad is feeding his son beer.
And.....another runner-up for the "parent of the year" award.

Physical Altercation

Easy Living Trailer Park- fight outside,
Seems like the livin' ain't so easy.....


2600 block of Belle Haven Drive....caller says she was kicked out of her residence by her friend boyfriend, but unsure where exactly she was. don't know your own address?


1000 block of north 3rd street- caller says she is being threatened by someone...wouldn't give more info. She did say she has been camping on the river behind Sonic.

unknown emergency

599 north 1600 rd-screaming and yelling heard from the residence- caller has a gun....
sounds like a hot mess.

road rage

600 block of Iowa-dark blue chevy malibu threw something at the callers car.

Arkansas Street

Possible alcohol poisoning

Physical Altercation

At the Tonic Lounge.
Who goes there anyway? I have never darkened their doorstep myself,,,,


Melrose Lane. Some poor, drunk schmuck is walking between the buildings yelling "Jennifer!".
wonder if Jennifer is the one that called the cops?

Disturbance, no weapons

Subject at 14th and Tennesse is hitting a saferide car.
that's just not nice.

Friday, April 15

Disturbance, no weapons

2560 Redbud Lane- teenage troublemakers doing what they do in "the bud"

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane

Domestic Disturbance

500 Graystone Drive. Caller heard female screaming for help, that she had her teeth knocked out. OUCH!!!!!


 East 18th. Burglary of medication. Possible suspect is daughter. Whatever happened to just "grounding" kids?

Domestic Disturbance

1940 Heatherwood Drive- calling party can hear adults and children screaming and yelling.
I bet the children are behaving better than the adults.

check welfare

6th and Wisconson....subject sitting on curb. maybe he's just resting?

Suspicious Activity

Murrow Court- some drunk guy was caught on the callers porch, apologized and left when confronted.
Last seen in a white hoodie looking in cars.

Possible self-harm

Subject wasd very, very drunk. Caller reports she was delusional. She said her "goodbye's" to her dog and is not answering the phone.
2 units enroute to check on the subject.

Pool Room

routine bar check.
check it twice, will ya?

check welfare

Best Buy. Drunk guy was in the store in a trench coat, is now at Amaco next door. caller said he was very, very drunk.

Barking dog

1100 West 23rd Street.
Has anyone ever figuered out who actually let those damn dogs out?


Routine Bar Check.

Monday, April 11

Domestic Disturbance

11th street. brother is attempting to become physical. other members in the house are using drugs. (triple duh). other people in the house are saying dude is mental. good freaking luck.

Attempt to Locate

some dude with a gun on the way from Oklahoma....subjects involved in a burglary from oklahoma. they stole guns from a cops house. may have 2 small kids in the vehicle.
they arer in some stoopid white car with lift kits....find them so they can receive the "parent of the year" award.


report of a shooting that occurred somehwere else? sketchy.

Sunday, April 10

Suspicious Activity

Sunset Drive. Some guy knocked on someone's door to see if they lost their dog. so they called the cops???

indecent exposure

300 block of west 14th-girl jumped in front of callers car and flashed them, then started throwing beer cans at the car.
There is no lack of "crazy" in this town this weekend.

check welfare

northbound Kansas River Bridge- dude carrying a bag and walking in and out of traffic.
wonder what's in the bag? any guesses?

Attempt to Locate

1600 Haskell..."things in the air and food".

Request to speak to an officer

700 Block of Lawrence Ave. Caller hears a "strange sound" in their bathroom and is "very concerned".
Oh how I wish I could find out how this turns out.

Noise Complaint

at Gaslight Village Trailer Park for "loud sawing".
Those trailer walls are paper-thin.

Suspicious Activity

601 Kentucky-caller was on swings approached by weirdo who was acting strange..and tried to follow them.
now a medical standby?? WTF??

Criminal Damage

426 Minnesota. Some drunk jackwagon came to the wrong person's door. and broke it.


caller says he was attacked in a store and someone forced their way into the house. didnt catch the location.


2310 west 26th street- calling party was outside and saw someone trying to open her sliding glass door. perp was wearing all black- except black and white striped gloves.

Noise Complaint

at Johnny West- who calls to complain about a bar?????

unknown nature

caller said he needed help on Locust Street and hung up.
sounds like he needs some phone manners too.

Disturbance, no weapons

110 North Michigan (trailer park). Some fucking asshole just killed the callers dog.

The Wheel

originally came in as a medical call, just upgraded to a physical altercation.

