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Tuesday, January 25

Oliver Hall

3 residents smoking weed on the side of the building.

Damage to property

Templin residence hall- his glasses are damaged. happened several days ago. Lenscrafters?


11th and Indiana- report of a large amount of water in the roadway.


300 block od Stockade, selling cable TV service. when did we start callin the police on THAT? just say no and close the door!

Car fire

I-70 eastbound, MM 198

Physical Altercation

Several fight in the rear parking lot at LHS.  30-40 juveniles fighting. Holy smokes. I pray no one has a gun....

suspicious activity

800 block of Mass-across from La Parilla- 4 guys are selling switchblade knifes and making lewd comments.

caught dog

3507 Morning Dove Circle. whew! the streets are safe again.

Noise Complaint

1300 block of East 25th Street

Royal Crest Lanes

Lacerations to the leg. Bowling is dangerous.


Credit Card on east 1250 rd....what is over there that takes credit cards?

Fire Alarm

Sunflower apartments on campus

Noise Complaint

1315 east 25th terrace. Loud music. I bet it sucks, too.

Parking violations

still a lot of these calls, but I won't bore you with the details.

West 24th Terrace

Difficulty breathing...OK, either the air is REALLY bad over there, or it's the same caller all the time, they get these call A LOT,


324 Stockade- they have suspect info too. that always helps.

Medical Call

allergic reaction in the 800 block of Maine Street.

Motorist Assist

2800 block of Iowa, northbound lane.

Fire Alarm

Oliver Hall

Request to speak to an officer

on north 3rd terrace. nobody knows WHY the caller needs to speak with an officer- they are being very-non compliant.
Don't ya just want to shake them and yell "HEY! YOU called ME for HELP?????"

Structure Fire

At the trailer park on East 10th. Or should it be called a "trailer fire"?
In Eudora

Noise Complaint

3000 block of Sage Brush Dr. - loud car stereo

Barking dog

100 Arkansas-ongoing problem


cooperating at Wal-mart on Iowa. Juvenile female.

Non-injury accident

2300 block of Iowa- they are pulled off the road so traffic should be OK.

Injury Accident

On 1000 and 1350 Rd- extrication required

Vicious Animal

unit en route to LMH for a bite that occurred at College Motel

Indecent exposure

925 Vermont- Plymouth Congregation Church. 3 subject urinating and exposing themselves- possible to a busful of children. LOCK THEM UP!!!

( it is pretty cold so hopefully the kids didn't see much)

Psychiatric Problems

Bert Nash called this in, patient is psychotic and possibly overdosing in the campus area.

Check Welfare

 Langford Street- caller is concerned about a friend who was involved in a domestic disturbance...caller believes she is there, but I just checked the booking log and she is in jail.

Check Welfare

Red pontiac 833 Mass- red pontiac with a child locked in it. Can't do that anymore....

Disturbance, no weapons

Woody's Gas on North 2nd- physical between at least 3 people- associated with red passenger car. white girl in a pink jacket-at gas pumps. others are sitting in parking lot. 2 units en route.


A previous post was made endorsing a particular laptop and site to purchase it from. This appeared under my name. I did not make this post, it has now been deleted. Thanks.
check welfare on a child- On Redbud Lane- who hasn't been to school in a week, and the school is unable to make contact. unsure if this is even the correct address.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud lane.
Someone actually called 911 because they couldnt turn off their fireplace. not a fire hazard at this time.
someone got harrassed on Harper Street.
Alumni center- suspicious activity- some possibly homeless guy acting funny up there.
police are being called to a local nursing home- a patient is threatening staff.
fall at douglas county public works....workers comp I'm betting....
1912 West 3rd- domestic disturbance-male half is breaking things in the duplex.
Loose dog on stratton drive
lots of parking violations...students are back. maybe they need to require a parking class with the rest of the core requirements. that and a "act right" class.
non-injury accident at TJmaxx
Disturbance at mailboxes etc.

this car is just BEGGING to be stopped...

Sent in by Cimmy Redmond
Blue buick parked on moundview drive for several months...well, it's not like you want to actually drive those things.
A quick review of the booking log shows that last night was fairly quiet...The gal who I blogged about who was trying to use forged scripts was booked, and the just one other I guess it was a good night to rest.
There is heavy smoke off the bypass- police confirmed it is a controlled burn.
I am still fighting this cold my kid gave me...but I will be blogging all day and into the night.
Does whiskey cure a cold?