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Monday, January 3

Lawrence Street- medical call for a "sick person".
medical call for a fall on north 1100 road.
Request to speak to an Officer at 1600 Haskell.
Godfather's on Wakarusa- alarm.
Baldwin-noise complaint for loud music...
3a1-disturbance at the group home on Trail Road- one of the subjects is out of control and ready to fight. Female refusing to take her meds and wants to fight about it.
fire alarm 1004 Alabama
Medical call to 'The Outhouse'...for a fall.
Domestic disturbance 1600 Haskell- neighbor yelling to let him in. Female is inside. Lots of history.
Some power outage around the 19th and Iowa area.
1521 kentucky- civil standby for child exchange- there has been A LOT of those today...just haven't blogged them all.
2200 Harper- Harper Woods Trailer Park-unconscious/unresponsive.
Drugs/narcotic call at 1600 Haskell- someone witnessed someone doing drugs there.
5021 Jeffery's Ct. Person passed out, unresponsive.

Building check, Allen Fieldhouse.
welfare check. Woman's car is in driveway, lights are out in the house and have been out for 3-4 days. Neighbor was concerned....didn't catch address..
711 Rockledge. Run-away, 17 year old daughter.

The Cowboy Streets Are Active Tonight.

2632 Rawhide Lane! Ye Haw! He we go again. 10-97 Domestic. This guy drinks a lot and fights with his son. Quite a history of this according to dispatch.

missing child found!

Missing child found around 950 N. 750 Rd. Whew.

Jefferson Co. offered the k-9 unit that they have.... that was nice.
Calling in K9 and choppers for missing child. On GCOMM1.
Missing child on north 750 rd. State troopers being called in. Area being searched....I will be away from my radio for an hour...anyone listening please update!
harrassment at the Auto Exchange- some dude is relentlessly harrassing them.
2522 Redbud lane- disturbance, no weapons (yet) stepdaughter took property from the caller and broke in. Lots of yelling ion the background.
3700 Clinton Parkway- some poor bastard came home to find all his stuff thrown off the balcony...extensive history at the address.
3110 block of Heatherwood Court- "wanted person' related to an auto burglary.
3600 crestview- some subjects are "making out" in a turquoise truck. apparantly this is an ongoing problem.
3110 Heatherwood Court- 2 males asked some gal her name....and said they were expecting someone else, then left.
1301 west 24th street- criminal damage. to a vehicle?
north Minnesota Street- Fall. Medical call.
request for a civil standby for a "repo". not gonna put the address, you will find out who you are.
care fire 23rd, and Haskell.

I heard a 10-40 (dead body,fatality) come across, maybe 6th and Florida? Im not sure about this......
domestic dispute- physical- in the yard at the Trailer Park on Michigan.
800 North 7 street- criminal damage.
girl had wild party at her house tonight, now she is calling police because "stuff is missing".
unknown medical comlaint for tallgrass in eudora
noise complaint at the tap room for loud music..arent they zoned for that??
fire alarm on the 2300 block of Ridge Court