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Saturday, November 6

Car wreck at 6th and Michigan, non-injury.
800 block of Mass- breathalizer going down.
trespassing at 1704 west 24th street.
Fight at one of the Scholarship halls! fight smart, guys!
2 men, 1 woman in the alley behind K.K. Amini
Medical Call- udig hall computer lab, man down non-responsive.
Iowa and Orchard-car accident

521 minnesota- alarm at ace steering and brake
cops taking someone to LMH for a blood draw because they are refusing to blow for breathalizer. He had been found in his car, in a ditch.
Highway 24-possible drunk driver, vehicle stopped in the middle of the road.
2c6-2200 block of kentucky court, someone complained a  car is parked on the wrong side of the street. I wonder what the inside of this person's house looks like? OCD maybe??? keep it to yourself.
NICU lifeflight, Stormont Vail to Coffey county. I hate anything bad that has to do with babies.
trespassing- oread hotel, the cave- hispanic male with previous warning.
13th and Louisiana-alcohol violation.
2c5-barking dog 1600 harper. yeah, there are a lot of barking dogs there. probably because they are barking at people trying to break in. Jesus.
hiway 40, suspicious activity, someone is knocking on someone's door????
2c2-1624 indiana-medical-someone fell down.
Jayhawk towers, trespassing call.
subject outside room 312 refusing to leave. Dude has black eye already, sounds like this mutha fucka can't take a hint.
1300 block Pensylvania 2c5- check welfare- noone can find some guy since known medical conditions, no history. no nothing.
2b1, 2b6 Winterbrook Dr.- strong odor of Marijuana reported from neighbor
noise complaint at village west apartments; loud car stereo.....some people should probably just live in the country and not at some student slums....if they are that sensitive to noise on a Saturday night. those apartments are dumps anyways.
2c3-animal welfare check east 19th, subject can hear dog crying. aww...poor puppy!
17th and Ohio- Investigate subject...hmmmmm.......sounds juicy.....2d2
3100 Ousdahl-medical call-2b2 en route-possible overdose, subject unable to give much info.
fire alarm 1004 Alabama.
Randall Road- drunk daughter scratched dad's arm, and now she's driving away. BLUE FORD TAURUS. great. whatever happened to taking the fucking keys from drukk people?
On Ousdahl- Some roommate left some of her crap behind and she wants the police to take it to her.
Take care of your own shit. You really think the cops want to do this?
1800 block east 1450-fire responding to what looks like a bonfire, but there is noone around it.
Question of the day; if there is a bonfire with noone aroun d it, is it just a fire?
13th and Ohio- alcohol violation...aka-you win a free trip to the pokey!
Fight outside the Baptist Church on 9th! Must have been some sermon! Testify!!!
2c2 responding
1100 block stone meadows- domestic dispute, 19 year old who is 8 month pregnant got hit in the face by her mom, lots and lots of history at this address.
2a1, 2a3 responding
Someone (not printing name unless I have a vendetta against them) going to jail for open container and possession.
2442 ousdahl road, someone banging on door next to the reporting party's apartment. Maybe ask who he is before calling the cops, chickenshit.
An officer is taking an extremely rowdy woman to jail, the dispatch is having a hard time hearing over her yelling. She'll fit right in at county.
Juveniles in a large dumpster 21rst street. Yes, IN a dumpster.
Hampton Inn, some guy's ex-girlfriend is there and will not he is requesting her out.

SATURDAY NIGHT; KU won, extra hour at the bar........

towing cvars that were left in the farmers market lot. That happened to me once. Totally sucked.
east 10th street, unconscious with seizure. Medics en route.
attempt to locate reckless driver...white chevy truck. They NEVER find those.
criminal damage at 638 Mass-broken window.
west 9th, suicide attempt. Not gonna put the exact address on this one. broken glass. medic en route. 911 dispatcher keeps trying to call her, she keeps hanging up on them. Some history at this residence.
Traffic stops at this time usually do not end well for the driver. Sorry about your luck.
Some asshole called the cops because the guy delivering newspapers had the music in his car too loud. What a dick. It's early, and the delivery guy is there for about 3 seconds. It's a shitty job, let the dude rock out.
ANOTHER unconscious person, this one is in Baldwin though. Fire and medical en route.
traffic stop resulted in possession with intent, paraphenalia. On the way to county jail.
Adam Ave, medical call for chest pains and vomiting. Good luck buddy.
1100 mississippi- trespassing, male subject outside is kicking at door. I hope they get the bastard.
east 29th street, loud music. IS getting late.
Noise disturbance on West 24th street. hat area is getting a moderate number of calls tonight.
Something going down with a Pizza Shuttle driver. Missed part of the call...I AM at work, ya know.
medical-1343 Ohio- ANOTHER unconscious person related to alcohol.
Noise complaint at High Point apartments.
theft in progress, 1100 block of high drive. Someone stole their camper! Damn, that's bold.
west 26th street, people following some other people or some shit like that??? Sounds drunkity drunk.
Foot Patrol at Memorial Stadium.
1439 Tennessee- check welfare- female subject called 911 twice, sounded "out of it" (direct quote from dispatch). No more details yet.
Burger king on 6th street, hit and run. I bet they made a run for the border cause burger king sucks.
Noise Complaint- on Indiana Street, same location as the previous alcohol poisoning. Go figure.
1100 Indiana, MORE alcohol poisoning. Phi Beta..something greek......
Burgular alarm at The Longhorn Steakhouse.
Medical Call, South Park 1201 Mass, subject passed out. I guess that's as good a place to sleep as any. it's not THAT cold.
Another call to hashinger Hall for smell of Marijuana. Gosh those kids are dumb.
Creation Station window just broken. That's on 700 block of Mass, I believe.
Lot 100 (campus??) searching a car.
700 new hampshire, some sort of "disturbance" requiring 2 additional units.
Seizure at the Jet Lag Lounge. That's a good name for a band. Medic 5 enroute.
2nd person headed to Osawatomie State Hospital. That is not a pleasant place, I did my psych rotation there.
noise complaint 2200 block of tennessee. blah, blah, blah.
729 new hampshire-medical call. The Barrel House, unconscious. Suspect passed out in vehicle. At least they didn't drive anywhere.
Fight in front of Fatso's.
Disturbance at All-Stars. I didn't realize that place was still open, but when you think about it, topless bars don't close down very often, do they? Take you're clothes off and they will come....
Medical- Alcohol poisoning- non-responsive. Corbin  Hall.
814 kasold. Vehicle hit a parked car. And stuck around to talk about it.
Noise complaint: 946 Mass, The Replay, loud music. Thanks, Captain Obvious.
a noise complaint about a car on the top level of city parking garage on New Hampshire Street.Wh the hell would call that in??what is going on out there tonight? Well, at least it appears I'm not the only one that is bored.
trash can on fire in front of Delta Chi. Prabably a weiner roast.
Hashinger Hall- report of smell of marijuana. Really? Just don't smoke dope in your dormroom, fucktard.
a lot of these routine traffic stops are ending with trips to the county jail. Makes me really happy my taillights are now fixed.