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Thursday, January 6

Some guy stole a bottle of liquor from a store on 23rd
1030 Missouri-check welfare- some stupid drama-friends are worried, boyfriend acting weird..
The Granada- "indecent exposure"- a drunk girl is outside taking off her clothes. Dude, where in the hell are her friends? Stranger danger!
building check at the Sonic in north lawrence- all the lights are on, but no one is there...vehicles pulling in and out. sounds like a mutiny.
one of our local trailer parks- 14year-old is out of control, cussing,screaming and head-butted his sister. he is already on probation.
future's so bright...i gotta wear shades..
east 920 rd- physical domestic-sounds pretty bad, screaming, crying...i hope they get there quick
920 north 2nd street- vehicle has been parked at the kwik mart for 30-45 minutes and havent bought anything. well, duh, they are waiting for drugs.
someone has a gun at the baldwin city kwik shop
west 21rst terr- possible suicidal behavior- was at LMH and left...
medical call to Haskell ave- allergic reaction at "Haskell Bargain Center". What is that????
gray truck tearing down 6th street. attempt to locate that redneck.
fire alarm on vermont street
Trailer park on North Michigan-medical call-unresponsive male.
car fire at Baldwin Junction
drugs at 1600 haskell ave....residents smoking weed.
reckless driver on Hwy 40- caller is following-swerving and crap like that.
Arizona Trading Company is getting harrassing phone calls. What the hell? What could they have done to anyone besides out-cool them?
dog at large on New Hampshire is no longer at large.
child out of control on west 23rd street-16 year old..verbal only.he's going bye-bye.
Long John Silvers- suspicious activity- 2 thugs looking in vehicle windows....
possible stolen car in the easy living trailer park
tire in the road on K-10. well guess what- there's a freaking semi and car smashed up on K-10 also, jerkface. these calls irritate me. kind os a waste of police resources. is it so hard to get out of your car and move it?
suspicious activity on north 600 rd-2 vehicles parked at dead end of road....didnt know that was illegal. jeez
break-in in progress at Watkins Health Center
intrusion alarm at Kansas Union-Commerce bank.
westbound K-10 is closed by DeSoto due to an injury accident- avoid the area.
car vs school bus on Harvard- no injuries, thank god. I bet the bus won.
missing adult from nursing home-callers brother and sister removed their mother without her permission. that sounds like it could get really, really ugly. I just hope the poor elder is OK!
Harvard Square apartments-animal welfare check. get this- people are MOVING and have their dogs in kennels- caller is concerned they can move around enough. Like moving doesn't suck enough? At least they didn't leave it tied to the bumper of the car-Griswold style.
Overland drive-domestic- someone got their arm slammed in the door. and undoubtedly someone got their feeling hurt.
There is a semi barreling down 59 hwy-hitting signs and stuff. they are activly trying to stop him.
911 hangup at Dillons on 23rd.
difficulty breathing on East 1400 rd.
Overland Dr- theft with suspect info.
north 600 rd- grass fire.
Shoplifter at Walmart. 2 in custody
115 Providence road- domestic disturbance....
graystone apartments- Dr. office called and said subject at this address had passed out. Man, that is a really good doctor....
"possible" auto burglary at Perkins- customer said they had things taken from his truck. I don't see what the :possible" part of it means.
suspicious activity on 1750 rd- 30 minutes ago-blue minivan with Missuori plate came and said they were starting a cleaning business and the caller declined. so they wanted their paperwork back. hmmm...i guess a cleaning business from Missouri is a tad suspicious, have you been to Missouri?
fire alarm at Bridwell Research Labs.
Northbound from 7th and Indiana- Black thunderbird is being reckless- and just plain rude. And threw in a fishtail for style.
Barking dog on Jordan Lane.
East 15th Street- an apartment was burglarized,
Oliver Hall- criminal damage report.
burglary alarm in Baldwin. 2 units en route.
2900 Missouri- some kind of criminal damage.
medical call to the Presta on 9th Street-for a "lethargic" subject.
suicidal threats on Cherice (sp?) court.
west 22nd street terrace- call about someone leaving their dogs off the leash.
Panic Alarm at Home Depot- they had 2 false alarms back-to-back yesterday.
west 21rst terrace-medical call for a "sick person".
500 block of California- hit and run, sometime overnight. bet they didn't leave a note, either.
Presto convience store- some subject the caller knows came in and made threats.
6th and Montery Way- non-injury accident.
parking complaint at the bank on New Hampshire- black Suburban with the doors open. weird.
check welfare at The sonic on north 3rd. female in a white truck "seems confused". Well, maybe she's trying to figure out her drink combo-there's over 100,000 possible combinations....
north 1950 road- guy is upset because his neighbor closed the gate, he says there is a "court order" that it stays open.
fire alarm Mallott Hall.
400 block of Michigan- noise complaint. Some guys at the crack house are keeping him awake. Again, I didn't make that up....
3d1,3d5-9th and Louisiana-suspicious activity- dark blue old minivan driving up and down the street-hmmmmm.....stalker or pizza boy?
Check welfare for an unknown the trailer park on West 31rst- dude's brother came home upset...looks like he got into a fight....dude, don't call the cops, just go to bed.
Medical call to Avalon Road, difficulty breathing.

still more traffic stops....

2333 ridge court...some dude she knows is banging on her door and making noise.
Motorcycle getting pulled over behind swegler...its really cold to be on a bike, isn't it?
Loud music, loud people at 3700 clinton parkway. Party on.
Still quiet tonight....people must be sticking to their resolutions....