Noise Complaint

Trailer park on Walnut street has loud music. Probably sucks, too.

Saturday, April 9


presto on north 3rd. referencing threats received down by the river.


Some drunk asshole is sitting in front of the JavaBreak being "belligerent".

Domestic Disturbance

Gaslight Trailer Park- male advises female is throwing stuff at him.
It's the Gaslight Mating Ritual.

Grass Fire

1300 block east 2300.
sucks cause it's super-windy out there.

Possible Suicide attempt

Jayhawk Towers.

Medical calls

1100 block of Kentucky. Someone fell down and passed out.

Disturbance....with weapons

1100 block of George Court- caller says a male is running around with a chain, yelling.
Dispatch is trying to gather more info....
male was arguing...but unknown who he was arguing with...maybe Jack Daniels?

welfare check

10th and Vermont. Native American male is presumed drunk. He keeps falling off the sidewalk.
Sidewalks can be tricky, especially after 27 beers.

sound of gunshots

4700 west 27th street. pretty typical for that area.

medical "emergency"

guy has a cut on his foot and just wants it "checked out". dude, call the waaaaaaa-mbulance!

Noise Complaint

east 13th....another on west 24th...blah, blah,blah.

medical call

Laceration at The Easy Living Trailer Park.

jayhawk towers

3 vehicles parked in handicap spots.


Police have issued an Amber alert for two missing boys ages 3 and 6. Last seen Friday with their father in Lee's Summit. They may be traveling in a 2007 maroon four-door Hyundai Sonata with Missouri license MF7-W2B. Anyone with information is asked to call Lee’s Summit police at 816-969-7390.Police have issued an Amber alert for two missing boys ages 3 and 6. Last seen Friday with their father in Lee's Summit. They may be traveling in a 2007 maroon four-door Hyundai Sonata with Missouri license MF7-W2B. Anyone with information is asked to call Lee’s Summit police at 816-969-7390.

Suspicious Activity

Motel 6- caller says they were asked to create a diversion so that the tenant next to her would go out into the hallway. sounds very, very sketchy.

welfare check

19th and Harper- 2 people hanging out by a stop sign.

welfare check

west 31rst street. drunk gal in a blue dress stumbling down the road.

Auto Burglary

22nd and Alabama street, dude in a red shirt is trying to break into cars. Caller thinks he caught him before he actually took anything.

Request to speak to an officer

At All-star's strip club. Some drunk jackass got kicked out and now he wants to talk to an officer about it.
probably won't get a sympathetic ear.

Noise Complaint

2600 west 6th. partytime.

Criminal Trespassing

4 subjects busted inside the stadium. Going to the pokey.


Caller says ex-boyfriend is knocking on her door...didn't catch the location though.

Theft in Progress

House party on 1406 Tennessee- caller got his wallet taken. bummer dude.

Missing child

Police are at Holcomb looking for the missing child.

Medical emergency

Ellsworth Hall. Subject is lying in the hallway- I think they said "ineffective breathing".

Missing child

from Holcomb park. parents are at Jayhawk towers. Child was lost around 6:30. Language barrier is making details difficult.

Physical Altercation

LMH ER. very drunk person who was transported to ER is very combative, swinging at people.

Another fight

at berkleys apartments. unknown number of people fighting. jeez.

Not the Jayhawk!!!

Some bitch with long hair, dressed in black is vandalizing the Big Jayhawk in front of the Union. Blasphemous!!!!!!


13th and tennessee- 20 people in the street throwing beer bottles. smart.

Physical Altercation

2911 Missouri street-one subject is armed with a shotgun, making threats. dumbass.

Bachelor party gone bad....

701 Mass. Stripper was at a bachelor party and wanted to leave, but was attacked by one of the dude's. Hope it wasn't the groom.


1025 Conneticut. callers son is likely under the influence of some sort of "substance". He is naked and walking in and out of the house.
Why do some people always get naked when they get high? It's usually the ones that really should keep their damn clothes on.

Friday, April 8

welfare check

CR 442, subject laying in the road. curious.

Redbud Lane incident

Burglury in progress at 2531 Redbud. subject is inside the apartment, entered through a window and is trying to replace the screen.

nothing good happens on Redbud Lane.


Daughter is with father...and daughter is receiving harrassing text messages from her mother. "Parent of the Year" award???????

Non-injury accident

1000 block of 6th street

Non-injury accident

31rst and Haskell


Shoplifters! Couple of theifs are paying for an item but the salesperson believes they have items concealed on their person.

Gazebo Apartments

Some chick called in and said her car had been keyed and the key broke off. Dispatch reports she was slurring her words and very hard to understand.

Severe thunderstorm Warning

In effect until 4am.

Thursday, April 7

Signal 3 (mental) but where at?

Officer tells dispatch that he will be 10-7 (busy) due to a suspected Signal 3 (mental) but doesn't say where. Last call was a car check at Walmart on 33rd so I am assuming that's where he is. Hope the person isn't too Signal 3 or we might have a problem finding him! But if you've seen you know it's very probable that there is a Signal 3 there doing some shopping. Be honest, do you know any of the people in the KS pics? Cuz a lot look like they come from Lawrence! ROFLMAO. Of course it's possible the officer is just getting some time with his chic while on duty and the code may still apply, you decide.

Fight in Parking Lot & on 13th & Ohio!

Just had a call for officers & medical to a big fight in parking lot of an apartment complex at what I believe was 2304 w. 24th (that may not be quite right but will correct when I hear differently). Also a fight at 13th & Ohio. . . After 45 min nothing else. . . how utterly disappointing. It's possible I missed it. Was listening to the Ottawa scanner for a while and boy is Oak street going crazy there tonight!

Wednesday, April 6

Hit & Run at Kappa Alpha Theta

Sorry I'm not a sorority/frat person. A gold colored car was seen leaving the parking lot and when backing up hit another car and fled the scene. Officers responding. Oh. . . already snagged them on 1433 Tennessee. That was fast! Two minutes max. Obviously the perps driving skills are not up to par with LPD/KUPD tonight! Confirmed suspect vehicle after tags ran, sucks to be you pardner!


Warrant Service tonight. . . if ya got one ya better hide. If ya hear a knock on the door you might think twice! Just my friendly advice.

Female screaming in woods!

1602 High Drive caller reporting a female screaming in woods across from his house! I believe this call came from a frat house is what they said. Officers 10-77 (no contact at all) at 11:55. (personally I think we have a meth head delusional & hearing stuff so he calls the police and the paranoia wouldn't let him answer the door) just my humble opinion. :) either that or it was one of his other personalities.

Oh NO it's the GREEN smoke!

Caller reports 3 individuals outside of Eldridge Hall smoking marijuana. A first for sure! RP says security cam shows they have went back in via the South East Entrance. Officer is 10-23 (on scene) when advised of the fact they had went back in I'm pretty sure I heard him sigh quite loudly, I know I did! Did I give up a farkle game for this?

Domestic Disturbance

Seems like a pretty serious domestic disturbance call requiring at least 3 officers. Haskell Avenue. No check ins except arrivals on scene so far.

Uncooperative Shoplifter!

933 Mass Street, White Chocolate has uncooperative shoplifter Code One (white male) wearing gray KU hoodie that just ran to Jimmy Johns saw RP and took off again but RP is following.

Bus Driver Finds Blackberry but . . .

2500 w. 6th Bus Driver finds a blackberry that a rider had just left but another rider picks it up and refuses to give it to the bus driver. . . the bus driver locks the would be thief in and calls for police! Can't wait to see how this plays out. Way to go bus driver you rock! Where were you when I lost my phone?

Sunday, April 3

Noise Complaint

RACO on iowa- yelling.

The Jazzhaus

Structure Fire- smoke coming from wall!!!

panic alarm

at cirilla's. the naughty store.

Disturbance, no weapons

RACO car wash on east 23rd- several drunk subjects parked in the bays. getting rowdy.

Traumatic Injury

at oliver residence hall.

Golf-ball sized hail

reported at 25th st terrace

Domestic Disturbance

1646 New Hampshire. fight between neighbors.

burglary in progress

6th and Graystone. Mil-spec is chasing some jackass on foot. regarding an auto-burglary.

Saturday, April 2

Noise complaint

1517 West 9th. loud music. history of multiple noise warnings.

Physical Altercation

caller says he was beat up by an employee of Cross Town Tavern, At Cross Town Tavern. He is at home now.

ust stay the fuck away from Cross Town Tavern. Place sucks.

Suspicious Activity

2 men in a white car, panhandling, asking for money cause they ran out of gas, It takes a lot more than some change to put gas in your tank these days.